Friday Food: Parsnip Croquettes
Friday Food: Raspberry Chocolate Brownie

And The Sky: I'm In The Hazy Shade Of Winter

Wow, the weather has been extremely extreme. It is so warm that we made the National ABC News. It's Winter and I am still wearing my favourite Summer dress with my thin mesh cardigan. True, there was frost on the ground on Saturday and I wore jeans for the second time this year on Sunday, but it was 16*C here today and 19 on one of the islands.


I made some absolutely delicious treats for The Labradors and their friends: I roasted half a butternut pumpkin till it was soft and gave them the seeds and skin in their dinner. Then I beat the pumpkin with two eggs, a tablespoon full of Leatherwood honey, oats and enough plain flour to stop it being sticky. I pressed it into a tray and baked it for an hour until it was cooked. I cut it into teeny tiny squares. When we are walking at the dam, and I put my hand in my packet, this happens:

Any treats

And this,

Any treats at all

And then when no delicious pumpkin treats appear, off they go at breakneck speed.

No treats so off we go

MrsDrWho's Outdoor Cat Entertainment Area is taking shape. We had a cat netting cutting day. We all went to the, what I like to call, village green and stretched out the netting. My job was to interpret the diagrams and check that all the pieces were correctly measured and cut out for the 100m2 piece. There has been a lot of progress and once the cat door is in the laminated glass window, it will be all cats outside!!!

Outdoor cat entertainment area

MrsDrWho, MissSkipping and I went out for dinner. MissSkipping had been to an international wedding and so we looked at all the pictures on her Ipad. How times have changed, no paper photos being passed around. We ate delicious food: I had steak with yummy greens and chips, MrsDrWho had chicken with Malibu prawns and MissSkipping had lemon fish, garlic chats and salad.


MrsDrWho and all my teaching friends are writing reports. Kiss biscuits ameliorate the process and I baked some for all the doctors and nurses at The Vet too.

Kiss kiss

Many, many years ago I taught twins in Grade 3/4. Now, many, many years later their mum is The Lovely Librarian and when I saw her last week she said she had spotted some sock wool and it was perfect for me. Today I went to The Library for a chat and a visit and lo! what beautiful sock wool it is. I love it so much and, what a surprise, it matched my dress and cardi perfectly. Such a kind and thoughtful gift. The Lovely Librarian has saved my Book bacon when I am overwhelmed and poorly. I really appreciate that too!!

Sock wool gift

I wanted to take her a gift to say thanks and so I made a reversible Japanese Knot bag using this tutorial. I love the zany bird fabric, and so did she.

A Japanese Knot bag

There has been knitting. The Jayne Cobb set is on its way to completion. It is MrsDrWho's birthday this month, so I need to get a wriggle on.

Jayne Cobb set

My Ravelry Queue has just clicked over the 1000 mark. I shall never knit all the patterns, but I prefer to queue rather than favourite. (NB 'favourite' has now become a verb)

This week I read Trudi Canavan's new book, Thief's Magic. It is not part of her previous series. Well I don't think so. In fact, the two protagonists never meet. Their stories are told turn and turn about as the book progresses. Of course now it is finished and I am aching for the next book to be published.

I've just started reading The Smartest Kids In The World: And How They Got That Way by Amanda Ripley. I love learning and it is so sad and frustrating to know that many children are not excited by learning. Most don't like, or enjoy, Maths. I love Maths, I do Maths in my head quite a lot of the time to amuse myself. I am not a Mathematician, but I am fascinated by numbers and the way they can be manipulated. I enjoy the theoretical as well as the concrete, and I love playing with mental maths tricks. The nuns taught us how to cast out nines to prove our equations and I still do that today. I prefer to calculate with a pen and paper, though I do use a calculator for giant numbers. When I was in B Class (Grade 10 now) we used Log books, I expect I missed slide rules by a hair's breadth and we never saw a calculator at all.

This week I am making some cute and easy custard tarts for Morning Tea,  our Sewing group is making a new patchwork block, and I have a meeting at the Cancer Council Wellness Centre, where I am the Consumer representative. I feel useful and worthwhile, and I must carefully read the agenda and documents before I do. On Friday I plan to sleep!!

The new hardware superstore opened last week,and there was a huge fireworks display. I came home in the middle of the noisy explosions. Peri and Gilly were alert, but not alarmed. We all went out to the verandah, because the store is directly across the river from our house. I took poor photos. Much as I appreciate their beauty and go 'wow' along with everyone else, I do think fireworks are a waste of money. Perhaps they could have donated the money to a local charity?? Oh, maybe I am a wowser??

Fireworks over the river




love those doggy faces ! still in the 20's on the Central Coast (NSW) but sometimes yearn for Tassie's fresh crisp air !you've been a busy lady - well done with the Japanese bag - very cute fabric xo

Jennifer Rose

sky is really really scared by fireworks, tries to hide under my desk or crawl on johns lap :/ she is terrified of the bird scarers in the fields too that go off at odd times of the day

jayne gloves!! very neat :D

I've read a few of Trudi Canavan's books, but not for a few years.hmmm should see if the library here has any

i wish more people here would have catterys (no idea how to spell it :p), fence in their cats. they are considered wild animals here and have right to roam. drives me nuts because cats do not need to live outside and they kill so much of the wildlife. but i am considered odd and annoying when i say things like that here....(stops ranting)

Kat Howlett

Yum, I an definitely going to make some of those pumpkin treats for my little Kaylee-dog. Also, love the Jayne Cobb knits!!

Kat Howlett

P.S. while you are waiting for the next Trudi Canavan, check out Stevan Brust's Vlad Taltos series!


Really? sundress and light cardi?? We are *freezing* here in Melbourne at the moment! Perhaps you are hardier stock, you Taswegians ;)

the Jayne set is coming along well, and I really like your Japanese knot bag. They are so clever, in my mind


The green sock yarn is beautiful. The cat enclosure looks like something I would need at the moment with so many cats but they sleep in the garage at night so no tom cats get to them. I think it is a shame that people dont print out photos now. I guess looking through photo albums will be a thing of the past one day. The labs are looking happy too, must be those pumpkin treats!


I'm with you,I think fireworks are a waste of money and I'm also pretty blase about them. I feel like i've seen enough. People still seem to love them though. I especially hate amateur backyard fireworks, and I'm glad you can no longer buy them in Canberra. (Last election the Sex Party were for bringing them back)


Gilly and Perri are lucky dogs. I love the knot bag - that fabricis gorgeous. And Kiss biscuits have been on my list to make ever since I went to Tassie last year.


I love your new sock yarn....that was such a lovely thing for the Librarian to do :)

The girls look so good sitting there waiting for their treats. So funny that they turn tail n& run when the treats are over!

MrsDrWho's cat area looks like it may be turning into the Taj Mahal of cat entertainment!! I bet those kitties are having a good laugh watching all their humans working so hard LOL


I can't believe you're still having warm weather, that is amazing! It has been quite cold here. Frosty mornings too. I actually had ice on my windscreen the other day - this never happens (or hardly ever). I'm so behind on all your blog posts, I just read the parsnip one and went to comment and couldn't! I do love parsnip so I will have to try that out. Aren't you so lovely making biscuits for everyone, they would be very appreciated! I don't have to do much reporting this year as I am doing the DOTT release so don't have my own class. I just report on Science, much less work!!

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