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Friday Food: Mixed Fruit & Spice Slice

Miley Virus

Well, that was an unexpected blogging sabbatical. First I caught a horrid virus of the sleeping, headache and not eating kind, from which I am still recovering. Then Peri caught the virus in town especially for dogs. She was poorly, unhappy and then shook all night when she slept. Needless to say, neither Gilly or I slept either. Thankfully it was only a twenty-four hour thing and she was bright as a button by the next evening, but it certainly took a toll on me.

Happy peri feels well

It is a jolly good thing that I can actually take to my bed for days on end. I was worried I was poorly with my illness again, but although I am pale, I have decided it is virus paleness, and anyway I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore love meeting their friends and last week Gilly thought she might even go for a ride in Rafa's car*. Peri was rather concerned, but Gilly decided there was no place like home after all.

Rafa's car adventure

There are certain things that happen no matter how poorly I am: walks for The Labradors and feeding them. Gilly eats from her special green slow-me-down plate every day, but Peri has a grown up sensible bowl. I have had to start adding a tad more food to Gilly's plate because Peri has decided it is worth hurrying to eat her own food, as Gilly's forbidden food tastes sweeter. The Labradors never growl at each other where food is concerned, well where anything is concerned. They are happy to share and no-one minds. They are such lovely girls.

Dinner dogs

It was MrsDrWho's birthday last week and lots of friends went out to dinner. I had the most delicious local scallops and a perfectly wonderful glass of sparkling Moscato. Yum. I knitted MrsDrWho her very own Ood and Eeven Cowl, a red eyed angry Ood.

Ood and eeven 2014

I sewed a collection of shopping bags for her too. I am pleased to have found such cute kitten material and the TARDIS panel is a swatch from Spoonflower.

Bags for fun

And we have a mouse. I can hear it under the house. It must be a lovely environment in Winter, but my neighbours and I think the NBNCo are disturbing them with all the digging up of the footpath and roads of late. Our house has hidden sliding doors between the dining and lounge room, and if you push the doors back too far into the cavity there is a gap that opens straight to the underneath of the house. Sigh.

The weather is turning chilly, there was a lazy wind this morning that made our walk quite icy, but I wore a dress and cardi and bare legs when I went out this afternoon. It was sunny and warm-ish. I did wear a pashmina kind of scarf that Judy-May gave me as a sop to Winter. We've had the shortest day and we're on the way out of Winter now. I am very sad as it means Summer is closer, and we all detest the heat. Peri and Lorelai Gilmore are so happy and run about smiling when they walk in the freezing weather.

Oh, last night we went to MrsReno's house and sewed new quilt blocks, Windmill blocks. They are delightful, and easy, which was a bonus as teachers are writing reports or staying back every evening for Parent Teacher meetings.

Windmill bom

We're thinking things will be back to normal soon, and Friday Food will magically appear tomorrow. I have to actually bake something first, but I have high hopes......

*Technically it is Rafa's Dad's car I suppose, but I do believe all the dogs think the cars belong to them.



So glad life is back to "normal" for you and the dear girls. Great completed projects.


sorry to hear you've been laid low - hope you're feeling better soon and glad Peri bounced back - the doggie photos are beautifulxo

Jennifer Rose

so sorry to read you and gilly were ill :( never a good thing

take it easy :)

hopefully its just one mouse and doesn't turn into a big family of mice :/ how are the girls with cats? :p lol


Welcome back! I have missed you and the girls, and your Friday baking.

I do agree dogs think cars belong to them, luckily cats don't. But on the other hand, cats think they own the home they live in and we are their staff. I think the old adage goes ... dogs have masters, cats have staff. Thank goodness I at least have the car to myself!

The cowl and bags are a great gift. I've had a look on Ravelry to see how the cowl sits when worn ... I love it.

The windmill block is one of my favourite quilting and knitting blocks. Lovely colour combinations.


Good to hear from you again! I don't think you should fret too much about summer coming - July is so much colder than June, and so is most of August, so you have two really cold months to look forward to (if that's the right way to phrase it...)
;P I am showing the Mad Ood to some of my Doctor Who-loving colleagues at work - I've been talking it up and they are in a frenzy of anticipation!!!


Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better again in your house. Hope you are keeping warm and dry - the weather here is crazy this week.


Sorry to hear there has been illness in the house :-( Glad you are all on the mend. How wonderful is the Ood cowl!!


Happy you and Perri are over your illness and that you are back. The girls get along better than sisters! It seems every house we've lived in has had a mouse problem. Since we remodeled the kitchen, they've disappeared (knock on wood) probably because their nesting places were torn out. Unfortunately, there are squirrels in the attic now (which I guess is better than the bats that used to roost there- eek!).


I'm sorry to hear you and Peri have been ill. We have had the lurgy here too. Miss Mary is still barking.
The bags and blocks are lovely

We have mice too,they love the rabbit food that gets spilled when the rabbits toss their bowls about!


I'm just catching up with you after a long blog absence. I'm so sorry you've been feeling unwell and poor Peri too. I love those recipes for brownies, parsnip croquettes and lemon curd. You've been so busy sewing away :)


I'm glad both your illness and Peri's were shortlived and hopefully you didn't get any bad news at the doctor's appointment.

Your girls are such good girls, sharing like that! My mum came and stayed the night and brought her cat which Nissa tolerated but heaven forbid if Velvet was allowed to see Nissa eating! Velvet had to have her food in another room or Nissa just growled and wouldn't eat.


oh poor peri. i hate to see the animals sick :( ....of course poor you too :)

i love MrsDrWho's gifts....especially the shopping bags!


I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell, hope that is well and truly behind you now.
It is very chilly here now, probably it as chilly as where you are, but I am not used to the cold weather any more!

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