Some People Want To Fill The World With Gilly Love Songs, And What's Wrong With That?
Friday Food: Upright Pasta Pie

When I Say I Love You, You Say You Better, You Better, You Better, You: Vet.

By the time it was Monday, I decided that we had gone way past the point of Friday Food, and so we gave it a miss. I have an annoying small cold, and we've had a few days in bed. The weather has been blissfully cool in the evenings and nicely warm during the day. I am apparently doing an amazing and death-defying trick when I wear my Star Wars dress without a cardigan!!! I can't work out how to make the self-timer on my new camera work, so I shall have to rely on a real person to take a photo of my Equinox Cardigan for me. I am knitting a scarf. I'm using some Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock wool. It is a tad splitty, but is knitting up nicely as a scarf. I admit I threw caution to the wind and bought a simple pattern that I should have been able to work out for myself, but I have Puppy Brian Brain (sigh), so I gave myself leave to do it.

The Rialto 2016

I cried off Sewing this last week of school, but I did buy six new Fat Quarters from Esme's for my Star BOM. Mrs Madcage bought me the four fabrics on the left from Central Australia and I just wanted some more. I need about fifteen Fat Quarters in all. The star blocks are all discrete so it doesn't matter that the greens are not all exactly matching. I like them, and that is all that matters.

Quilt fabric

Gilly and Hedy went to The Vet for Hedy to be vaccinated. Hedy Lamarr was extremely well behaved, and so pleased to see all the people everywhere. She had worn her collar, but we had not tried the lead, so there may have been some extra carrying. Hedy weighs 6.6kg and is just right. She has doubled her weight in the three weeks she has lived with us.

Gilly and Hedy's vaccination

The Vet's garden is an excellent place for a wee and full of smells. Gilly was tired of waiting and ready to go home. She has her annoyed ears on.

Gilly annoyed, hedy tardy

Gilly's friend Rafa, and his mum and dad, gave Hedy a lovely toy to welcome her to our house. Hedy loves the toy which has eight rope ends and a squeak.

Hedy LOVES her new toy

Lorelai Gilmore is ever patient and kind and teaches Hedy how to play.

Thank you Rafa!!

And now I am sneezy and snuffly again. The cold isn't bad, but as I can't have any cold and/or flu tablets, it is most annoying. I waft about smelling of Vicks: which is not a delicate perfume!!!

I have felt well enough to read and I have a backlog of books to add to my sidebar. I've also lain sideways on the couch and started watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I barely remember any of it, and didn't ever see the last season, so it is a bit of a bonus all round.

I think I am making progress on answering my comments?? I was quite a way behind and I think I have to click through to the next page back.

All The Labradors are asleep, so I think it is time for a cup of Ginger and Lemon tea while I catch up on the ABC News.


Jennifer Rose

Hedy looks almost like she has a bit of deep orange/gold to her coaat in some pics, will be interesting what colour her coat ends up :)

hope your cold doesn't get any worse :)


I'm loving all your puppy/doggie posts - so good to see the girls happy together ! Thanks once again for all our chocolate deliciousness - hope you're feeling much better SOON xxx


Get well soon! Having a puppy can be tiring :) so lots of rest will be good for you.

Little Hedy is getting big.


Oh Hedy, you are beyond adorable!!


I hope you are feeling better today, and that the sniffles are gone.
I LOVE your puppy pics. It makes me so happy that Gilly is such a good sister.


Sending lots of healthy thoughts to get rid of your cold for you. I wasn't able to take cold and flu medication for a while when I was on my old medication many years ago now and it really was the worst having to just suffer through it.

I love that first picture of the girls, sitting so beautifully together. Hedy looks like she is learning quickly!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud job at the vetnameez playse hedy!!! and luk at yoo playing so sweet with gilly!!! maybe sumday saya the mighty wil chil owt enuf that we wil be abel to play tug withowt her trying to bite my feet off it cud happen!!! maybe!!! or maybe not!!! ha ha ok bye

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