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Our Neck-lace Of The Woods

Things have been quiet in our neck of the woods. Once again, I tried to fit too many things into my days and I was also worried about having a terrible dental emergency. I couldn't see the dentist and so in the end, as the Long Weekend was a day away, I went to see my GP. Whereupon she pronounced my sore gum to be just that: a sore gum, maybe a big ulcer?? But I went away with a prescription for penicillin in my hand, just in case I needed it, and of course I didn't. She allowed me to use some Bonjela and it took the swelling away immediately. I have now been to the dentist for a check up and my teeth are shiny and white and so clean again.

In our necklace of the woods, there has been much progress. It's actually our necklace of the caravan. I bought the cutest little embroidery frame and decided to appliqué something for AuntieDutch. I was torn between a caravan, a bicycle and a hot air balloon. The caravan won, and I printed out the free pattern at 20% and spent a long, but worthwhile, afternoon making the necklace. I am so pleased with the way it turned out!!! The inside of the frame measures just 4.5cm/1 7/8 inch. How cute is the bunting??

Cararavan necklace

I also finished the Fox On The Run little scarf. Are you too young to remember The Sweet??? Probably. I am quite chuffed, though the fox could look a little foxier. I have a clear press stud to sew on when I give it to AuntieDutch.

On the run scarf

When The Spoonflower had their Free Postage Offer I 'designed' some Labrador material. I wanted a picture that I could sew onto a shopping bag. I think I did quite well, I have nine full images and I will be able to make a tenth with a seam across it. Gilly decided to help me when I wanted to take a photo, and made herself very comfortable.

Thank you Gilly

Then Peri decided to help as well!!!

Our material so there

Two Recipe To Riches episodes have gone by and so here's a quick review. I have decided to award marks out of ten.

R2r week 2

First, Chunky Pork and Apple sausages, costing $7-99 for six sausages.  On the whole, these were pretty good, using the original ingredients with the sad addition of a preservative- which I can live without.  Costing $1-33 each, they are on a par with the sausages from the posh deli at the corner.

R2r sausages

They were easy to cook, I put them in the fry pan with no added oil, and barely a tablespoon came out of the six sausages. They tasted of apple and pork, but I did find three or four hard gristly bits in the first two I ate. For this reason I am giving them the mark of 8/10. I would definitely buy these again.

Last week was Health week, and the winner was a protein treat.

R2r week 3

The Choc Bombs cost $5-99 for 5 'bombs', or $1-20 each. These are basically protein bars in ball form, containing cacoa, chia seeds, dates and lots of other things.  They are Ferrero Rocher size. My sewing friends tasted them and the general consensus was that they were just OK, or less. I think if you are a health freak and want a different protein bar taste, these would be the go, but none of my friends ate a whole one. For people like me, I'd only give them a 3/10, but perhaps protein bar people would score them higher??

Tonight Recipe to Riches theme is on-the-go breakfast food, and it will either be a frozen smoothie/yoghurt with muesli or posh baked beans. Oh and it's the baked beans!!

This is what I saw today at the supermarket: five cars parked in spaces for three in the Disabled Parking area. What the dickens is going on?? Well, not all the cars have a Disabled sticker, and maybe they are just confused?? That is how my car was badly dented and how my mum's car was scratched along almost the whole side last week. No-one left a note. People are strange and uncaring sometimes. I'm glad I know lots of nice, kind people to ameliorate the horrid ones.

What the dickens

Here's another what-the-dickens? except fuzzier because I was stopped at the lights and had to take this picture out the window as the lady with the Dog In Her Backpack cycled right!!!!! I know Peri and Gilly would adore being transported like this, but I'd need to be of The Hulk proportions.

Biking dog

We have nothing else planned for this week. Nothing at all going out-wise, but I am going to make a flyscreen for the bedroom window. We have casement windows and I did look into buying a bespoke screen, but at $198 for just one it was far too expensive. I've spent $28-25 on some supplies and that's my project for the rest of the week.

I do have some inordinately cute knitting projects under way and since I accidentally marked all the Bloglovin' posts I haven't read yet 'Read', I have some backwards blog reading to do as well. The Labradors are both fast asleep, they had an extra long walk today. They first half was with Sandy and then after he left Rafa arrived, so they had another walk with him. I think we will all go to bed in a few minutes and get some extra sleep under our belts!!!


Judy Edmonds

I love it all!! The fabric and the caravan and the fox on the run! Good luck with the flyscreen, I;ve never done anything like that but I;m sure you will make it a thing that is both useful and beautiful :)

Jennifer Rose

love the fox scarf!! really makes me wish i could knit :p

the fabric of the girls looks good. i think sitting on it might be a hint to make them a bed with it ;)

people park all of the time in the disabled parking without a badge. makes me mad :/ I get dirty looks all the time when we park there, often have to wave my badge at people so they see it. people generally think either of us look too young to park there, disability knows no age unfortunately


I'm do glad it was only an ulcer. I know they are terrible but better than a toothy problem!
The necklace is just adorable (as my girls would say). I can't believe it is so tiny. Well done.
The fabric is wonderful. I had no idea you could even do that! It turned out very well. What will you make with it?
I love the fox.
I bet the dog in the backpack just loved his/her ride.


I love your appliqué and the fox scarf, so cute! Hope you had success with the backwards blog reading! :)


That fox scarf is super cute!

There really are a rising number of terrible uncaring and rude people in the world. It is pretty sad really.

The girls look chuffed with their photo fabric!

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