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Friday Food: Nutella Fudge Brownies

Now And Then There's A Cool Such As I

Oh it has been cooler, not cold, but cooler. It rained all afternoon and evening on Wednesday and it has rained again today. Rather than doing myriad tasks, we have slept. We slept soundly in the cool weather, listening to the rain on the roof. We may sleep again any minute now.

On Tuesday night I could not for the life of me work out the pattern instructions for my cardigan: too hot. Wednesday morning?? Piece of cake!!!

Equinox cardigan feb

I increased up to the next size for the bust increases and then decreased secretly at the underarm whilst doing the neck decreases. It was a bit complicated , but it meant that the 24 extra stitches were not decreased at the v-neck, so it will slope evenly all the way up. The colour is hard to photograph, and I am a poor photographer, but tomorrow we are up to joining in the sleeves and starting the raglan decreases.

I have some new Star Wars Rey material to make a dress. I bought the Iron colourway, which I think will go well with a bronzy-green plain or slightly patterned material.


I have sewed The Splendid Sampler block 3. Lots of hearts!! MrsDrWho gave me a bag of material bits and bobs, lots of colours I don't have, so that I can use them in my blocks.


Here is the If I Could Shawl blocking. My word, it is large, but I need to block more vigorously next time.

If I could blocking

Lorelai Gilmore loves a walk in the rain, and even the little rain we have had has been enough for the grass to start growing. There is a kind of shimmer of green peeking through the pale grasses.

A little rain and Gilly

I bought a special deal from the supermarket: four little tubs of yoghurt and an icy-pole making set. In fact it was cheaper to buy this for $10, rather than the four yoghurt tubs separately, so the icy-pole set is really very free. I love that the little sticks are re-usable and there is a nice wooden presentation thing, and you pop the sticks into it to serve.

Pop goes the...

Today we did some jobs and tomorrow and Friday I am making MrsDrWho's nephew, MasterSingapore, a gold pencil case and filling it with some geodes or rock things from The Museum shop. It is his birthday. I am always late for birthdays, I still have to knit a hat with a pig for MrHouseOf for last year!!

This time next week it will be 30*C, so we are planning on catching up on more sleep, maybe some reading and sewing and A Lot of knitting. I am also very chuffed that once again I have managed to make my Friday Food before Friday. I have it on good authority that it is a delicious recipe, and I am extra pleased because it was an easy recipe too!!



Your shawl looks gorgeous. I am secretly waiting for the cooler nights with rain and a slight breeze. The sun has been quite hot over the last 2 days and more to come again next week too. I hope you are enjoying your naps.

Jennifer Rose

That shawl is gorgeous!!

Sky will not go out for a walk in the rain unless she hasn't been out for awhile, hates getting dried off :p

hope you catch up on your sleep :)


The weather here has been unbearable. 4 days over 30. Roll on winter!
I often have brain fog when it comes to knitting. Glad you sorted it out.
The Star Wars fabric is great. Bit expensive for me.
Can't wait to see what you make with it.
The patchwork squares look great. Love the hearts.
The shawl looks fabulous after blocking,isn't it amazing how they blossom after a good blocking?
Gilly is cute as always.
I love making icy poles. We often use lemonade. I hadn't thought of using yoghurt !


Love your heart block Cindy- I have done mine but it is a little wonky, will post it next time I do a blog post. And your shawl is beautiful.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello lorelai gilmore its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo like rain??? i am not a fan of it myself fortchoonatly we do not git it verry offen!!! altho i think dada wishes we wood git a littel more so the lawn wood gro but then he wood hav to mow it so he is probly sumwot ambivalent abowt it!!! ha ha ok bye


Those cardigan instructions sound very tricky! I hope it turns out just right, it sounds like you know what you are doing. I love the red heart pop in amongst the green. Fingers crossed those hot days are beginning to be on the decline now. Yesterday I had a thought that I am really quite over Summer and we still have faux-Summer March to go.

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