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'Old It, SisBoom, Wallop, What A Picture!

I especially put on my new dress this evening to post to my blog!! Yesterday I had a bug and was not very well. Luckily Peri and Gilly are excellent nurses. Today I felt better, but we still slept till 3pm. I have had my usual invalid food of Vegemite on toast and cups of tea, supplemented with fizzy lemon and lime Hydralyte tablets. I find the taste and effect of the tablets to be very good.

Good Girls

I do tire of Full Bust Adjustments and wanted a simple, cool dress to wear. I searched about on The Internet and chanced upon the SisBoom patterns. I checked out some Jamie dresses and reviews and decided to buy the pattern.

I took a day to make a toile of the bodice and a friend helped me pin and fit it. Then I made a wearable toile out of some old material. I love my new dress!!! And of course there are no photos without Labradors and no, Peri is not smelling Gilly's nether regions, even though it looks like it.

Dress 1

The dress has so many size options and a FBA, but again, I cut a size that was way too big for me. At least it is easier to take in, rather than let out with no extra material. I don't think next time I will do the FBA as there is quite a lot of gathering I don't need. I know, hard to believe. I also took up twice the recommended hem for my height, but I have a long torso and short legs, so I should have remembered that. There is a side zip, which I inserted on the right, so I have to do contortions to get it undone.

One great feature is that you only print out the pattern pieces for the bodice you need, and they are clearly marked, and the skirt is measured on the fabric. I only needed to print out 10 pages and they were very easy to tape together.

I emailed SisBoom to tell them of my dress joy, and had a lovely reply. Patterns are on sale till the 15th of February if you use the code SWOON. That means they are $6 US which works out to about $8 AU. So of course I bought two more patterns: Carolina Mae and Angie.

New patterns

I have done a little knitting and crocheting. I had some Vickie Howell Craft which is cotton and milk fibre so I crocheted and knitted two facecloths.


And now I am off to rest again. I have my usual appointment with my GP tomorrow, so if I am not feeling better still, I have a back up plan!!!

If you are unwell on a day when it is 30*C, Peri and Gilly will play in the paddle pool and then dig and lie in their ginormous hole in the garden. Peri looks deliriously happy. It was much cooler today, 24*C, with a nice cool brisk breeze. We were all pretty deliriously happy about that too.

Muddy happy Peri and Gilly


Judy Edmonds

Lovely dress :) I have two dresses in the middle of construction, one finished but not blogged, and three or four washed and dryed fabric lengths waiting to be cut out.


Love the dress, very summery & fresh looking. Hope you get a good report from the Doc - lucky you have 2 such lovely 'nurses' to look after you at home xo

Jennifer Rose

the dress looks gorgeous!! suits you so well :D

Hope you feel better and don't need to talk to the GP about it


Quite a nice dress, and I love the color. Isnt that hot weather awful. We have 32 here today which I hate so I will be sitting inside knitting under the air conditioner!

Antoinette Buchanan

The dress is fabulous - so flattering and soft.


Your new dress looks amazing, very flattering! You are getting to have a huge selection of handmade lovely dresses to wear.

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