Friday Food: White Christmas (no copha!!)
Friday Food: Vegan Black Bean Brownies

He Wears 'Core' Blimey Trousers And He Lives In A Council Flat

It's not that I am actually wearing cor blimey trousers, but by jove my core muscles ached last week after going to Exercise Physiology. I am meeting, and now exceeding, the parameters of my usual three exercises, so I asked for a new one. It is like wasabi, deceptively banal: lie on the ground, activate your core muscles about 15% (ie, suck in your stomach a bit and hold it) keep breathing normally and then lift each leg in turn, a little, with a bent knee and slowly lower it back down. I couldn't even poke myself in the ribs gently, let alone have a Labrador or two leap joyously greet me on waking.

There have been quite a few attempts at a Christmas card picture. Gilly keeps looking worried, or sad, or her ears are weird. Peri is photogenic beyond belief and sits there looking poised and perfect. In the end I chose the least weird Gilly photo. Needs must!!!

Photo perhapses

The Labradors went to The Vet to have their weight checked on Saturday. Little did we know it would be Labrador morning!! We met two lovely new Labradors. I do believe that Labradors recognise immediately the innate 'Labradorness' of other Labradors.

Lab saturday 1

No-one barked or woofed or had their hackles up. Instead there was so much tail wagging that I am sure a micro-climate was created inside!! They sniffed and wiggled and generally had a wonderful time.

Oh Labradors at the vet

MrsValley is back from her travels and we caught up for lunch today. It was lovely to see her again. I have been baking and I made some kangaroo biscuits for her. I also experimented with Reindeer 'cookie' sticks. They are not perfect. I didn't have any Smarties for the noses and the pupils are a single 100 & 1000. The warm brown colour looks pink and the sticks are crooked. However, it's a start!! I don't consider them a fail at all.


The Gradient Beams Cowl is finished all bar the buttons being sewn on. I am very pleased with it, and the Naturally Loyal 10ply worked perfectly. Not too thick, not too heavy, just right!!

Gradient beams 2014

Now I'm crocheting something. My new crochet hook is a delight to use. The handle is cushiony and fits nicely into my hand. You may perhaps guess what it is, generally???


MrsDrWho's class made Ungingerbread Houses. They are so much fun to construct and very OTT. MrsDrWho is of the opinion that generally her class doesn't like gingerbread, but they love biscuits!! Win-win.

More Ungingerbread Houses

And here is a not very good photo of my Christmas Dress with extra tree bauble-age. I really like it. I am just accepting that I am no supermodel and I wear things I like. I interfaced the skirt part of the lapped side zip and it sticks out. I need to unpick it and un-interface it. Oh and I need to tie my belt so it doesn't look like a string round a sugar bag- or work harder on my core!!! Other than that I feel very festive wafting about. I have sewn another dress, a cool A-line shift really. My FBA was amazingly easy and worked really well.I did forget to remove the extra seam allowance when I bound the armholes so I need to unbind them and fix that. The back hem dips lower than the front. I need to make a shoulder seam adjustment. Photos to come, because we have a new mirror and can't find a good place to put it. I also read that you should take photos from above, not below, as it is more flattering. I would like to be more flattering!!!

Last but one dress

The weather has been a tad warm, but otherwise deliciously cool, even cold. There were damaging hail storms in the South yesterday, but we only had a five minute downpour. This time last year we were experiencing hellish heat, so we are Very Grateful for the coolness.

Tomorrow I am having a serendipitous hair cut. I went in on the off chance earlier this week and there had just been a cancellation. What good luck!! I am looking forward to a shorter fringe. I can't bear it in my eyes and marvel at people with an uber fashionable fringe-in-their-eyes.

Friday Food: I am thinking of either Christmas Spice Shortbread or Brownie Bites that are dairy and gluten free. And preferences???



Mrs Valley had a lovely catch-up too ;) Those Labrador faces are 'labradorable' :)Can vouch for the kangaroo biscuits - utterly delicious ! I vote for Brownie Bites.

Jennifer Rose

the dress looks good :)

kangaroo cookies!! very cool looking food :)
lots of labs lol they all look very happy


All the doggie pictures look great.

Nice to see the Labradors had a get together!

Your dress looks lovely and the knitting too

Plans are afoot in our house to have a Doctor Who theme Xmas next year so I am searching our patterns that could/would be suitable to put on the tree.


Your dogs look so cute in their photos! I adore both of your cookies. The kangaroos would be perfect to send to a friend overseas.


I'm so impressed that your exercises are going so well that you've needed a new one! Well done you. Core exercises are very hard at first, stick with it, I'm sure that before you know it you will be doing them without ending up with crazy achy bits. They sound a lot like one of the exercises I do in pilates.

The gradient beams cowl is so lovely. I'm a bit in love with stripes lately. I counted the other day and I have 6 stripey tops!

And look at that lovely biscuit decorating, you've been practicing haven't you?


I spent Christmas Day with two labradors who were exceptionally naughty and thought of your Peri and Gilly. Your Christmas dress is very pretty.

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