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Sick As Not-A-Dog

Mental As Everything

This week is Mental As Week, not to be confused with Mental as Anything: which just makes me feel so old as I remember seeing them on Countdown performing The Nips Are Getting Bigger in 1979. Being 'Mental As' myself, I appreciate the efforts being made to help people understand what it is like to live with a mental illness. It is also such a relief to hear people like Garry McDonald talk about his mental illness and know that other people feel some of the same ways I do: anxiety is such an overwhelming and all-encompassing feeling and being able to live with it, and in spite of it, is a good feeling. I am so glad I asked for help and I feel very empowered by the great advice from my psychologist and the skills she has taught me.

Peri left Gilly right

It helps me cope when things are tough. It is tough at the moment because I can see Peri getting a little older and a lot more wobbly on her legs every day. Soon the day will come when she can't enjoy a walk and can't get about the house and garden. There is A Lot of Labrador Love at the moment. Still, she can be outside asleep, but the sound of the fridge opening or some crinkly paper and she is there like a shot.

Peri in the dog door

And then Gilly is there too!!!

Partners in crime

I have recovered from my dental work: having a temporary cap on my tooth, but I am poorly this week. I have a sore throat and mouth. I've been trying to soldier on, sleeping and resting, but I can't eat or talk without pain, and so I hope to see my doctor tomorrow. They fit me in because I have no immune system and can't fight back. I take antibiotics frequently to fight off whatever it is I have.

Teacup  tipcup

MrsDrWho is back from her holiday and, with her sister's encouragement, bought me a tea cup. It is very good. It brews an excellent cup of tea, you can tip the cup back the other way when you want to stop the brewing process, and it is quite nice to drink from as well. I am drinking some apple tea tonight.

Death star TARDIS

I don't think I have posted about the brooch and necklace I cross-stitched for MrsDrWho's birthday?? I bought the patterns from The Etsy and the cute tiny quilting hoops from Patchworks Plus online. I made a Death Star necklace and a TARDIS brooch.

I also remembered to take a better photo of my very own TARDIS bag.

TARDIS Bag better

The weather has been typically changeable and record breaking. We had the highest temperature for October since records began: 34*C . It was 33*C in Hobart, also a record, and then snow on the mountain the next day. It wasn't quite that hot here, but I am glad it is cooler again. Gilly loves the sun, she will lie in the sun until she is as hot as the sun, and then play in the paddle pool and dig a muddy hole.

Gilly here comes the sun

I went to Mr and Mrs Reno's for dinner last night. We ate delicious salmon and had lovely conversation. I made 2/3 of this cake recipe and all of the frosting. It's chocolate so I couldn't taste it, but both The Renos can recommend it .

All the Footy Grand Finals were on last weekend and so Peri, and sometimes Gilly, spent a lot of time at the fence at the party next door. The Labradors are always winners, no matter what the result.

Peri Party and Gilly at the fence

And now we are off to bed. I have been walking The Labradors, coming home and then going back to bed again until the late afternoon. I have no trouble whatsoever being tired again at bed time, but I can't breathe through my nose, so my sore throat wakes us all up during the night. The doctor's appointment can't come soon enough......



I am sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly, especially when the weather is perfect for sitting outside watching happy dogs in the garden! hugs and swift recovery wishes to you.
Your cross-stitch has reminded me to get mine out and get on with it - I think I'd like to hang it in my office at work, something a little different :)
Lastly, I am glad to know that you are continuing to manage your anxiety, and that when you did reach out for help you got the advice you needed. Your friendship is precious.

Jennifer Rose

really hope the doctor does something for your pain and you are able to eat without pain

love that pic of Peri :D such gorgeous eyes :)

what cute little cross stitch jewelry :D


I'm sorry you are feeling poorly.
Peri is a gorgeous girl,I hope she will be here for a long time to love you

The miniature cross stitch are very sweet.

The weather here has been wacko too. 35C one day,11C the next. So weird!!!

The cup looks interesting


I hope that you feel better soon. I too suffer from anxiety and it is totally awful and frightening when it happens. Gardening used to help me but renting a house doesnt allow me to do that now. I watched Garry McDonald too and could totally relate to how he feels when it happens. The weather has been hot here too but I am happier when it finally cools down at night, at least I can knit more then.


get well soon, its too nice a weather to be ill in

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