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Friday Food: Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes

Jeepers Creepers, Where'd You Get Them Eaters??

Well, it was definitely cold yesterday: 5*C in the middle of the day. Luckily I was well rugged up on our walk. I was wondering if I should make Peri a coat to keep her warm, now she is on the way to being thirteen. It was very icy cold at the dam.

Icy gilly and peri

The answer is no. Definitely no. When it is Zero degrees and Peri takes an unauthorised, but enjoyable, dip in the creek, you know she doesn't need a coat. They both ran through every muddy puddle too. Peri and Gilly had such a great time!!

Muddy Labradors

On the other hand, I have a bit of a head cold, so I am taking imaginary pretend tablets from the compounding chemist. It seems to help, even if it is only the placebo effect. Perhaps I should try yoga? It seems to work for Peri. She finally discovered the Warmy Bed was on and was very happy to lie on it.

Peri doing doga

Gilly took the prized couch seat and stretched out long like a lizard drinking. She's very long. She knows she's having her photo taken too. 'Maybe I shouldn't take up all the room...' is what I think Gilly is wondering.

Gilly long like a lizard

MrsDrWho's sister, niece and nephew have arrived for a holiday. I'm knitting a special hat for Young Her: Life of Brain, and a new one for me too. For the LIFE of me I can't find my emerald green hat. It had disappeared. I need Mulder and Scully. So in a fit of huffiness I started a new one: For The Lost Hat. I have been knitting so much I have given myself an index finger repetitive strain injury, and so I am having to rest and recuperate said finger. I finished the little base for the Brain hat, I just need to make metres of I-cord for the actually wriggly brain tissue.

2 hat 2 paw

I made some Minecraft Creeper biscuits for Young Him. I was inspired by this tutorial.

Creeper construction

I was able to buy some gel colours and I used powdered Royal icing. I have a cold, I am being kind to myself. For my first real attempt at decorating with outlining and flooding, I don't think they are half bad. MrsDrWho said Young Him really liked them.

Creeper biscuits

MrsDrWho in in the midst of Parent/Teacher interviews and it's the last week of school too. I baked her a potato, brie and thyme quiche. I used my new mandolin to slice the potatoes. It is wonderful, especially as it has a handle which holds the potato and protects my hand from being sliced too. And that nose would be Miss Lorelai Gilmore's!! She knows (nose) a good thing when she smells it.

Potato brie and thyme quiche

I went to my new Exercise Physiotherapist today. He remembers MrsDrWho being a teacher at his Primary School. There are no secrets in our Island State: everyone knows everyone. I have a new exercise diary (two pieces of A4 stapled togther, still..) with three explicit goals and I have to go back in a fortnight. He took my blood pressure and it was behaving a litle: 130/90 ish. My assessment was for 90 minutes and Medicare picked up all bar $18, and they'll pay for all of my next five sessions. Yay for universal health cover.

Our Knitting group had Curry Day on Sunday, and I took not one photo. Both the company and the food was excellent. Instead of dining out again tomorrow, we thought we would just go out for dessert and tea/coffee instead. Rather strangely, the cafe we first chose (well posh French cafe that used to be a local legendary cafe of wondrous food and atmosphere) would not let us make a reservation, or come in earlier at 7pm. Ha!! We decided to go to Hotel Charles instead, where they are happy to serve us at the time of our choosing, and took a reservation immediately. I plan on having the coconut meringue and a pot of tea, maybe Party Tea!!!

Chocolate crème brulee, salted caramel ice cream,
double cream and croquant 14
Tiramisu, amaretto custard, candied almonds,
white chocolate dust and mocha ice cream 14
Toasted marshmallow, coconut meringue,
raspberry curd and strawberry gelato 14
Maple and pecan pudding, butterscotch, brandy
snap and honeycomb ice cream 13
Affogato, a shot of espresso vanilla bean ice cream
w’ one shot of either
baileys irish crème
drambuie 12

I have new boots to pick up from lay-by and some more baking and sewing to do tomorrow. After walking on an incline on the treadmill for ten minutes I think we will have an early night. If I can coax Peri and Gilly away from the Warmy bed: there's room for two if you squoosh up.



You've been busy. I'd love to have the recipe for your quiche :) Those minecraft biscuits look fun :)

Jennifer Rose

wouldn't be able to sky off of a heated bed lol :p

havent played minecraft, which is odd for me as i love computer games

ouch to your finger :( didn't think you could hurt yourself knitting other then stabbing yourself with a knitting needle lol but still, thats not good


Yes I agree about the health cover. I have been seeing a physio for my recovery from this last bad relapse & my knee injury. The next 5 sessuins will only cost me about $10! Good luck with your exercises Cindy :)

Love that photo of the girls with a splattering of mud on their faces!

Also love the colour of your new hat. I have sadly lost my knitting mojo & am desperate to get it back as i'm going to be a grandma for the first time in december.....very exciting, bit i have a thousand things i'd like to make & no mojo :(

well done on the cookies!


I too am glad for universal health cover, long may it live (I hope). I am especially glad it is there for people who really need it.


I like your cookies - they are very good indeed. The quiche looks good too.


The Minecraft biscuits look great. Well done.

The dogs look very cute all muddy.

Yah for universal health care!!!!!!!


we had a terrible experience at Pierre's some years and have never been back. We hate the place, we were treated so badly after going there for years. I bought a treadmill late last year as I have to "move it or lose it" but all these months later I still find it so hard. I have no strength and no balance, I usually flare the next day and take a few days to feel well enough to get back on. I keep trying but it is such a trial. It breaks my heart as I used to be so fit and strong and active until everything went to shit


PS regarding my posts on my blog...yes the shop next to Pet Barn is my FAVE!!! so many wonderful things in there. The choc was so easy to make it literally was only 3 ingredients. The artwork in that last post is mine. I have finished her now so I really should put up a photo of her xxx

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