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Friday Food: Cups and Saucers Biscuits

A tea cup and saucerArnott's Biscuits are celebrating 150 years of biscuit making. As part of their celebrations they have a recipe for Tic Toc Tea Cups. They are so cute!! When I was a little girl "bought" biscuits were such a treat. My mum cooked lots of cakes and biscuits, but they didn't have the elan and mystique of "bought" biscuits.

I don't think I have actually eaten one of these. Ever. They are a party food, along with Fairy Bread and little pies and sausage rolls.

I am not sure if Tic Toc biscuits and Lifesavers are available everywhere, but I am sure everyone can use their initiative.

And now for something completely different: I've made a video today. So good luck with that. As well as being a poor photographer, I am not that handy with the video setting on my green camera!!


Tic Toc Cup and Saucer Biscuits     makes 28   

  • packet of Tic Toc biscuits (28 in a packet)
  • 28 pink and white marshmallows
  • a large packet of Musk Lifesavers, cut in half.
  • about 100g white chocolate, melted


Gently melt the white chocolate, either with short bursts in the microwave, or in a glass bowl over some simmering water.

Dip the smaller end of the marshmallow into the chocolte and place it in the centre of a biscuit, icing side up. Or clock side down!!

Dip the ends of the half Lifesaver into the white chocolate and stick it to the side of the marshmallow so it is the 'handle' of the marshmallow cup.

Leave the biscuits to set and you are done!!!

Tic toc cups and saucers


Lynne S of Oz

Tic Tocs were my favourite bikkies when I was little. I particularly liked trying to find ones that had the time that I was born on them.
No Tic Tocs here and I can't eat them anyway, but happy happy memories and oh so cute!


What pretty biscuits!! :)


OMGoodness - what fun and how easy are these Tic Tocs. Thank you 2paw. With all the baking I do, I cannot believe I have never thought about making these. I still buy them for the kids whenever we go to Michele's for coffee. Hadn't realised you could buy the tic toc biscuits.

Linda Spawr

these are perfect for a tea party! Great fun.


These are adorable! And musk lifesavers are my favourite. We did have Tick Tocks as kids, but I liked my mum's stuff better.

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