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Mourning Has Broken, Like The First Morning...


Peri's collar

Peri Naughty died this morning, just after 8am. We are all very sad.

Yesterday she was a little wobbly on her walk, and had to stand with her back legs wide apart.

One last walk for Peri

When she woke up this morning her back legs wouldn't work, and her front ones were wobbly too. We rang the vet and went straight there.

The nurses carried Peri in on a stretcher and she was as regal as a queen or an empress.

She was allowed to eat all the special vet treats out of the cup. Peri good!!!

And then she went to sleep. We are very grateful to Dr Marion and all the doctors and nurses.

Thank you.

Peri collage

Beautiful Peri, so good natured, always loyal, so kind and loving, and extra patient with Lorelai Gilmore.

Always waiting at the gate when we came home, whatever the time or the weather.

Peri Pumpkin, loved and missed.

Good girl Peri.

Peri, my most beautiful dog in the world

Peri Naughty

10th January 2002 - 23rd October 2015



RIP Peri. What a good age for a Lab to reach.You have cared for her wonderfully as you do for all your Labs. I am sending you and Gilly lots of hugs. I am sure you will miss her tremendously, both of you.


I am so very sorry Cindy. You must be heartbroken. Love from Fiona xxx


Oh Cindy! I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a lovely girl.


Oh 2paw, I am so very, very sorry for your loss.
Rest in peace sweet Peri Naughty. xx
2paw, you and Lorelai Gilmore are in my thoughts. xx


I am so so sorry.

I'm in tears,I can't imagine go you feel.

Sending love acros the water.

barb brownlee

i am so so sad- beautiful, wonderful, magnificent peri-

barb in texas

Jennifer Rose

:( :( :(

Nathalie Mlynarik

I'm so very sorry to hear of this news Cindy. Very sad for you and Lorelai. Big hugs and take care of yourselves xxxx


I'm so sorry for your loss. Sleep peacefully Peri xxx

Justine Turner

I'm so sorry to hear about Peri's passing, RIP sweet Peri, hugs to you and Lorelai Gilmore x x x


Dear Cindy
I'm sorry for your sad loss. Virtual hugs to you and Miss Lorelai Gilmore.


Oh Cindy! My heart breaks for you and Gilly. You are the best mum to all your babies and they all certainly know it.

All my love xx


Oh Cindy. I feel your heartbreak! I hope that Gilly is OK. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and everyone else in your life that was lucky enough to have known and loved Peri in real life. We know that she lived well! I certainly enjoyed Peri and her life's journey with you and Harki and Gilly over the years I've been reading your blog.


Such sad sad news.


Oh Cindy, I'm so sad for you. Sending you virtual hugs from Bolivia.

Bella's mum

Oh Cindy I have just read your post and feel so sad for you as I know how much Peri was loved.
Lorelai must be missing her too. She had the best possible mother and life though.

Linda Spawr

So very sorry to learn of Peri's passing.Sending hugs and love to you and Lorelai as you remember your dear friend and companion. Peri leaves a big hole in the universe.


Oh so sad for you and Gilly. What a great companion she was foryou both and I still remember only a couple of weeks ago when she raced up to us and gave us the best doggy greeting. Will speak to you soon, Love Jane, Chris and Jetty boy. xxx extra big hugs to you and Gilly


I'm so sorry about the loss of sweet Peri. She had a happy life with you. Thinking of you and Gilly.


Oh Cindy. How very sad. I hope you are coping ok. What a lucky life Peri had to have shared it with such a loving mum as you.


so sad to read this post. sending lots of hugs xoxo


I am sorry for your loss and really feel your loss as I had read and knew Peri all these years. Take care.


I am so sorry to hear about Peri. Sending you lots of hugs from the UK.

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