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You're The Sun That I Want, You Are The Sun I Want: Oo Ooo Oo Oo, Sunny.

I have been both social and stay-at-home. With me it's all or nothing, as the song goes. We went to the posh restaurant at the Casino for MrsDrWho's birthday. There was stunning service and we ate an amuse bouche and later on a white wine jelly with pistachios to cleanse our palates: very swish. I had pork belly with bacon, chorizo crumb, cauliflower puree, caramelised apple & onion and yoghurt cheese. I was hoping to have room for a white chocolate fondant dessert, but I can really only have one course. Oh well.

I knitted a Dalek hat for MrsDrWho: Extermin8 and I liked it so much I have started another- Extermin9. I am getting the knack of knitting with two colours at once, and there are not too many rows in the Insulate pattern when you have to carry the thread across more than four stitches.

Extermin8 extermin9

I also sewed two new bags, #85 Marvel and #86 with all the cats.

Bags 85 and 86

Cleo, Caramello and Muppin didn't miss out. I am slowly making them three cat beds. This is #2 and has some pink velvet on one side and Hello Kitty on the other. As usual, there were Lab tests by Gilly and Hedy. Just to be safe.

Gilly, Hedy and the cat bed

The Sunshine Rainbow Lollipop socks are complete. The ends aren't sewn in as I am not sure about the fit. MrsDrWho is going to wear and wash them a few times and I can undo the toes and heels and adjust them if necessary.

Sunshine Lollipop rainbow socks 2016

I also sent a present in the post to the lovely Knitting on the Avenue and Chloe. I was quite pleased with the knitting project bag that you put on your arm so you can walk about and knit. I think it is not so much for walking about but maybe for making your knitting more portable?? And a Star Wars bag because you can never have too many Star Wars bags, can you?

Bags june

On Monday we had a lovely surprise and met Jet'sMum and Jet on our walk. Hedy was very excited to meet a new friend and Gilly likes Jet because she is bigger than him!! Hedy is giving him a bit of a whack with her paw.

Jet Gilly and Hedy

Then there were all the dogs: Jet, Sandy, Gilly, Rafa and Hedy all running and playing and having a marvellous time together.

Such fun all the dogs

All the dogs that have lived in our house have their photo taken on the step outside the back door. I tried to take Hedy's picture today, but all I got was quite a lot of this:

Hedy asking with her paw

Waving, asking with her paw and sitting sideways. She is so cute though that I shall just try again next time the Sun comes out. When the Sun does come out Gilly likes nothing better than to soak up some of the warm sunbeams. She is so funny, almost asleep, basking in the warmth.

Gilly asleep in the sun

The world is full of so many awful things now, and really I like to be like Gilly, and just look for the happy things right now, and bask in them. Sun, sun, sun.

Tomorrow it is Sewing and I plan on making some coconut cupcakes. They sound delicious and I can't wait to bake them!!!


Jennifer Rose

gilly looks so content in the sun :) yes there are so many awful things happening at the moment, too many to count :(

you have been really busy creating :) love the start of the red hat :)

awww Hedy with her waving, Sky refuses to do that :p


I love the Dalek beanies. Good to see the dogs and what they are up to - Hedy has grown quickly!


The Dalek beanies are wonderful. How clever you are becoming combining two colours.

The Marvel and cat bags are so very cute. You have made so many bags, I cannot believe you are numbering 86! My bags are already in use. Star Wars is carrying a long, long scarf and Storm Trooper is the perfect size for a beanie.

The cat bed fabric is lovely, but I think the velvet fabric may be a favourite for one lucky kitty.

The Sunshine Rainbow Lollipop socks are beautiful.

Love the photos of Gilly and Hedy enjoying their day out. I'm sure you'll capture a photo of Hedy on the steps soon too.

I agree with you on all that is going on in the world. I do not listen to the news as often during the day as I used to. Friends are the same, we are doing our best to concentrate on happier events in the world and when together knitting, never talk about the news. This is our time away from the world, our families, our time with like minded knitting and crochet friends, once a week for three short hours.

Take care and keep warm!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay basking in the sun definitly helps me git my mind off of awful things sutch as not basking in the sun!!! hedy is so kyoot saying tawk to the paw their!!! i wood be a littel wurreed abowt waring daleks on my hed yoo do not think it wood mayk me sprowt an eyestawk do yoo??? ok bye


You've really cheered me up! It's been really terrible this past week. That picture of Hedy is priceless :) Happy Lab testers... hehehehe!

I do love your cat beds, shopping bags and hats. They are great fun.


Oh man, Hedy waving, too cute! And Gilly looks so warm and peaceful in the sun.
So many nice projects to perk us all up!


It is not long til the big 100th bag! You'll have to plan a special fabric for that one.
The cat beds look so cute! I was just thinking this morning I should get a bed for Nissa for in front of the fire. She is not much of a nest cat though, she doesn't like boxes or baskets or being under any covers.

Hedy looks very cute with her paw up like that and her eyebrows raised. And I agree with Gilly. Winter sun is just glorious for basking in.

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