Friday Food: One Pot Chinese Chicken
Friday Food: Capsicum and Apple Relish

They Found A Brave

What a Brave Girl Lorelai Gilmore was last week, and Peri too. Lorelai Gilmore had a terribly sore foot, and on our first visit to the vet Dr Marion thought she had been bitten by an ant or a wasp.

Gilly sore paw

But the next morning her paw felt so sore she had to hop about on three legs. We went straight to the vet at 8am and left her there for a general anaesthetic and x-ray.

Peri Gilly at the vet

Peri loves Gilly vet

Peri came to the vet and then we went for a walk by ourselves. She had a lovely time, but stuck close to me, and not just for a seaweed rice cracker I think.

Peri's solo walk

Peri was left home alone while I went to fetch Gilly in the afternoon. Peri was armed with a nice juicy bone, and my next door neighbour kept a close eye on her. It seems Gilly had a narrow deep wound along side her toe. Not a needle or a pin thank goodness, but maybe a thorn or a splinter which went in and out. She was as right as rain and had antibiotics and some painkillers for a week. Oh and wore her Brave Girl bandanna A Lot.

Brave Girl Gilly1

Everything is back to normal now.

This Saturday I am going to a friend's 60th birthday party and we are invited to dress for The Sixties. I am not a big dresser-upper and I have no real urge to wear a mini skirt and have to think about how I sit all night. I thought about how the invitation didn't specify the 1960s, and wondered jokingly aloud to MrsDrWho as to whether I should go dressed for the 1860s.  MrsDrWho disappeared to the garage for a few minutes, et voila!!!


Years before I made my blog I sewed this dress for MrsDrWho. I made it to be vaguely Elizabethean I think, with a be-pearled headdress too. And without a pattern: I sewed fast and loose in those days.

I did some lovely faux cornelli work with gold puffy paint too. I spent an hour or so wafting about her house in The Dress: waving to imaginary underlings.

Faux cornelli work

! am drafting a quick peasant style short sleeve blouse to wear underneath and I am all set.

It has been a busy week, so busy that last night after Sewing I came home with someone else's material, and without my handbag. Luckily I had money in my keyring thingy.

My mum and aunt couldn't come to visit because snow closed roads all over the state. There was snow at the beach in Hobart and Penguin too. Mum was snowed in at her house and sent me a picture of what she could see of next door's roof. My mum has done a pretty great job of learning to use her ipad and can take a photo and email it now.

Snow at mum's house

Today I have made a large batch of fudge, some red onion pickle, a cheesecake, lemon curd, and myself tired!! Tomorrow I am making some capsicum and apple relish (which I hope will be Friday Food) and going to visit Uncle and Auntie Dutch for tea. Right now, I have a slight being-over-tired headache and I think we might all just go to bed early, Not that Peri isn't in bed and Gilly asleep on the couch already.

Oh, and They Found a Cave.


Judy Edmonds

Poor Gilly, glad she is on the mend! Sirius has had to have more Cartrophin for her arthritis - it seems to have kicked in now and she is pretending that 14 1/2 year olds are frisky puppies :) Just spent last weekend in Hobart - I think you are Launceston? Otherwise would have told you. Just about had enough time to catch up with two lots of Hobart based friends, visit Salamanca Market and Mona, and rejoice in the fact that although it was cold, it wasn't hideously windy as it has been in Melbourne for WEEKS!!!!!


So glad brave Gilly is ok now xo You're sounding better too - hopefully the winter cold is banished. The snow was very exciting - it made us feel like kids again ! Stay well and keep warm :)

Jennifer Rose

love that you used the 1860's instead of 1960 :) really great variation of the theme for th party

Gillys bandanna is great! Sky use to wear a normal bandanna but it just kept leaving mud on the floor when she laid down so we took it off

very pretty snow shot :)


I am so glad that guilt is ok. It is horrible when you know they are in pain isn't it.

You rebel you going dressed for the 1860s and not the 1960s! Make sure you post us a picture :)

I just love homemade relishes and pickles. I don't know why I never made any over the years, but they are always one of the cost things I look for at markets and fetes.... Yum!


Brave Gilly! Poor girl - she must have seriously been hurting.


Poor Gilly! I'm glad she's all better now.
I hope that your party was fun, and your dress a hit!


Ow, poor Gilly. I'm happy she is well now. Your "Sixties" dress was an inspirational substitution!

catherine robets

Poor Gilly glad she better
Love that dress!!!!I sincerely hope you never get bursis issues,physio said a lot of people have them in older age but some have pain and others do,looks like I drew the short straw,still waiting for medical opinion for treatment,simply aweful,bored sitting at home worrying about future


Glad to hear that Lorelai is feeling better. That's a great dress - hope the party was fun.

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