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Surprise!! Friday Food: Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf With Roast Vegetables

But In Camelot (Cold-a-lot) That's How Conditions Are

For one brief shining moment I was cold free. It was long enough to celebrate MrsDrWho's birthday. Twice. One at a posh restaurant!! I had:

Miso Glazed Trout ,Autumn roots, slow egg, forbidden rice & xo chicken broth

And we ordered all the sides, the potatoes twice. There were six people so technically it was one side each. But we shared.

Roasted New Potatoes – dried olives & rosemary, aioli
Seasonal Green Vegetables – tossed in garlic & toasted almonds
Autumn Leaves – apple, walnut, parmesan & sage
Miso Roasted Pumpkin – chilli & cashew
Goats Cheese Polenta – slow egg & smoked paprika

The weather has been icy cold and then warm, it was 18*C on the East Coast. But it was so icy here, that it looked as if it had snowed. Peri and Gilly love the cold weather. I am surprised their paws don't freeze, but they run and play and roll on the icy grass.

Peri and Gilly icy cold

And now I have a head cold. The kind where you have to breathe through your mouth a lot. I am eating toast and Vegemite and I smell of Vick's Vapour Rub all the time. I do get up and walk The Labradors. If they go for a little walk I can stay in bed all day, happy-ish that they have had some attention.

I heard Lorelai Gilmore woofing in my sleep yesterday and when I woke up later on she had left her toy next to me, she wanted to play. Poor neglected dog. Peri has apparently been looking through the fence with a sad expression and extracting extra biscuits.

And now I am off to bed. Luckily The Labradors are trained to nap. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather wherever they are.



Get well soon!

Jennifer Rose

sorry you are not feeling well again :( but at least you got to eat at a fancy restaurant while you were ok :)

I can't sleep when Sky wants to play, she chucks the toy at my feet or face so I can't ignore it :p


I wouldn't worry too much about the doggies - they still look well-loved and cared for and after all sleeping is one of their favourite past-times ! Keep warm and get well soon, love to all :)


It was very so cold today. I love that I'm getting to wear all the knitted things. Stay warm.


So glad to hear from you again and that the neighbors understand extra biscuits make all things right. Please feel better and stay warm.


Such a season for colds! DS caught another one last week, which I caught in time to fall sick for the very end of term (hit me Thurs, stayed home Fri). Wishing you lots of hot toddies (with your preferred and non-contraindicated ingredients) and sleeps and warm air and soft tissues until you are all better!
PS if you are all better next Sat, care to catch up for lunch? We are taking the evening ferry


Your posh restaurant outing looked wonderful. Happy Birthday to MrsDrWho!
So sorry to read you now have a head cold. I hope you recover very soon.
As always, The Labradors are beautiful!


Oh no, so hard to have a constant cold. Your fancy dinner sounds lovely! I'm glad you were well enough to go to that. Hopefully all the napping is doing the trick and you are on the mend. x

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