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Friday Food: Hot Chocolate on a Spoon

Oh hot choc on a spoonWhy, you may ask, would someone in Australia be making Hot Chocolate on a Spoon for Christmas? Well, that would be because even though Summer officially started on the 1st of December, and the Cricket Test against The West Indies is taking place, Hobart is expecting snow on the mountain. It was 12*C the other day, that's 53*F.  A bit nippy you would agree. Hot water bottle and hot chocolate weather in fact!!!

I found a plethora of various recipes. I went with a basic chocolate/icing sugar/cocoa mix. I used good dark eating chocolate with a high cocoa content 50% or more, pure icing sugar and a mixture of Dutch processed and ordinary cocoa. Icing sugar mixture has cornflour added, so it may make a drink cornfloury.

Another option is to use a chocolate fudge, like my No Thermometer Chocolate fudge recipe. I did worry a bit about that keeping well in Summer because it has cream in it. Maybe it could be frozen?

I had a bit of a disaster when there was too little chocolate to make my mix come together. That's what I get for averaging out a few recipes. I have fiddled and fussed about and I think the amounts given should be OK. I added some more chocolate and put the bowl back over the not simmering water in the saucepan and gently stirred till the mixture came together. It worked out fine.

I 'set' the hot chocolate mix in the bottom of some plastic cups. I just didn't seem to have the right container. I realise now I could have put it into a small rectangular tin and then cut out pieces. Maybe next time.....

You can use a plastic spoon or an icy-pole or lollipop stick. And I added a marshmallow as well. I cut a slit right through, from top to bottom, with a very sharp, hot knife. I made a label. If I knew how, I would make it into something useful, but as it is I will add it at the end and it can perhaps be downloaded? I really have no idea. The label explains that you heat 250-300ml of milk whichever way you choose, and then plop in the spoon and swoosh it around while the hot chocolate dissolves, and maybe the marshmallow, and Bob's your Uncle: Hot Chocolate!!


Hot Chocolate on a Spoon    makes 6-8

  • 250g good dark chocolate
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 80g pure icing sugar, sifted
  • 6-8 plastic spoons or sticks
  • marshmallows


Melt the chocolate. I melted mine is a heat-proof bowl over some simmering water instead of the microwave. Stop heating the chocolate while it is still holding its shape.

Melt chocolate

Stir gently until all the lumps disappear and the chocolate is lovely and glossy and smooth.

More melting

Now add the cocoa powder and the sifted icing sugar. Here is where I had my slight disaster.

Oh dear

And so I added some more chocolate and reheated it over the hot water in the saucepan.

There, I fixed it

I weighed my hot chocolate mixture and it was 380g.  I decided I would make 7 Hot Chocolates on a Spoon @ 50g each. I could have added a little more chocolate and made 8. I divided the mixture between the cups and pushed another cup into that cup to flatten the fixture. It worked really well. Then I put a spoon in it. This is where you could add some crushed candy canes, or little chocolate bits and bobs as decoration.

In a cup

I rested the cups in a muffin tin and popped them in the freezer for half an hour or so.


To release the Hot Chocolate on a Spoon I dipped the bottom of the cup ever so briefly into some hot water. They popped right out. I added a marshmallow. 

And a marshmallow

Finally, I put the Hot Chocolate on a Spoon into a cellophane bag, and added my label.  Stick a spoon in us, we're done!!!

Hot chocolate on a spoon

And here, for your viewing pleasure, are two labels.


Label 2015 2



Those look brilliant :)

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