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Bye, Baby Bunting, Gilly's Gone A-hunting.

End It Like Beckham

I am not totally au fait with the whole soccer area, but this year has definitely thrown me a curve.  Mixing the baseball and soccer metaphors there, but it hasn't been a bad year, just tricky sometimes. In good news for me, my knee and its muscles seem to be healing at last: slowly albeit. It seems a cruel twist of Fate that the best treatment is heat, and it is so hot already. Mr Beckham seems to have exited his soccer career with grace and dignity. I am hoping for the same for 2015 and me!!!

It has been very hot, too hot to do much more than just be, and do what has to be done. We had a very merry Christmas and my mum and aunt came to visit as well. I have given away all pretence of being on time for Christmas and it has been very freeing. My family and friends are exceedingly understanding.

Gilly has received so many presents. She likes the edible ones best!! She has buried a few more big rawhide bones, but likes to actually eat the Christmas Cracker kind. Click Play to watch the little slideshow.

 There have been many, and varied, crafts this year. Not much garment knitting, but I sewed four good dresses that I wear all the time. And I am up to almost 70 shopping bags. Not all of my craft is in the collage, but it is a good representation.

Craft 2015 ish

Here are the last bags of 2015.

Last bags of 2015

I also sewed a bed for MrsDrWho's cats, well Caramello mainly. I found the colourful cat material and then the coordinating yellow and green. Gilly loves the bed. I can see that I am going to have to sew a larger one for her. She insisted on lying on it all afternoon, even though she was sure she shouldn't. I wasn't cross with her, she just looks very worried.

Cat bed, or is it

WeeMrSingapore has decided he likes "bling" so I baked him some Bling Biscuits: choc-chip chocolate fudge biscuits with chocolate ganache icing, painted with edible gold liquid and topped with a golden lozenge. Wow!! The 'gold' liquid is so very golden!!!

Bling biscuits

Our usual New Year's Eve is spent filling in all the days and dates in the Buffy Diary. This year I am down to my last Buffy Diary. There is only one left. I have looked all year to buy some more, to no avail. I shouldn't complain, I had a store of 15. I found an excellent solution: in Target there was a diary with the same clippy things as the Buffy Diary. Yay!! So I covered my diary with contact, removed 2015 and replaced it with the new innards for 2016. There were no days or dates to fill in and I had no coloured dots or stars. So it was a leisurely alcoholic ginger beer and some Brie and crackers, just crackers for Gilly, and our job was done.

New year's eve

We are looking forward to a week of mid 20s temperatures, starting on Friday. If it is too hot, I might have to visit MrsDrWho for some air conditioned cold. MrsDrWho gave me STAN for Christmas and so I have launched into a The West Wing marathon. As long as there is a cool breeze and a cup of tea we will be OK.

Not long to go now. We have watched the Children's fireworks through the trees already, but I think we will be in bed before the midnight explosions. Happy New Year, 2016.



Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you and Gilly!

The Bling Biscuits look fabulous and delicious.

Wishing you both a happy and healthy 2016 full of fun, laughter, cooler summer weather, warmer winter days for walks and interesting smelly things finds. Knitting and sewing projects that fit, flatter and work first time round. Happy Knitting!

barb brownlee

From halfway around the world in Texas I send all good wishes to you and to Gilly for a happy and healthy 2016 -
Barb in Texas

Jennifer Rose

happy new year!!

seeing things in that collage shows how busy you have been :)


Happy New Year! It was a very warm Christmas, but we headed south for NY and it was just lovely!

I hope 2016 is off to a good start for you, and I hope we can arrange a time to catch up IRL sometime soon....



Happy New Year Cindy! Your last year was a busy one. Enjoy STAN.

Judy Edmonds

Oh Cindy <3 <3 <3 I have been taking a lengthy break from blogs, both writing and reading, and so I missed the news about Peri. I am so sad, but of course it was the only thing that could have been done. I heard on Saturday about a friend's lab going through the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad you and Gilly are OK, and I hope 2016 brings you both lots of love, fun and good health xxxxxxxxxxx Judy


Happy new year to you.

All your crafting is lovely.

The bling biscuits are amazing!!!

Love Bloss


Hope 2016 is the happiest and healthiest yet for you both with lots of 'chill' time xo


Gilly certainly does look worried! Glad she is able to relax with her bones and crackers.
You have had another prolific crafty year!

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