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Last Of The Winter Whine???

Bah humbug, my cold worsened and we needed a day in bed to cope with the headache. I knew I wasn't well when I didn't feel like eating. It was Sunday, so no-one missed out on a walk. This morning The Labradors woke me up at 7-44am and bounced about enthusiastically. Although I had the sneezes, I felt slightly better. We met Rafa and Sandy on our walk, but as we were late we had a bit of a walk by ourselves when they left. It was very foggy in patches and I had special treats from MrsDrWho's sister in my pocket: when I called Peri and Gilly, they came running at full speed.

Running labradors

They also received some chewy twists. Gilly will lie down and eat hers, happy to have her photo taken. Peri will not: she won't settle, and every time the camera approaches she picks up her treat and trots away. Why she thinks I will steal her treat, I don't know. She's very funny.

Special chew treats

I did manage to make a Minecraft Creeper pocket and an extra creeper on the back of the pyjamas, and Young Him was very pleased.

Creeper yay Shirred sack dress

Young Her finished her dress. I did the main part of the faux shirring (zig zagging over elastic cord) because it was boring and a bit tricky. The rest she did herself. I assure you, she is pleased to have a new dress, and her old one repaired too!!!

I wore my new hat this morning. It is the For The Lost Hat, the hat which I can't find, and I used the Thrifter Beanie pattern. I knitted till almost all the wool was gone: Debbie Stoller's Full o' Sheep. It is exceedingly warm and snuggly. It is also a great pattern, as you just rib, then knit and finally the deceases are very easy to remember. Look, you can see part of my face, the part that isn't obscured by hat, sunglasses, hair, neckwarmer or scarf!!! The weather is Very Wintry. Which is great for people like us who enjoy the cold. When Peri woke us up at 3am to go outside, it was so cold I had to fill a new hot waterbottle.

For the lost hat 2014

Enforced sitting on the couch with no knitting made me crochet. I plan on making a blanket, nine squares square, and one ball to do the edging. I can crochet a square in a day, it appears.

Granny square

I was inspired by Megan's pastries to make some raspberry pastries on my own. Hers were much better, but I couldn't face milk or cream or custard.

Raspberry pastry

I have been reading some new books, one by Camilla Lackberg recommended by ny GP, and the others mostly from the book reviews in Saturday's paper. I tried to keep reading Jo Spurrier's trilogy, but I was defeated by my cold. I have fifteen books on Hold at The Library and only one is in transit. What usually happens is what will happen now: they will all come at once.

MrsDrWho and her sister gave me some green satin sheets they found in the storage unit whilst clearing it out. I was a bit worried about slipping out of bed until MrsDrWho suggested I make a dress instead: Frankly my dear, I do give a damn!!! What an excellent idea. Not sure I can rival Scarlett or Maria from Sound of Music's curtains though, or that I have somewhere posh to wear my satin sheet dress. If I could just get some mice and a pumpkin I'd be halfway there!!!


Judy Edmonds

There's been really horrid viruses around this winter - I've had several in a row over the last two months or so. Sirius can get very protective of treats too, worrying that someone might spirit them away!

Jennifer Rose

love the dress Scarlett ends up wearing from the curtains,ooh thats given me an idea. if i ever cosplay I am doing that :D

sky does the same thing with her treats, runs away with them. trust me, i dont want the smelly thing, i gave it to you :p

your crochet square looks nice :D

hope your cold is still getting better!


Your dogs always look so happy going for their run. I hope your feeling much better soon, so many people have viruses at the moment.


oh I do love your big granny, Zoe would like me to make her a blanket and I am thinking of making it with rather large grannies. It has to be for a queen size bed so it will take me a long time and I am not even sure when I will be starting it. I can't wait to see yours. I love your beanie too


I'm sorry you weren't feel well,I hope you are doing better now.

The new hat looks lovely and snuggly.

The crochet looks wonderful.

Can't wait to see the satin dress!


Well I do indeed hope it is the last of the winter whine, and that you are feeling much better.
I haven't had the hot water bottle out yet, but it is much colder here now, maybe I should dig it out.

Cath Roberts

oh love that hat!!!

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