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It's Her Party And I'll Cry If I Want To.

You know you are too tired and too poorly when you turn up to a child's birthday party a day early. The weather was hot and humid, The Labradors went for a walk, and I wrapped and baked and tied and sewed on a button or two and left for Toddler Zoe's third birthday party.

I thought it was strange that no-one else was there when I pulled up outside. Uncle Dutch came out and I knew instantly that I was a day early. I had a teeny tiny cry, and Toddler Zoe's mum and dad and Uncle Dutch and Other Grandma fed me freshly baked sausage rolls and poured some extra sweet tea and before you could say Jack Robinson I was feeling fine again. It meant I had a few special hours with Toddler Zoe and I had a chance to fix the straps on her dress. Then I went to The Party Proper the next day!! Oh how we laughed at my inability to arrive on the right day!!!

Toddler zoe dresses

Toddler Zoe likes flowers, so I was pleased her dresses were flowery. But, I also managed to find some flowery windmill material, so there's a Dutch connection too. I take extra care to finish the inside with French seams, or biased binding, and I also cover the ends of the zips too. I want her dresses to be nice to wear.

Although the temperatures haven't been exceedingly high, as usual I have felt the heat terribly. As has Peri. Gilly is less densely furred, and she's younger too. We are all very grateful for the air conditioner MrsDrWho rehoused here. I managed to make it blow even colder air, so cold that I felt a slight chill. It does make sleeping easier. We have had no rain, despite the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting it constantly. There has been a lot of lying in bed with the air con blowing cold, and colder!!!

Peri and Gilly at the fence

This is what my next door neighbours see many times a day: Peri and Gilly waiting to be noticed and have a treat. If no-one notices quickly enough, Gilly gives a gruff "Woof" of impatience!!! Peri is feeling incredibly well. Her new arthritis drugs must have a cumulative effect, because she doesn't limp at all any more and she is so much happier and wags her tail and plays and runs about.

MissSingapore gave me lots of green wool for Christmas and I did actually find a cool time to knit. I made a Dalegg. That would be a Dalek that is made from an egg cosy pattern!!  Toddler Zoe has a Dalek she can drive about, so I knew she would like one, It's much bigger than an egg cosy, but just the right size for a small hand to grasp.

The dalegg  2015

I never want my blog to be a "should", so I have been just not worrying that I haven't posted. I do try to answer my comments, so I'll make that the thing I'd like to do over the next few days. I find I am best not to make resolutions, rather I have things I'd like to do this year.

This year I'd like to wear my necklaces more!!!

Oh and in breaking news, I sewed a new dress!!! I have worn it twice. It's a wearable toile, and though  it's not quite right, I love it anyway. More to come soon.

Now we're all off to bed. The GardyGardeners come tomorrow, and I have Pigs in Blankets to bake so we must be up early.



Linda Spawr

'Tis so much better to be day early than a day late!!Nicely done Zoe dresses. I shall send some below zero air via the cosmos to all of you.

Waiting to see the necklaces.


Those dresses are very sweet, I'm sure they'll be well-loved. What cheeky faces waiting for treats, I'd give them some if they were next door to me too :) Hope you're feeling a bit better after today (going to be 30 deg ! )

Jennifer Rose

day early but you got the kid mostly to yourself without other people around being loud and distracting :)

awww the girls look so sad, would make a cute painting tho :) glad that peri is feeling better :)

are you going to post a pic of your new dress?


Oh how funny with you turning up a day early! The little dresses are just adorable. I too feel the heat lately and I wish it would cool down somewhat but I am sure it will very soon. I have been sleeping with the fan going all night where Paul is snuggled under the blankets and I am trying to cool off, lol! We have not had rain for quite a bit either so all the paddocks are looking rather brown and dry and dusty which does not help with the hayfever. I hope you have a wonderful week with your beautiful doggies.


Excellent news that Peri's medicine is working well!

Those dresses are gorgeous. I particularly like the windmill fabric one, very sweet. And oh dear about the party. Maybe you can just call it the dress rehearsal to make sure the dress and sausage rolls were just right for the next day.

Hope you are having a nice restful but enjoyable weekend x

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