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I Am Monarch Of All I Savoy

A Labrador is a bottomless pit. No matter how much I feed Hedy, she is still starving, and because she is naughty and a puppy, she finds things to eat. Gilly does not, she is such a good girl. It was very quiet and when I went to investigate, there was Hedy with her head in the bag of vegetables, and there was the cabbage all hollowed out. It was a Wombok cabbage, but I could not resist the Savoy/Survey serendipity.

Hedy's cabbage

My mum and aunt came to visit at the weekend and we ate out and chatted and shopped and had a marvellous time. I am so lucky she comes to visit as I can't travel on a bus or aeroplane because of germs in such a closed environment, nor can I drive that far in a day. My mum brought me a set of cups, saucers and plates that belonged to Tiger Nan. They are so pretty, and I have unpacked them and put them, carefully, in the dresser.

Cup saucer and plate sets

I sewed them some shopping bags, what a surprise!! #87 and #88

Bags 87 and 88

We continue along on our Summer Block of the Month 2016 quilting every fortnight. I am behind, but other people have made all four Sawtooth blocks, and here are the last.

Last of this block

Poor Lorelai Gilmore, Hedy Lamarr is such a trial to her. Yet Gilly continues to be a patient and kind sister. When we are walking without other dog friends, Hedy chases Gilly

Chasing game very fast

and bites her. Gilly opens her mouth and shows all her teeth, but never bites back.

Poor Gilly, Hedy bites her

Look how Hedy really grabs Gilly's fur and skin and bites and pulls hard.

Poor Gilly, naughty Hedy

That expression on Gilly's face, she is resigned and not asking for help. I try to remain Switzerland, but if I do drag Hedy away, Gilly comes over and asks with her paw to have the puppy returned.

And then the game is over and it is off to smell things together.

Game over Gilly and Hedy

We slept all day today, and no-one (Hedy Lamarr) did anything even vaguely wicked: which is fairly amazing.  Soon Hedy Lamarr is going to the vet to be desexed. We have to buy a new cloud collar. It is much nicer than the cone collar, and Peri wore it happily and Lorelai Gilmore wore is for fun!!!


I hope Hedy likes it too.



Naughty Hedy - I would not think that a dog would eat cabbage. Your teacups are so pretty.


I so love to hear about the girls! I've never heard of or seen a cloud collar. If we ever need one, I will have to look it up. Here's all about the cones of shame, stiff ugly things nobody likes.
Hedy of course has grown since the last time I saw her. She's so pretty. And Gilly, such a patient sister, just lovely!


Well there's a lesson learned. I would never have thought a dog would have eaten a cabbage. Perhaps Hedy is trying to tell you something - she may be a vegetarian!

Your bags are so very pretty and the sawtooth blocks are a beautiful colour combination.

The Girls are such a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing.

The cloud collar certainly looks a better solution to the cone. Good lucky Hedy.


Beautiful teacups. Hedy is so funny eating the wombok cabbage. I think our kelpie would be the same and he is nearly 3.

Jennifer Rose

The vet never gave us a collar when Sky was spayed, said its ok if she licks the area but not chew so unless she chews the stitches doesn't need one. She bounced back from the op no problem, a human would be out for weeks :p

Gilly is being so good with Hedy, Sky would have prob whacked Hedy in the head with a paw :p She done it before with a too jumpy collie pup lol

very pretty tea cups :) would make lovely still life drawings


I know I shouldn't but the cabbage story made me laugh - what a little trickster Hedy is !! Thankyou again for all your lovely doggie pictures, they always make my day x


I'm always amazed when people talk about their dogs eating fruits and vegetables. I never had a dog interested in them. Hedy hollowed the cabbage out very neatly!
My mom had a small teacup and saucer collection which my sister now has. They were used on special occasions, and were so pretty. I'm sure yours bring good memories too.


Hedy is getting so tall!! The cloud collar is a good idea. Nissa needed a cone recently for an abscess on her leg and she was so uncoordinated with it on, she kept walking into things. I will have to see if there are ones for cats.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello hedy its dennis the vizsla dog hay unfortchoonatly it seems a kabbadj duz not hav a joosy hamberger inteeryor!!! mayks yoo wunder why hyoomans bother with them!!! ok bye

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