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The Force Asleepens

Gilly is pretty sure that she missed two whole meals somehow. Yesterday everyone went to bed, they got up at 11pm and went out in the car while she stayed home, then everyone went back to bed again at 3am. Finally we woke up and went for a walk at 8am. She is sure that somehow she missed out on a breakfast and dinner!! She has been playing with her rawhide bone. It is dug up, carried about and then reburied again. It is almost 8 weeks old.

Gilly and her bone

MrsDrWho, MrsSingapore, MissSingpore and I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers). It was excellent: on a par with VI, V and VI and streets above I,II and III. The film started at 12-01am and we had assigned seats so there was no frantic queueing. We saw a lot of ardent fans, there was a beeping R2D2 and the ushers were all Stormtroopers. Lightsaber wielding people had their photos taken outside.

Star wars 2015

The audience was very well behaved and the cinema was air-conditioned, which was so wonderful. We are having a heatwave, it will be 33*C tomorrow. Hopefully a cold front with rain will come through on Sunday. We saw the 3D version and it was not too 3D, you didn't have to duck all the time. I can't wait to see it again. I think Disney can have a Gold Star for their first effort.

I wore my new Star Wars dress. It has a little pocket for keeping the Star Wars music player, but I can't find it, so I just had to hum the music instead. I am very pleased with my dress, I like the green border, I think without it the dress would be all busy print and no focus. The plain border grounds it.

The Star Wars dress 2015

The dress has the bodice I sewed for my Hawaii dress, and a knife pleated skirt. The skirt is almost 4m wide and I made 2.5cm knife pleats. I am exceedingly pleased with the way I inserted the zip. It doesn't interfere with the pleats at all.

Dress zip and pleats

I have been sewing Christmas shopping bags. We are a crinkly plastic bag free State, so we all need shopping bags. I have to make one for The GardyGardeners tomorrow.

Christmas Shopping bags

Last week I went to MrsDrWho's class until recess time. They made Ungingerbread Houses. The houses are hugely OTT. They children were very good at listening,  following instructions and sharing. Teaching for me is like riding a bike, once I am there with a class it just seems right and proper: I made them instantly quiet and sitting up straight when I said: "As soon as everyone is quite I can give out the ziplock bags." Who knew I still has The Power??

Ungingerbread houses 2015

Well, that's all. The heat is very wearing. We have the evaporative cooler filled with water and some ice to blow cold air during the night. And this afternoon too. We caught up on sleep. I had been doing well with my Christmas preparation, but the hot weather has put a spanner in the works. I am lucky that my family and friends are so understanding. They say things like:"Oh, how nice to get a present after Christmas!!"

Tomorrow I am baking a Sticky Gingerbread Cake and the last in my new Christmas baking for Friday Food. I have no idea what it will be. I am sure Gilly will be ready to help.

Gilly is happy on her walk



Thank you for all your entertaining posts in 2015. I hope that 2016 is a good year for you and Gilly, that the weather is kind to you both, and that only one of you has to dig up and bury that rawhide bone to keep yourself entertained.
I must make myself some more bags like yours. I think I can find a metre or hundred hereabouts.
Fond regards

Jennifer Rose

haven't seen it yet, going to wait until the crowds die down and more reviews come in

poor gilly, going to waste away without double dinners :p

we still hae plastic bags here, but the cost 5p a bag, so tend to use bags for life or fabric ones.the charge has def. cut down on the amount of bags you see on the streets


Gilly is a funny girl.
I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Your dress looks fabulous!

You have been busy with the bags. They look great.

I'm not looking forward to the hot weather either. It will be me and an iced coffee and the air con.

I'm blogging again if you want to pop over.


The Star Wars dress looks wonderful, and I agree that the green border makes it just right. The custom shopping bags are a nice gift idea. Gilly looks well despite maybe missing a meal, I'm glad she has plenty of doggy and human friends to keep her happy.


I do hope the cooler weather blows in tomorrow for you, as the heat has been terrible.
Your dress is beautiful and I do like your shoes.
The ungingerbread houses are wonderful ... ahhh the talent of the children never ceases to amaze me. So much fun!
Lovely bags!
How exciting going to the Star Wars movie. My little men would have had a great giggle at seeing ushers as Stormtroopers. So pleased you enjoyed the movie, the boys did too.


love the dress - I am glad you enjoyed the film, too often the hype beforehand ruins the actual event.

How did you go with the heat? It didn't get too hot down here, despite the predictions, but we were bitterly disappointed by the no-show thunderstorm. We were at a bbq when the rain swept in, which was of course the cause of much hilarity.

Your bags look great - my purple one is still going strong, thank you! I have the sewing bug at the moment and the tables in my rumpus room provide ample evidence! I shall have to do proper blog pics, not just Instagram.

Merry Christmas Season to you and yours!


oh, you've been so productive! I love the Star Wars dress - just perfect for the screening ;)

and all those shopping bags and gingerbread houses look wonderful.

I hope Gilly's stomach returns to the regular schedule soon too!!


Hoping it has cooled down now for you. I love the Star Wars dress. I agree - great film - erasing the bad memories of those other prequels!
Merry merry Christmas :-)

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