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Every Little Sneeze Seems To Whisper Louise.

Peri and Gilly both looked very happy when we popped into the vet to pick up some tablets. I am always very grateful that they enjoy going to the vet, it makes it soooo much easier.

When we were at the vet again

Gilly has been auditioning for the part of Mata Hari I think: all mysterious with smouldering eyes. She loves to be under The Labrador blanket but doesn't want to totally miss out.

Gilly in the bed

Lorelai Gilmore is all about the not missing out and when we are first to the dam she is on constant "Who is coming?" alert. Peri, not so much, but Lorelai Gilmore looks forward to lots of running with Rafa and Sandy.

Who can it be now

Peri does have a bit of a run, usually when she has sneakily opened the gate to the bush herself and then wants to catch up with everyone else. She has a bit of a lopsided straight legged lope, but it works for her. And she is so happy to be running, even if it is a sad old dog's run.

Peri having a little run

I caught up with TinkingBell on Thursday, which was why I didn't quite get to blogging last week. I did some sewing and cooking on Wednesday and then had a big sleep most of Friday. It is always the way: it never rains, but it pours and I had an appointment at the exercise physiologist smack bang in the middle of the day. So it was out for a walk, then to brunch with Tinking and then off to the EP, then back for lunch with Tinking and then home and to bed!!

Exploding TARDIS bag

It is always lovely to catch up with friends, especially when it is as if you left off a conversation with them just yesterday. There was so much chatting, swapping of new authors, pattern book recommendations and then more chatting. I sewed TinkingBell an exploding TARDIS bag, and made some fudge. I was lucky enough to receive some green Breeze that needed a new home and how lucky that I found I already had a ball and a bit of my own Harmony in pretty much the same colour!! There is definitely enough for a cardi, a cool cardi for the not so cold times.

Wool, well cotton

I have been drinking the carefully chosen for me tasty tea as well, lemon and chamomile, and it is just yummy. It is also good for the digestion, and I sometimes find I need some peppermint or ginger tea, so this is a marvellous addition.

Delicious tea

I am also lucky to have received a wonderful TARDIS bag from a lovely friend, Mrs Mitten. Once again my photo unskills mean that I don't have a proper photo, but it is a fantastic TARDIS  bag with a long strap and it is extra special because I make bags for other people, and rarely for myself. I shall take a better photo with my camera, instead of the iPad in poor light, and post it again. Just because the bag is so nice.


I am very lucky to have lots of wonderful friends. Thank you, friends!!!

Lime milkshake milo

The Lime Milkshake Milo has been knitted and posted away for a new and very welcome baby. I made the Hugs and Kisses version of the cable: OXOXO, in some gorgeous Naturally Loyal. I do love to knit with the Naturally Loyal, it is one of my favourite wools.

Peri and I have hay fever and we are both sneezy and have itchy eyes. I can't take anything much, but I find one paracetamol in the morning and one in the evening staves off the worst. The wattle is out and I think that might be the culprit for both of us. At least Gilly can see and smell properly. My nose is sore from the constant sneezing and it makes my brain fuzzy too.

The Labradors are in bed. They have had a few naps today as Peri and I find the hay fever so annoying that a sleep really helps. Tomorrow I plan to wash the material for my Star Wars dress and perhaps start adjusting the pattern. I am seriously thinking I need my Doctor Who dress too, so maybe I will cut out two at once. I watched the new episode of Doctor Who on The iPad at 7-45am. I love being able to see it early in the day, and I am very pleased The ABC has continued to do this. Right, bedtime for everyone, and some soothing tea for me.



Hi there
I haven't been commenting as we moved ugh. But now we are up and running again

The doggie girls are gorgeous as always.

I'm loving the Doctor Who bags and that wool looks lovely.

Hoping you are well


Jennifer Rose

ugh hope the hay fever isn't bad today for you or Peri, pain in the butt to deal with

very nice bags :D

Gilly looks so cute all snuggled up and Peri looks good, still pottering about :)


I love both of the Tardis bags - excellent!

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