Friday Food: Capsicum and Apple Relish
Friday Food: Sultana & Craisin Traybake

Vet Shop Girls

Where does the time go?? I meant to post yesterday because it was International Dog Day. We prepared for IDD by going to The Vet to see Dr David. Peri and Gilly were vaccinated and had a general check-up. Gilly is almost 7, so she pretty much qualifies as a Senior Dog now. Dr David said she looked and acted as if she was 3!!! Peri is old, but apart from her arthritis and dodgy eyes, she's doing well too. Neither of them are fat. Yay for us!!! Still, the Look of Love they give me when I am holding food, or shopping bags, is a sight to behold.

The look of food love

Yesterday after Morning Tea I went to MrsDrWho's class's history presentation. Lots of information about The First Fleet, and Richmond and early Colonial housing and way of life. There were hand dipped candles, letters written (badly) with a quill and ink, butter making documented and models galore, all topped off with some spiffy PowerPoint presentations the children made. And the icing on the cake?? The Hornpipe Jig and the singing half way through. Then it was Sewing last night, so after our walk we all had a Very Big Nap today.

Speaking of icing, I piped some Westie cup cupcakes for Wee Jock and Bessie's mum and dad. I followed the video they found and now I am addicted to the MyCupcakeAddiction YouTube channel.

Westie cup cakes

Not too shabby, and I am not very good at piping, so the video was at a fairly basic level!! Wee Jock and Bessie's mum and dad did the assistant chef jobs!!!

Wee jock and bessie

The weather been both ice cold and frosty, while at the same time warm and sunny in the afternoon. I fear Spring is on its way. Still, we enjoy our brisk morning walks.

Labradors on their walk

I have been doing a little bit of knitting: one almost finished Milo, except for the casting off, which was too tight:


and two hats: Lowline for Mr Reno and a Bus Hat for a donation. They are both free patterns, but I like High Line (LowLine) best. It is mainly purl fabric, and as I hate purling, I knitted it inside out with mainly knit fabric and turned it back the other way at the end.

Lowline and bus hats

I made some fudge, a Star Wars bag and some Spicy Pickled Red Onions for Uncle Dutch's birthday and Aunty Dutch made a cake for me!! In fact, I ate caramel cake from Mrs Reno and strawberry sponge for breakfast for four days!!

For uncle dutch

Aunty dutch made a cake!!

The cake had green tinted cream and icing. And lots of strawberries inside and out.

And now, even though I've barely been up today, we might just go to bed again. The Labradors are Very Happy because the backyard gardening man came and whipper-snippered everything weedy or tall. They can walk everywhere now, but they had to stay inside for two hours: oh the torture. We had to go out three times for a supposed wee. Nothing eventuated. They just wanted a stickybeak.

And perhaps, just perhaps, there might be Friday Food on an actual Friday tomorrow..........


Jennifer Rose

glad the girls got a clean bill of health :D

those cupcakes look great! the woman at cupcake addiction makes a lot of great things, a lot of work tho for some of them


The cupcakes and those little doggies are just adorable. Your Milo is cute too.


Glad to see the girls looking so well. I love those westie cupcakes.


Your Westie cupcakes are just adorable - and your cake from Aunty Dutch looks delicious.


There has been lots of action at your place lately! You've been so productive. Even though I am getting up at about 9.30 in the mornings I am lucky to be sitting down to breakfast by 11am. This morning I ate my breakfast and caught up on your blog, it was quite relaxing (in between poking a dummy back in someone's mouth every five minutes). Sponge cake for breakfast sounds delightful! It made me feel much better about the two mint slice biscuits I ate after my bowl of strawberries, yoghurt and granola.
I can't believe those cupcakes, they are adorable! Very good effort I think.
How did the 60th party go with the 1860's costume? What a great idea that was!
And great news that the girls are all healthy and Gilly is all recovered from the sore foot.

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