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Friday Food: White Christmas (no copha!!)

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What lovely weather here: warmish most days, but it has been cool and rainy this evening and Peri and Gilly have been outside playing in the rain. In the mornings it can be cold, and they love a rainy and cold walk the best.

Hello from Peri and Gilly

On Saturday Rafa's Dad and brother and sister (human) came for a walk with us. Everyone went to the top of the Lookout,

Peri at the top

except for Lorelai Gilmore, poor baby. She was stuck at the bottom of the evil and slippery stairs. No amount of coaxing, cajoling or treats would entice her up the horrid stairs. We all come back down again!!

Gilly at the bottom

I currently hold an unpopular and relatively unvoiced opinion. It is about the media reaction to the death of a cricketer. What an awfully sad thing for his family, friends and team- for him to be killed on the pitch in the middle of a game in a freak accident. What I don't understand is the offer of a State funeral, the lowering of flags across the nation and the whole media circus. To me, it seems out of proportion, but then I don't understand the whole male team bonding thing in sport and war. Or Team Australia. I find it exclusive, rather than inclusive. Many people die in the course of their jobs, and I'd like to remember them today. Come home safely from work.

MrsDrWho and other teaching friends are on the home straight now. I make an Advent Calendar each year for MrsDrWho. This year I knitted Santa's Laundry Line, or Dirty Laundry Line 2014 as I named it, after a TV show I quite enjoy.

Dirty Laundry Live 2014

It is a great pattern and filled in my internet-less hours very happily. I sewed a laundry bag and made a little belt and a peg basket too. There is definitely another line of laundry in my future. I knitted in 4ply with 2.5mm needles. Here is the line, thus far, in MrsDrWho's classroom. Each item is accompanied by one or two Lindor chocolate balls!!!

Dirty laundry line

Last week I was so busy with Christmas events and outings that afterwards I went to bed for two whole days to sleep and rest. I made a few little Christmas crafty things.

A few christmas things

Oh I just heard on the radio that the Geminid Meteor shower will be occurring in Australia on the evening of December 13th. Don't look, I can't ever look because I have read The Day Of The Triffids so many times and seen the excellent TV adaptation with John Duttine too many times to count. I worry, irrationally, that the meteors will blind people and triffids will lash everyone with their 'tongues' and then herd them and eat them. No!!!

In a similarly obsessive way I have a new film that I MUST watch to the end to make sure everything works out in the end: All The President's Men. As a plus, it has young Robert Redford ( Red Hot-ford) and young Dustin Hoffman (or should I say Hot-man!!)

There has been knitting: first a DoggyHawk in Noro Kureyon, and Gradient Beams which I am still knitting. It is a 10ply cowl/scarf. I am knitting the scarf part, longways and then you pick up bands at each ends and add buttons. It can be a cowl or a scarf. It is for our Friends' Christmas where we each buy one gift for someone else.


I have made a new dress. A Christmas material dress. No matter which way I tried the pattern, I ended up with inappropriate things in the bodice region. Mostly wreathes with a bauble, and believe me, I need no extra embellishment in the 'baub-ular' area!! In the end I cut out some extra Christmas trees and appliqu├ęd them over the wreaths and baubles. I am very happy now and I wore it today. Can you spot the extra trees?? They have no pots.


I have been doing a lot of reading. Lots of thick Library books came all at once. When I was busy, I was too tired to read my new John Flanagan book. That was very telling indeed. I had to wait a whole week, and I have only read the start.

It must be time for bed. Any minute now Peri will appear at the door way. She will want to go outside to the Forbidden Zone and then have a biscuit for being a good girl and doing a wee before bed!!! Gilly runs up the stairs too. Anything for a biscuit really.

I am not panicking about Christmas this year. Ordinarily I am overwhelmed and the weather is hot and it is all too much. This year I know that if some things don't happen, that's OK!! It was this time two years ago that I was feeling very depressed and low. I like my new attitude and it has been hard work, but worth it. I hope everyone is feeling calm and excited and ready to face Christmas with a smile!!!



Loving all your Christmas doings and makings - yes lets all relax about it - its only one day after all ! Totally agree with you about over the top media on the recent sporting news - so many people in similar or far worse situations in the world that get no help or empathy. Love to you and those beautiful girls of yours xox

Jennifer Rose

awww poor gilly :( she looks happy, but still, poor girl

you've made a lot of nice xmas stuff :D

clever solution to the bauble problem :)

Judy Edmonds

I'm EXACTLY the same about meteor showers!!! And every time I read Testament of Youth I hold my breath telling myself that this time, Roland will come back from the war.


I totally agree about the cricket player. It was a tragic accident but what about all the other people that died that week? They were just as important! I said so on my fb page and got shot down in flames.
All your crafting is fabulous

The doggies are gorgeous as usual



You have been so busy with all your crafting. I did spot your laundry line on ravelry and it looked adorable. What a wonderful present. I think that the rarity of what happened on the cricket field was the reason behind all the media, and he was very young too. Such a sad occurence. I dont think I would like walking up those stairs either as I am afraid of heights and sometimes if I attempt them I get frozen halfway up which is never nice!


I have to say I agree re the cricket as well. Tremendously sad of course but it all got a little bit out of control. I was very sad at the death of Stella Young.
I'm not one bit organised for Xmas. No presents bought. Nothing. And the weather here in humid Qld is not helping!
I'd love to see your Christmas dress in full.


I love your new attitude, it is definitely the way to go. Although, during your internetless time you have been very productive with your crafting! I love the Santa's wardrobe advent calender. Very cute.

And poor Gilly down the bottom of the stairs. I bet if we could get a zoom in on her face it would be so woeful.


Santa's Laundry is so cute!!


My goodness! What a great deal of cheerful Christmas craft you have here - you are inspiring me to get a wriggle on!!
A clever solution to your wreath-and-bauble zoning - I couldn't pick the appliqued trees at all, so I think your solution is excellent!!
Not having read that book, I could quite happily watch the meteor shower (if am awake then)... but don't talk to me about cabled owls on things - "The Owl Service" really freaked me out as a teenager, no way could I make and wear little owls around my neck....
I hope it didn't get too hot for you over the weekend - we of course were loving the warmth down here, excellent weather for doing all the washing!!
pats to dogs XO


Poor Gilly - she looks lonely at the bottom of the stairs all by herself. I love your Advent calendar - it is just adorable.

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