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She Loves You Yeah, Year, Year!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas 2014

We had a lovely Christmas lead up and Christmas Day. I made a dozen bags and gave them as gifts to many and various people. The bag is my Go To pattern right now.

  Bags in december

Peri and Gilly received so many presents but I think they will like, best of all, their Sound of Music present. Or I will!! Yes, they are goats' horns.

The hills are alive with the sound of horns

I baked Christmas treats for lots of people: Mincemeat cupcakes, gingerbread biscuits, coconut ice, peppermint fondants, white chocolate lemon truffles, Christmas tree biscuits, Christmas spice shortbread stars and mint truffles.

Christmas treats

I sewed an impossibly cute mug rug for WeeJack and Bessie's mum.

For wee jock and bessie

For The WeeSingapore Boy a Harry Potter inspired quillow.

The Harry Potter Quillow

On one side I appliqu├ęd some Harry Potter items: HP initials, lightning bolt scar, glasses, and a golden snitch. On the other side the House colours. It folds from a quilt to a pillow, hence the quillow name. Folding it up is a bit like being Captain Parmenter on F Troop though. He could never refold the map as it was originally.

Quillow pillow

And suddenly it is the new year. How did that happen??? We spent New Year's Eve in our traditional way: filling in the new diary with dates and birthdays and holidays. We were not on the verandah because it was very windy. I have not one, or two, but three new Labrador mugs!!

New Year's Eve

Peri has been inordinately cute and grubby as usual. She is starting to feel her age, but still keeps Gilly in line and runs as fast as she can on our walks.

Peri is a grub

And Miss Lorelai Gilmore is so compact, she sits so beautifully and is quite petite!!! She has been keeping an eagle eye on all the happenings in the street, especially the two fireworks displays last night.

Gilly is so compact

And here's a gift from The HouseOfs that puts absolutely No Pressure on me.

At all.

No presssure gift

On seeing it they, (like most people I know) thought what excellent blogging material it could provide. How right they are. The first week is Snowflake week, and here I am wearing the Snowflake barrette, right next to their version.


And so a new year begins. We don't make resolutions. There are some things we might like to do this year, but other than just living, being happy and enjoying time with The Labradors, family and friends there's not much more I could ever wish for.

It has been a happy and sad end to the year. Happy because of all the wonderful Christmas gatherings, my mum and aunt came to visit and I saw all my friends. Sad because there was a death in my friend's immediate family. I do feel very helpless and can't do my usual thing of cooking up a storm because everyone's fridges are full of Christmas food and drink. There is nothing to do but live life and grieve. Eventually time passes and one day you realise are not as sad as you were the day before.

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, the god of doorways, has two faces: one looking to the past and one to the future. The month of January takes its name from Janus. And that's what we do in the New Year- consider the past and the future.

So here's to 2015 and all it will bring.

'Clink' (That's clinking cups of tea........)



I loved F Troop. I remember that episode where the Captain sends away for an instruction manual on how to fold maps - and it is a giant sheet of paper that unfolds and needs to be folded up again after the map has been dealt with. Brilliant.


All your sewing is fabulous!! I love the bags and the quillow!

The book looks great. I look forward to seeing more of your crafts.

The dogs looks fabulous as always.

Happy New Year.


Wishing you lots of happiness in the new year. I am a frequent reader but lazy commenter. Thank you for all the recipes, Labradors, sewing inspiration and smiles. Jill from Hobart x

Judy Edmonds

Lots of love to you and the labs from me and Sirius and the DH and DD who love to hear about you all. Hope 2015 is fantasical for all of you <3


Happy New Year to you and the girls!


Here's to lots of happy blogs in 2015 - I so enjoy reading them and seeing those lovely Peri & Gilly faces - Happy New Year to you all xo

Jennifer Rose

aww peri looks so cut and innocent there, what dirt??:p

happy new year! :D


Happy New Year to you and the labs! What wonderful sweets you baked up for xmas. I love the bags. I think the calendar is quite cute. I used to buy the knitting ones but then realised that I never really knit anything from them so stopped. I have been contemplating the last year and I just wish for my family and friends to have good health and happiness because that is the most important thing in life!


Happy New Year Cindy, Peri, and Gilly!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
I have to say that I love my bag and use it all the time! One of the supermarket ladies commented on it last week and said what excellent handles it has, much better than the narrow hand-bitey ones so many other bags have, and not so long that the bag will drag on the ground when carrying heavy things - the Woollies Staff Member Seal of Approval!!
I hope you are keeping cool in this sudden burst of seasonal warmth - I shall be in touch re a visit shortly!


Happy New Year to you and Peri and Gilly!! You were so productive for the holidays!

Linda Spawr

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015. So glad you had family to visit with you. The baked goods ooze yumminess, you were a whirlwind.

Clinking back, toasting all the opportunities of the change of calendar brings.

Grab onto life with gusto and joy.


Happy New Year! I hope it is health and happiness filled.
It looks like you got lots of Christmas crafting, presents and baking done this year!


Being a Beatles fan, I couldn't resist the title of this post. I adore all the baked goods you made as pressies, and I want to steal the mug rug - adawbs! Peri and Gilly are as lovely as ever - hoep they are enjoying their goat horn!


Happy New Year!

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