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99 Hot Water Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

May The Seventh, No, The Eighth Be With You

Because I was thinking I might post on Monday and then May The Fourth Be With You would have made perfect sense: Star Wars Day- May the Force Be With You. Although saying that just reminds me of going to mass and doing all the proper responses in the liturgy. You know you really should blog when Internet Friends start asking "are you still there?". Yes thank you kindly, we're here, but not all there!!!

I sewed a Star Wars bag for MrsDrWho as a late Easter present.

Star Wars shopping bag

Well, it has been such a long time since I posted I am surprised my blog remembered me. I have been poorly since before Easter and I am still poorly now. I have a cold, but as I have no proper immune system I can't seem to shake it. I have been to the doctor and it is just a cold, but all I can really do is walk The Labradors,

  Peri's cuteness

Gilly's cuteness

and then go to bed again most days. I do have to do some things, like grocery shopping  and other bits and bobs, so I do that and then I go back to bed. I am amazed at my capacity for sleep: all day, all night, sleep I can!!

Peri and Gilly have had lots of adventures with their friends. Gilly hopped into Rafa's Dad's car!! Peri was not impressed.

Gilly in Rafa's car

There hasn't really been any knitting, apart from The Labradors' friend Sandy the Labrador's new baby nephew. I knitted a little green hat. I don't appear to even have a photo.

I haven't really been reading either. I have lain on the couch and watched an awful lot of TV sideways. And I played Candy Soda Crush and the Frozen game on my iPad. I am not very good at either game.

Today I went for my Health Care Plan check up and spent 2 1/2 hours in all at the surgery. There was an emergency broken arm and so after the nurse I had to wait more than an hour to see the doctor. I don't mind, because I have been The Emergency and other people waited because of me. And right about now, at just after 7-30pm we're all thinking bed looks pretty good: bed, and a hot water bottle. The weather has been wild and wet. We had gale force winds and there is snow down to 400m on the mountain and lots of closed roads. Winter is on her way. I am trying to enjoy all the marvellous cold weather.

Perhaps we shall do something unbelievably exciting at the weekend? Or not.......

I shall endeavour to blog about it next week regardless.

PS I haven't even read this again, so it really is a first draft. Feel free to edit!!



I'm so sorry to hear you've been poorly recently. It's no fun :(

It is very nice to see you back blogging and I'm enjoying your doggie photos !

Jennifer Rose

I was actually about to email you to see if you were ok, glad you are still able to blog but not glad to read you are feeling unwell :( is there anything the docs can give you to help??


It's lovely to hear from you again. I hope you can shake this cold soon! The girls are so lovely. We really DO have the opposite weather. It was really hot today 29C feels like 33C, first hot summer day. I'd rather have the cold weather, but that is nothing new. :o)
I've also got a package today from my daughter. She visited some friends in Tasmania last month and sent my Mother's Day package from there. There were two lovely teat towels in it, and two beautiful skeins of yarn. One is handspun. Natural colors. I can't wait to knit something with it.
She very much enjoyed her stay there.
All the best to you and the girls!


So glad to hear you're still blogging - hope you can feel better soon - sometimes sleep is the best healer :)Keep warm and give those furry girls a smooch for me - hugs to you too xoxo

Judy Edmonds

I've had a cold for three weeks and I'm about to start my second lot of antibiotics in another attempt to flush it out of the sinuses where it is squatting, sneering at any attempts at eviction. Hope you feel better soon! XX


I hope that your cold leaves soon so you can have a bit more energy to do things. I do know about sleeping all the time as I used to do that before I had my surgery last year. I am feeling better but need to build up my fitness now which is not great when the weather is so cold and miserable. I hope you have a good week!


Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly, it's not nice when it just drags and drags. I think you have the right idea with lots of sleep and tv watching, craft can wait until you feel up to it again. Which will hopefully be soon. Xx


So sorry you caught a cold and it hasn't the good sense to move on. Thrilled you have enough energy to post the news. Sending good wishes to all through the karma of the universe.


I love the Star Wars bag! Lucky MrsDrWho.

The Girls look as though they have had another fun walk abouts.

Hope you're back on your feet soon.


sorry to hear you're poorly. It's miserable when you can't shake something. The weather being cold and blah doesn't help, I'm sure.

Hottie bottle and early bed sound like just the ticket! Hope you're being well taken care of too


Sorry to hear that you have been poorly. I hope that your health is soon on the up and up and can enjoy the crisp autumn weather.

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