Friday Food: Simnel Cakelets
Friday Food: Easter Biscuits with Royal Icing

The Australian Patient

Three of four times a year I go to The Hospital and I am a 'patient' for the student doctors. This week it was the final year doctors. After the usual poking and prodding and taking of history, they were set the task of debating my possible treatments. My spleen was once again the star and everyone wanted to feel it. Apparently it feels like a nose???? It is thoroughly exhausting, but I feel useful and it is a worthwhile thing to do. I sensibly rang and cancelled my appointment with the exercise physiologist for Wednesday.

On Sunday at dinner MrsDrWho and I realised that Easter was more than on its way, it was imminent. I went to school on Monday afternoon and showed the children how to sew the felt chicken from BH&G.

Upstanding chicken

The children had to trace and cut and then sew their chickens. Then they glued on the feathers and glued 'in' the feet. Considering they hadn't really sewn before, they turned out very well!!


Consequently, when I came home on Tuesday afternoon, we all went to bed and then we slept all night. We arose for hot cross buns with The GardyGardeners, and then back to sleep all day Wednesday and all night too. The Labradors are excellent sleepers. They do take up quite a lot of the bed. It's an ipad photo and they are always atmospheric: grainy and a bit pale.

Labradors sleeping

It was WeeJock and Bessie's dad's birthday and I knitted him a hat and baked some brownies. The Twoman Pup Tent Hat is a marvellous pattern, all cabled with just some twisty knitting into the front and the back of two stitches. I used some 10ply naturally Loyal and it is so light and warm. I'd knit this pattern again.

Twoman pup tent 2015

Today I bought some material, and I am planning on sewing something Eastery. This year I haven't done very much Eastery at all. I have posted some cards and that is all. Tomorrow all the shops are shut and so I plan to bake some Easter biscuits for Friday Food and sew. Me-Made-May starts soon, well in May. I was an enthusiastic participant in Self-Stitched-September because I could wear lots of dresses and skirts I had sewn and cardigans I'd knitted, but May is not a good month in the Southern Hemisphere. It is all just the same few cardigans worn with a variety of long sleeved bought tops and green jeans. I wonder if I might just do my own Self-Stitched-Septemeber this year???


The weather has been both unseasonally warm and so wild and windy that we had gale warnings. We walked in the rain and wind this morning. DayLight Saving ends early Sunday morning so the evenings will be dark very early. I have been doing some reading as lots of books have arrived from The Library. It is a sad time at Easter, as The Library is closed for five days. Thank goodness I stocked up today.

Peri and Gilly, eventually, both looked the same way and I managed to fit them both into the same photo!! I was holding a very tasty treat. The Labradors can't have chocolate, but I think they may get a pig's ear for Easter.

A a a


Jennifer Rose

blagh pig ears smell lol sky doesn't get anything like that, doesn't get any real bones either. she gets really food aggressive over them, so not worth it at all :/

the girls look very intent on what ever it is you might be holding :p


What a nice photo of your dogs together. I think the kids did a wonderful job of their chickens. It must wear you out having those student doctors come and prod and poke you around. I hope they had some more answers for you regarding your health. I hope you have a very happy Easter!


It's been a long time, Cindy! I love those chickens and the girls look just as beautiful as they ever did.


I love that beanie pattern? What level of trickery do you rate it for a beginner knitter who still really struggles with just how to fix up mistakes? Bit out of my range still?

Happy Easter! I hope you had a lovely chocolate free one, maybe some white chocolate? I have been a bit obsessed with white chocolate lately so I had A LOT of it. A REALLY BIG LOT. Like, 5 blocks in a fortnight lot.

I love the students chickens. Teaching sewing to kids is so rewarding isn't it. Even the bung ones look adorable.


I loved all your Easter posts. I'm glad the cats are small as I'd never fit in the bed with those doggies!! I do love some simnel cake so will have to try your cakelets.

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