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He's The Boogie Woogie Boogey Man From Company T

Delve back through the information on your fridge, back to 2003. It's 2003 again. But this time we're not all receiving a "Be alert, not alarmed" fridge magnet. Oh no, we're to be totally alarmed. Tony, the PM, says we're to be alarmed, afraid, and not notice what's happening over there, where he is slowly imploding.

Be alert

While the Federal Government is trying to restrict my personal rights and collect my metadata in the name of freedom, we still have child refugees in detention centres and some unemployed possibly condemned to live for six months without any money at all. Bah humbug.

In other news the heat wave appears to be over. We have been very unhappy and unwell and Peri and I are especially pleased that it doesn't feel like 28*C when we wake up and hideously hotter as the day progresses. Thankfully a cool change has come and last night we all slept well for the first time in a fortnight. Friday, and most of Saturday, I had a nasty migraine so there was no Friday Food. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I will continue being well this week so I can bake!!

Peri's icy block

Peri and Gilly spurn Doctor Harry's ice blocks for dogs ideas. They won't have a bar of water, chicken stock, or chicken stock with treats inside.

Gilly's icy block

In desperation I made up a mixture of half Jalna Greek yoghurt and half water with a tablespoon full of some local honey. I froze them in a muffin tray. These icy blocks finally passed muster. I am glad that I have another weapon in my Dog Cooling arsenal, along with the paddle pool and spritzing of bellies and heads with cool water.

Labrador icy blocks

I have sewed some bags this year. I have my bag sewing down to a fine art now.

Bags of 2015 thus far

I have had two lovely outings: one with MrsMadcage, and one with TinkingBell. MrsMadcage and I talked non-stop and shopped with the same focus. She found some cute fox fabric and I am going to make a brand new kind of bag for her. More to follow.

When TinkingBell and I meet, we relish the opportunity to exchange gifts. It is like Christmas or birthdays. This time I sewed some vinyl zippy bags. They are tricky, but worth the effort. I think they are very good for storing your crafty bits and bobs - for lots of crafts. This is the first time I tried this particular bag, and I am eager to try it again.

Vinyl zippy bags

TinkingBell gave me a marvellous Jamie Oliver Tiny Greenhouse for growing herbs. I hope the seeds are girding their loins. And some gorgeous green wool that will become something warm and luscious for my neck in Winter. Come on Winter!!!


We had breakfast and I was excited to see coddled eggs on the menu. My great aunt would coddle eggs for us when I was small. She had silver coddlers and broke the eggs into them and baked them bain marie in the oven. You can also do the same thing on the stove top. I can't remember whether I liked them way back then, but I love them now. These were delicious, lightly coddled so the whites were set and the yolks runny. Served with crusty sour dough soldiers with garlic and herb oil and bacon jam. I eschewed the bacon jam, it was a tad rich.

Coddled eggs

I've been reading up a storm whenever the weather was cool enough. I have six thick books by the bed and four more on the go: an old autobiography of Tony Curtis, a new biography of Queen Victoria and Glenda Larke's new book being the highlights for me.

The evenings are drawing in. Peri starts getting ready for bed at about 87pm now: as soon as it starts getting dark. She persuades Gilly that it is time for bed and that they need to go up the steps to The Forbidden Zone to do a wee and then Have A Treat and go to bed. Peri is a funny old girl. Gilly and I indulge her. We might indulge her again right now!!!



The sooner Mr Abbott is replaced the better I say ! Those bags are great - we'll have to start calling you "the bag lady" ;) Looks like the ice-blocks are much appreciated too. Hope the cooler weather continues for you - I don't like the humidity at all - very draining and certainly not cooking weather !

Jennifer Rose

glad you got some sleep and found something cool the girls like :)

gorgeous green wool! too pretty to use :p

never heard of coddled eggs, not a big egg fan but might try that. look easy to do :)

Linda Spawr

So very glad the heat has broken a bit and that all of you are doing better. The girls are very lucky you fix them the frozen treats to ease their days. Always nice to find a new post.

The beautiful green wool will be knit up into a lovely something. How perfect for you.

We are currently experiencing very low temps, even for here. wish I could box some cold air up and share. Minus 16 C is the current reading.


Clever you coming up with well received ice blocks. They sound like something that could be nice for humans too.

I love that cloud fabric on one of your lovely bags! So gorgeous.

And hooray for the cooler weather. We have dropped off a bit of heat too, more of a low to mid 30's now that a high 30's to low 40's THANK GOODNESS. I've totally just jinxed myself now though I bet.

Hope the cooler weather keeps the migraines at bay x

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