Friday Food: Pesto Cheese Puffs
Friday Food: Chocolate on Chocolate Cake

Playing Beatie El-Bow

Wow, it's been cold. It will be -3*C tonight. The average June overnight temperature is +3*C. The long range forecast is for a colder, drier Winter and I think they are spot on. It is toasty warm with the new hot water bottle cover in action. I lost the hot water bottle stopper the other night. I tipped the water out in the garden when The Labradors went out for a wee and the stopper went too. To solve that problem I have tied the stopper to the actual hot water bottle!!


It's a poor iPad photo, but you get the general idea. The cover is pilling like all get out, but it is snuggly warm and has no worn out holes so I am happy.

Peri and Gilly steps

Peri is not so happy, she hurt her arthritic leg yesterday. I am not sure what happened but I found her half on and half off the bed and her poor left elbow is very sore. She was limping quite badly. I gave her an extra half a tablet and we all went to bed at 8-30pm. She is much better today, no limp at all until this evening. It makes me realise that she is getting old quite quickly and that she may not be here much longer. Gilly tried to help, she was over helpful. I think she was worried too. I know Peri wasn't in too much pain, as I have learned that she shakes and won't eat. There was no shaking and A Lot of eating!!

  Knitting my mum a hat

I am knitting my mum a hat from some of the very lovely 10 ply Naturally Loyal. It is surprisingly soft and light and delicious to knit and wear. I'm making the Thrifter Beanie again, so it will be snug against her head but blousy around her hair: no hat hair resulting I hope!!! That's my hat on the right. It is so warm and I wear it when we walk at the dam

Speaking of the dam, I gave Rafa and Sandy's dads some pumpkin biscuits to take home for the dogs. Do you think Peri and Gilly knew there was a treat in a different pocket? You bet your sweet bippy they did.

Is there a treat in his pocket

 Though only Peri had true staying power, they others trotted off when no treats emerged.

Only peri holds out hope

MrsDrWho found a different kind of Nutella made with macadamias: Macabella. It smells delicious, I can't taste it, but I can see the pieces of macadamias in it. It's made by the Buderim Ginger people, but their FAQ isn't up and running it seems.

Choc macadamias

There are three things happening over the next two days so I have to rest up. I planned to do some tasks this week, but it hasn't panned out.  I did make a pretty marvellous cake for MrsDrWho's morning tea at school, even if I do say so myself. It took all afternoon from 1pm until 6pm. There was a lot of heating things up and waiting for them to cool down. It will be my Friday Food.

Oh and "Playing Beatie Bow"?? Fabulous book!!!


Jennifer Rose

poor peri :( glad she doesn't seem to be in pain, but still :(

Sky had her shots at the vet the other day, so we got him to check a small lump on her side that with thought could just be from her running into the doors all the time. nope, but thankfully its just fat and doesn't need anything done unless it bugs her. we were worried it was cancer since she is at the age collies tend to first have problems with it. oops sorry, comment turned into about Sky, not you :)

your mom's hat is looking good, looks warm :)

get some rest, and dont over do things, but enjoy the week as much as you can :)


I don't know where my first copy of Playing Beattie Bow went. Last year I bought a reprint from Fishpond. It was not expensive and I enjoyed reading it again.


Poor Peri, I hope she feels much better very quickly. It is sad when we realise how old our pets are getting and scary too!

The new hottie cover looks lovely. I like the two stripes as the colour changes. And good solve on not losing the lid to it.


It sure is chilly. Good thinking tying the top onto the hot water bottle.
I'm sorry Peri has been in pain. Poor thing.
The Macabella looks interesting. Might have to try it.
The beanie looks great. Very snuggly.


Arthritis is a horrible thing to endure for dogs and humans alike. I hope Peri continues to stay improved.

I have been thinking about resurrecting the hottie this week in Melbourne - it's been decidedly chilly! You've reminded me I need to make a new cover as the old one has fallen to pieces. Long weekend project maybe?!


I'm glad Peri responded quickly to the meds. The top doggy photo is so funny- it looks like Gilly is a bareback rider in the circus!

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