Friday Food: Weetbix Slice: Tizzied Up
Friday Food: Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes

Pease Porridge Hot, Peas Rice Cold.

I was meant to be Dining Out with my knitting group tonight, but I wasn't up to it. I rested and napped, but in the end I just stayed home and had steamed rice and peas for tea. Very sad, especially when the menu at the restaurant is fabulous. Next time.

Peri and Gilly are happy, they have had some stewed plums and we opened a minty tasting rope toy for Gilly too. The Labradors love the cooler weather, there is a forecast for snow down to 800m and we have quite a bad bush fire to the north; too far north to worry us, but the residents were evacuated. All the dogs have been so happy on their walks, running very fast and playing fast games. Gilly is running down the hill to catch up to Sandy, who is strangely close to Peri, who usually spurns him.

Wheeeeee Gilly Peri and Sandy

My camera stopped working. No, technically it only worked intermittently. I took it to the camera shop and would you believe, it turned on first time for the camera man. Then, it refused to turn on. Good. It is too expensive to fix the battery contacts, so I used my Christmas Gift Card from my mum to buy a new one. I am learning to drive it.

I made a new bag for MrsMadCage. It is called Lillian's Bag from Esme's Patchwork Shop and it is very cute and useful. She didn't want a zip, which can be inserted on long strips of material, but it can also have a button or a magnetic clip. When you put it down, it sits open and you can easily see your knitting or sewing bits and bobs. It takes three fat quarters, but next time I'd use one nice fat quarter for the outside, and plain cotton for the lining. It sewed together very easily and I need one for my embroidery. Stat!! I can't find the pattern on the website, but I know Lillian posts things off for people.

Lillian's bag is good

I sewed two more tote bags. One is a Doggy bag and it has Peri and Gilly's Spoonflower material on the front. The other is for MrMadCage's birthday and I baked him some brownies as well.

Doggy and mad bags

I am knitting some socks: slow and steady through the warm weather I am up to the heel turn on the second sock.

New un named second sock

And now we are off off to bed. I have some baking to do tomorrow for The GardyGardeners to take for afternoon tea. I plan to make a small batch of something nice. And then rest. I think it is a case once again of the cool weather, like a siren, enticing me to do lots of things and then I realise I should have done less.

Peri and Gilly are very good companions and when they are not with me they are always at the fence hoping for a seaweed rice cracker.

Peri and Gilly by the fence

Oh, and a Dalek.



Jennifer Rose

you've been busy sewing! what kind of camera did you grt if I can ask? :)

hope the sleep does you some good and you feel better :)


Napping must be a good pasttime because I did it all day today after feeling miserable and sick yesterday. I am happy that you got a new camera. Isnt it annoying when the old one dies on you. Mine did that and in the end I bought a phone with a camera which is much easier to use than I thought it would be. Your bags look great too. I hope you enjoy the cooler weather.


All your bags are making me want to sew a bag! I do like that lillian bag pattern. I have some lovely fat quarters that I haven't worked out what to sew into (mainly because I never even bother sewing because it never works as easily and as fun as it does in my head) so maybe I should make one with stuff I have already. Unpacking all my fabric, I just looked at the drawers full and thought why on earth do I keep buying it?!


I love those Daleggs. Your lovely doggies look so happy and well.

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