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Friday Food: Mini Choc Bunny Tarts

Everything's Gone To Hedy In A Handbasket

Well, on the hottest and most humid day, Hedy Lamarr came to live with us. MrsDrWho drove us there and back in her car. I am so very grateful to my wonderful mum, who bought Hedy for us!!!

Here's Hedy Lamarr:

Hello I'm Hedy

She had just had a bath, to no avail, as she muddied herself right up again. Gilly has been such a good girl. She met Hedy in The Forbidden Zone and I fed her a thousand tasty treats to make meeting Hedy a happy experience.

Gilly says hello to Hedy

She is not quite sure what Hedy is.

Gilly meets Hedy

At first Lorelai Gilmore was afraid of her, and she still gives a start if The Puppy touches her, or gives one of her very shrill barks.

Watch out Gilly here comes Hedy

Gilly has had more exercise at home, in the last hour or so, than all of last week. She trots around after Hedy, just in case.

Hedy having dinner

Hedy know what food is, she is a little glutton and ate all her food in a flash: A true Labrador. And she's already found a little bone to gnaw on.

Gilly finds Hedy with a bone

We all had a nice sleep for a couple of hours before dinner, and after much mad playing, running about and jumping in and out of the paddle pool, The Labradors are sleeping again. We are looking forward to some cooler weather this week.

I have had some lovely catching up time with friends: Mrs Valley and Miss NewCar - separately. I have a lovely new bag and a cowl scarf from Mrs Valley (both in the car and I am too tired to walk back up the steps)

I sewed some bags and a table runner.


Christmas tablerunner

My word, we had forgotten how much work a puppy can be, but Hedy is very sweet and wickedly naughty: she's already tried to chew a magazine, the washing basket and the handle of the drinking bucket outside. From now on, we all sleep when the puppy sleeps!!!

There was no Friday Food. I was swapping the sideboard and the desk and being just very hot and we went to bed at 7pm. I do have my eye on some Bunny Sacrifice Tartlets, so we will see.



How lovely. Gilly will cope even with shrill barks . She looks adorable but I think those eyes may hide not just puppy antics but some mischief as well.


Welcome to your new home, Hedy! How adorable she is! Good luck to all of you!


Welcome Hedy Lamarr! What a pretty, lucky, little girl. Have fun!

Lovely sewing as always. I bought some of the Christmas bauble fabric and made tea towels as gifts for friends last year.

Wishing you all, Happy Days!


Hedy looks completely adorable! Little does sho know how lucky she is to be joining your family :)

Enjoy your new puppy, and I hope she doesn't do too much damage whilst going through the chewing stage!

Jennifer Rose

named after the actress? I had to look it up :D

that is great they are getting along :D better Gilly is a little scared of the puppy rather than angry at her


Hedy is just gorgeous.


Hedy looks very sweet - I'm sure Gilly and her will be best friends eventually :)


Squeee! She is absolutely gorgeous! I love her already - it is so beautiful to see the tiny baby and the big sis together. Lovely to see :) :) :)


Just what I was hoping for, lots of puppy spam photos!! Isn't Hedy just a sweet little darling?! And just to make sure I am pronouncing it correct in my head - the /e/ in Hedy is an /ee/ sound correct?

I'm glad Gilly is getting used to Hedy quickly, it sounds like they will be great friends in no time at all. And I bet Gilly will take on the big sister role very well too.

I hope that nasty heat has gone for you. We have a few days left of it (38 today and tomorrow) and then it seems like it might be getting cooler - 23 for Thursday!! fingers crossed.


Oh my heart! Your girls are beautiful, Cindy xx


Hedy is just so cute.

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