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Friday Food: Easter Macaroon Nests

GreenHouse Of Cards

Regardless of my care and attention, I fear the greenhouse teeters on the edge of collapse. It has made progress: basil and coriander have poked their little heads up and the watercress is going great guns. Gilly and I sampled a little and it is deliciously peppery.

Greenhouse progress

It rained quite heavily this morning, for just long enough that The GardyGardeners went home after ten minutes and there was No Morning Tea. Peri and Gilly were sad. Gilly was so sad that she sat on The Ottoman at the window and/or looked longingly through the fence for an hour or so. Peri is used to life's disappointments. Gilly is more Oliver Twisty: please may I have some more?? She is just as cute as a button and I cuddle her and squeeze her tight. She asks with her paw so beautifully.

Gilly asks with her paw

Peri is more independent, though not averse to a good tummy rub. When we walk down the hill she is allowed off the lead. She walks more comfortably at her own pace and is relatively trustworthy.

Run Peri Run

I was lucky enough to visit The Dutches on Monday and see Toddler Zoe and her mum. Toddler Zoe is talking so well now and has a wicked sense of humour. Of course, I had sewn some tote bags. One is a lovely reindeer Christmas print and the other is really little houses but I like to think of them as TARDISes.

Still more bags 2015

I have had to put my knitting away. One of the four dogs on our walk was taking a treat, not very gently, and split the quick on my important knitting forefinger. Now around the nail it is all red and puffy. I wrapped it in a hot cloth this morning and then slathered on some ointment. I have to watch I don't get a line running up my finger. I saw my very excellent psychologist on Monday and we looked at the things I do every week and I realised that the beginning of the cooler weather signalled a rapid increase in my level of activity. No wonder I was feeling harried. I have homework: to draw up a chart for the rest of the year, for every month, and write in all the important things I must do, and the things I would like to do. And then make a reasonable plan.

Almost a kaled and dalek

I have liked working on the Dalek-table Dalek, it is almost complete. My Kaled is too big, so I have to make the opening in the Dalek larger.

I started new socks in some marvellous striped Heart and Sole sock wool. I love stripes.

Heart and sole sock one

I am not planning to do any knitting for the rest of the week, in the hope my finger will miraculously heal. I might just wrap it in a warm cloth again and see what happens.

I have been perusing lots of Easter recipes and I have plenty of time to bake something cute and delicious by Friday. I am a tad excited!!!




Thankyou again for my sweet doggies fix for the day - it starts the day off with a smile :) Hope that finger is better soon x


Rain sounds wonderful. We have a hot day here today so I will be glad for the cooler change. I have some of the same sock yarn too but have not knit it up as yet. Very pretty stripes though. Your labs are always so adorable!


I hope your fingers heals soon.

The Dalek looks great,can't wait to see it finished.

Hang in there with the greenhouse.

Jennifer Rose

please be careful with your finger and I hope it heals fast :D


Alas for your poor sore finger (see the rhyming I did there??)! I do hope you feel better soon.
Your Dalek is really very spiffy - and your socks are reminding me that I wanted to dig out some striping yarn and start some new socks with the pattern in the new Knitty that mixes slip stitches with striping yarn to glorious effect.. hmm, now do I have any that would suit??

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