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Everything's Gone To Hedy In A Handbasket

It's On, Like Puppy Kong.

Well, unexpectedly, Auntie Dutch and I were able to visit Hedy Lamarr last night, and here she is!!!

Hedy Lamarr

She is as cute as a button and so happy to be cuddled by Auntie Dutch. She's coming home on Saturday afternoon. I brought home a towel that smelled of Hedy and Gilly has been sniffing it. A Lot.

Here are lots of puppies. Hedy has six brothers and sisters.


There are pale, and more caramel coloured, pups. Hedy is caramel, like Peri. The breeder chose Hedy for me, she was the one his daughters liked the most and he said she was a good pup. He could have handed me ANY puppy, and I would have taken her home and loved her!!!

Here is Bruno, Hedy and Gilly's dad, and on the left is Dolly. Dolly is a relative of Gilly and I think she looks like her too. When she saw us she cried and woofed and sounded just like Gilly.

Dolly and bruno

Lottie is Hedy's mum, but she was not for meeting us. She was not very happy last night. I expect it is hard when your puppies are older and leaving home.

Lottie mum

MrsDrWho is going to take me to fetch Hedy on Saturday. It has been a whirlwind this week. We have hidden the cords and cables in the bedroom and loungeroom, and put all the shoes away, or in a high sided basket. We are also trying to get everything ship shape out in the world: sewing, knitting, lunches and dinners, things to do, places to go: all sorted out as much as possible so we can stay home with the new puppy for a fortnight or so.

I finally got around to binding Uncle and Auntie Dutch's Christmas quilt. It was inspired by the In Color Order Giant Vintage Star Quilt. I was kicking myself because I only bought half a metre of the reindeer material, but in the end I quite liked the spotty gold points as well.

Reindeer Star Quilt

I've almost completed Block 4 of The Splendid Sampler and now things have ground to a slight halt. I made Suffolk Puffs (or Yoyos) instead of appliquéing circles. I still have to embroider the flower stems. I shall have plenty of time at home later on to catch up, if I want to.


While I was extra poorly with some weird bug last week, I slouched sideways on the couch and watched so many episodes of Marvel, Agents of SHIELD, that I am all caught up. I knitted some more of my cardigan and I have fewer than twenty rows of raglan decreases to go. Then there is just the back of the neck, the collar so to speak, to make. And buttons to choose. The dark pine colour does not photograph very well at night, but it looks like a cardigan now.

Here are the two Labradors, Lorelai Gilmore and her friend Sandy, playing on their walk. One is in and one is out and it is very exciting. Gilly is going so fast the camera can barely see her.

Fast as lightning

Bottoms up

I had to shepherd her out. It was a great game.

Tomorrow it will be 30*C and then only 21*C on Thursday. Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful Autumn?? The nights are drawing in and the Sun is rising so much later. There is a chill in the air of a morning when we walk, but I have yet to change into a long sleeved top.

We are enjoying the last few days of Lorelai Gilmore by herself. It will be a big change for her, but I am very confident she will learn to love Hedy as much as she loved Harki and Peri.


barb brownlee

oh goodness, what a perfect baby!! ... and lovely pics of hedy's family too- i know you are already experiencing 'puppy love' as am i from quite a long way off-the first few weeks will certainly be hectic (i always feel having a puppy/puppies around is like being thrown into the middle of a toddler daycare facility) but gilly will soon learn to both love and herd her new baby sister- this is going to be such fun-
i'm liking your pine-green cardigan and thinking that color would be a most welcome addition to my wardrobe which exists (sadly) in the realm of 'dull'- and the pretty shawl that blocked out into a real beauty- it's always interesting to see the metamorphosis of a shawl from such a sodden lump into a real thing of beauty after the simple acts of washing and pinning out-
hope your weather cooperates and you will have cool and comfy days to prepare for and then enjoy your new little bundle of sweetness- we're moving into spring here without having had a winter- take care and feel better soon- all good wishes from the other side of the globe-

barb in texas


PUPPY! She is adorable! Can't wait to see many more pictures of her and Gilly! :o)

Jennifer Rose

it snowed here :( not lot but still :(

LOVE the xmas quilt :) so much red :)

and puppies!! :D awww


Miss Lamarr is just the sweetest little thing. How hard it must have been to have to say goodbye for a few days.




Aaaaawww...Hedy is such a sweetie! Congratulations Cindy. Can't wait to find out more. x


Such a beautiful puppy! I look forward to seeing her adventures as she joins your family :-)


Not long now ... wishing you both a wonderful, exciting, Saturday!

Nathalie Mlynarik

So thrilled to hear the puppy news! Xxx


I am sitting here on Sunday thinking you must have had your lovely Hedy at home already! Hooray hooray!


That is just so nice that you are able to get a sister of Peri to add to your family. It must have been a bit sad seeing Peri's relative and having her sound and look so similar. Sending lots of hugs.
And you have Hedy right now so I am off to read the newer puppy arrival post!

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