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Friday Food: Cups and Saucers Biscuits

I See Treats Of Cream, Red Roses Too. I See Them Bloom For Me And For You.

Well, it's official: Last year was hot. Our island's three largest cities, including ours, had the hottest day time temperatures since record keeping started and it was the second hottest year. No wonder we were hot!!! No wonder The Labradors have been in the paddle pool. A Lot.

Don't bump me

Poor Gilly, Peri was so eager to get into the pool I think that was a bump. And after all that, Peri was not quite getting all the benefit she could have. Just two wet feet thank you very much. Gilly is mid shake, her ears are very long and flippy.

Doing it wrong and ears

This week we are looking forward to slightly cooler temperatures and rain. I think the up and down weather set off Peri's newly diagnosed arthritis. She was very hoppy on her right front leg. If I rubbed her shoulder she ran off happily. It was noticeable when she got out of bed, or up off the floor after a nap. As she moved around, the limp went away. We saw Dr Gary, who divined that Gilly was there for moral support, and found arthritis in Peri's right elbow. She has some tablets to take for a fortnight, I think there is a positive difference already. I just didn't want her to be in any pain, and I know Labradors are stoic and brave and just put up with things. Dearest Peri.

Peri and Gilly on the rainy day walk

I am not cross about things as much now. So today when I spotted these in the supermarket:

Yes, Easter is here

I took a picture as a trophy, as if participating in a treasure hunt. First Hot Cross Buns of the year?? Yes, spotted them today. It's like Car Bingo. I think Shell used to give out special bags of puzzles to keep children occupied on long car trips, and there was a sheet of things to cross off whilst looking out the window. So I have ticked off Back to School which started before Christmas, and now Easter. I think Valentine's Day is next on my particular Holiday Bingo card.

I did see some pretty marvellous things at Woolworths. They are selling oddly shaped fruit and vegetables: The Odd Bunch. I bought carrots for The Labradors and I ate some too. I am happy to buy weirdly shaped, too big or too small, fruit and vegetables for a cheaper price.

Good fruit and vegetable news

I bought a new dress pattern from The Etsy. It is a more casual style, less fitted and maybe a little cooler than my usual Princess-style bodice. It is the Jamie dress from Sis Boom. I love that even though it is a PDF pattern, I only needed to print out 10/88 pages. I am very happy to save printer ink. There is a three or four day sew-along, so I think I might try that. I have some old sheets to make a toile.

Jamie dress

Forty years ago this morning, my sister woke me up to tell me that the bridge had fallen down. I turned over in bed and told her to go away and not to be so silly. She was, in fact, correct. On January 5th, 1975 the Lake Illawarra collided with several pylons of Tasman Bridge at 9-27pm. Sadly, twelve people died, five driving off the broken bridge and falling into the river. The city was divided for almost two and a half years and in the intervening time people travelled by ferry or an Army Bailey Bridge.

I haven't been knitting, but I have crocheted a Dalek Hanging Towel for a gift. It is a kitchen towel. I am not the world's best crocheter, but I learned how to bobble and carry the cotton and crochet over it too, to cut down on the number of ends to be sewn in. I used 8ply instead of 10ply so I fiddled about with the pattern to make it work. And be a decent size too. I ended up crocheting a round of double crochet, just to finish it off nicely.

Dalek hanging towel

The Jan/Feb Donna Hay magazine is out, and once again it is full of delicious icy treats. I am going to make one for taking to MrsDrWho's house tomorrow night. I am not sure which one.

Icy treats

And top to bottom, left to right: (Some are styled popsicles, in Australia we eat ICY POLES)

  • cookies and cream icy poles
  • choc dipped banana icy poles
  • caramel swirl icy poles
  • chocolate milkshake icy poles
  • cheats' summer sorbet slice
  • berry ice cream slice
  • passionfruit three milk ice cream cake
  • tiramisu ice cream cake
  • banoffee ice cream pie
  • black forest ice cream cake
  • lamington ice cream bars
  • coconut lychee raspberry icy poles

I think one of the cakes would be easiest to transport. I shall email MrsDrWho and her family ice cream cake photos and see which one they like the best .

The GardyGardeners are not coming this week and so The Labradors will go for an extra walk. I can't bear their loyal waiting at the gate, softly crying - well woofing really on Gilly's part really, to no avail.

The temperature has dropped and there is a gentle cool breeze. Time for a cup of tea and maybe an early night.



Jennifer Rose

ooh really like that dress! I need more time to sew lol but think that might be a bit too ambitious for making a first dress :p

poor peri :( hopefully there continues to be an imporvement

people are way too picky about what some foods look like. they taste the same, just not as pretty to look at


Will have to look out for the odd bunch at Woolies - what a great idea ! Yes I well remember the bridge episode as my younger brother was just about to drive over it after it happened - I was very worried about him until I heard he was safe ! It was a very foggy night and we had heard about it on the news but didn't believe it at first either. Love those yummy looking ice-cream cakes :) Keep cool everyone - cool change coming on the weekend :)


I will be happy to send some cooler air your way. Rocco has a pool like that too and he loves to "scuba dive" in it. Seems really really early for hot cross buns, I can't even think about Easter as we are just past New Years. Sheesh. Give the girls a pat and a kiss for me as always.


Oh that dress does look lovely - soft and summery. I'll have a bikkie and cream icy pole, please. *mutters in curmudgeonly fashion about US language imperialism*


Poor Peri :( HOpe that she is ok.


That dress pattern looks rather lovely.

The Dalek tea towel is very clever!!!

We too,have been experimenting with various sorts of ice poles. I think watermelon and choc/banana have been the faves so far.


Peri and Gilly sure look like they are enjoying their paddling pool. Lovecyour new dress pattern. And the dalek hand towel is a hoot!


I hope Peri is feeling much better by now and that you are all enjoying some cooler weather. We have had quite a mild Summer so far here, occasional days of 40 and one terrible one of 44! But the majority seem to be around the low 30's which is so so lovely.

I saw hot cross buns in the shop on the 5th and bought two bags! They make very yummy and easy morning tea snacks and I have been especially hungry lately.

I love funny shaped fruit. I remember as a child always being excited when my sister and I found a double banana at the shops.

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