Friday Food: Mini Choc Bunny Tarts
Friday Food: Easter Egg Biscuits

Ready, Hedy, Go!!

Oh. a puppy has a lot of 'go'. She likes to wake up at 4-15am and play for an hour. She does not like to nap in the afternoon at a suitable time for us. She likes to jump and/or slither from a precarious high point to a very low one one. And she is slowly becoming part of the family. When we came home from our walk this morning Gilly ignored the paddle pool, and ran straight to the back door, tail wagging, and then inside to Hedy.

Gilly, Hedy, the toy

A puppy is a lot to put up with when you are a seven-year-old.

Hedy woofs when she wants something. Or she feels she is being ignored. She is starting to come when her name is called. Gilly can also be sent to successfully find the puppy, and sometimes bring her back.

Hedy does steps

On Sunday morning she could not go down the steps, or up the steps. By lunch time she had worked out going down, and then by the end of the day she could go up all by herself. And up and down whilst carrying her new squeaky toy, which is a present from MrsDrWho. She can get in and out of the paddle pool too.

Gilly in puppy prison

We leave the door to The Puppy Prison, as I like to call it, open all the time, except for when Hedy is in there for her own safety when we go out. Gilly likes to go in there too, and I sprinkle puppy treats inside so it is a nice place to be.

There has been precious little knitting or sewing. I made a Cat grocery bag #73. I am starting to number them as I go now.

Cat bag 2016 #73

The Equinox Cardigan is on the verge of being finished. I need to graft the underarms, seam the sleeves and sew on some buttons.  Finding the right buttons is always the most difficult part of knitting a cardigan.

Equinox march

The colour is not true, it is a dark pine green colour. Thanks to people who know I am a Green Enthusiast, I was alerted to The Knitpicks Australia Green sale for St Patrick's Day. Who knew?? A whole sale of green wool. I bought some wool to make a new Solstice Cardi in Forest Heather. I really love this cardigan, and I know it fits. I also bought some Wool of the Andes in 5ply Grass colour. Those two, and some green cotton Dishie and I was 5 cents over the $60 for free postage.

The weather has taken a turn and has been so wonderfully cool. There is a cool breeze now, and it is crisp and darker in the morning. It makes it much easier to be patient with a new puppy and give Gilly all the usual attention too. I can't believe it is Easter next week. I'm really not ready. Not at all. Luckily the puppy can't come into the kitchen, though she barks and cries when she thinks her food is being prepared. Gilly isn't allowed in either, because the puppy isn't. Life is so unfair.

I almost missed my appointment at The Hospital today. I went to have a blood test yesterday, but somehow I thought my appointment was tomorrow. A niggle in the back of my mind made me check after our walk. My numbers are the same, which is good. We are always pleased when my numbers are the same: wrong, but the same. So I have all day tomorrow to think about, and make, Friday Food.



Miss M had her second monthly clinic visit today. Her numbers are the sam this time round too. Hers are good, but remaining the same is also good. Hedy is gorgeous and Gilly is so patient.

barb brownlee

I've thought about you enjoying puppy-antics all week- such fun, but exhausting too ... and don't they grow/learn quickly- I'm happy to see that Gilly is being such a good 'big sister' ... soon the aggravating parts will end, and she will have a real companion (or perhaps a 'partner in crime')_

the new sweater is lovely- I rather enjoy finding the right buttons, but I procrastinate about actually putting them on the finished product (well, without the buttons it's not really a finished product, is it?)- how nice to have a new green woolly package heading your way- is delivery service there from KnitPicks a lengthy process- I order from them frequently and really like their yarns and accessories-

how nice that you will have cooler weather to enjoy some outdoor-time with your playful pair- we had no real winter this year and are rapidly progressing into summer with its humidity (and attendant bugs)- the plants will love it ... things have been putting on new growth and budding out for months-

have fun with your furry friends- it's good to 'hear' you are feeling better-I'm wishing you well from halfway around the world-
barb in texas


Puppy Hedy is adorable. It's amazing how quickly they learn things.

The cardi is looking fabulous. Can't wait to see it finished.


It's such fun watching puppies run and play. I like the interaction between Hedy and Gilly. When I played the video, and Hedy barked, all three of my dogs reacted, and went looking for the puppy. Hehe.


There is nothing like the rolypolyness of a puppy. She is gorgeous...and Gilly looks very patient. And I love the cardigan. When I retire I'm going to knit cardigans too! Hooray for cold weather. Rain is forecast for tomorrow here on the west side of Oz and the week's temperatures are going to be in the twenties. I can't wait! Fiona and Molly x


Oh she is just so gorgeous. My SIL bought a golden retriever last week and she is gorgeous too but they have now moved 4 hours away so I had to get as many puppy cuddles as possible. I think they will be firm friends having each other for company. I love your cardigan. Great that you could get more green yarn from Knitpicks. I purposely didnt look at the green sale as I would have spent too much money.

Jennifer Rose

glad the bloodwork was normal for you and nothing has changed

and aww puppy trying to figure out the stairs and that is very sweet Gilly will go find Hedy :D

Bella's mum

I love that new puppy.
Easter cooking looks delicious!
Nice to have some cooler nights.
Must be due for a catch up soon😀


Congratulations on the new family member, Hedy is precious! I hope she is not giving Gilly too much trouble! Though I bet Gilly is pleased to be the Alpha dog and to have a little companion.


It is lovely to think about you and your lovely pups enjoying yourselves. I love that video of Hedy and Gilly. They are so sweet together.

I do love your cardi - it is a beautiful colour. I thought of you, too when the green sale came to my in box. I didn't know Knit picks was in Oz as well!


glad to hear you're all coping well with the new family addition ! :) stay well and cool xx


Hedy is lovely, and the video was funny.

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