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Chandler Bing: No, Beth doesn't die. She doesn't die, does she, Rachel?

Spoiler: if you have never read Little Women, there is a spoiler below. So, why not just enjoy this short video of an echidna outside the back gate at our house yesterday. In suburbia. Waddling along to next door's garden and a safe hiding place.



In the episode of FRIENDS, The One Where Monica And Richard Are Just Friends, Rachel lets slip that in Little Women, Beth dies. In order to ameliorate the pain, Joey and Rachel put the book in the freezer, and then, nothing bad can happen to Beth.

I would like to have put the last two weeks in the freezer. No-one has died, but it has not been a very happy time at our house. Lorelai Gilmore went for her Dental Check with Hedy Lamarr and the vet found one of Gilly's big back teeth was fractured, it needed to be extracted ASAP.

Hedy sits to attention in all the photos at the vet. She is on her best behaviour, when she isn't barking with excitement. We are working on that. Gilly's tooth came out and though her face was a little swollen, she seemed happy.

Gilly, before and after the dentist

It all seemed to go well at her post extraction check-up, but then last Friday on our walk her mouth was filled with blood.

Gilly and Hedy in the mud

We went immediately from the dam to the vet, and after a day of tests and poking and prodding, we found out that she had an auto-immune reaction to something, and had no platelets, so her blood wasn't clotting. Maybe it was the anaesthetic, or the long operation, or just the shock of the tooth coming out, as it took almost an hour to remove it. Dr David was also worried about a tumour being the cause. Poor Lorelai had to start taking steroids and more tablets to stop her feeling poorly after she had eaten. She had another blood test on Sunday. We had to go for a walk while we waited and we met Auntie Dutch, so it was immensely exciting!!!

Walking and waiting

Today she went back again to have x-rays and scans. When I went in to see Dr David I thought, at first, he said it was bad news and I wondered why he was smiling and looking relaxed. As he spoke, I realised there was some good news. Lorelai Gilmore doesn't have any cancer or tumours, and so all we have to deal with is the auto-immune reaction. Dr David seems pleased that her platelet levels have risen and we go back again next week for more blood tests. He hopes that over time the dose of steroids can be reduced to nothing, and she will be as well as can possibly be expected.

In the middle of all this I had the most horrid sinus infection that the first batch of ordinary antibiotics couldn't fix. My next-door neighbour had to drive me to the doctor again a few days later as all my teeth were aching, my face was throbbing, the glands in my neck were swollen and I was a pitiful mess really. It was a relief when the doctor said that I was actually very unwell and gave me the giant horse sized antibiotics. It has taken five days, but I am beginning to feel like myself again.

Poor Hedy Lamarr has been left to her own devices. Luckily she has been busy with a new toy, a present from her Auntie BionicKnitaWoman:

Hedy's new stick toy

She is happy to go into her little box (crate) and sleep while everyone else is at the doctor or the vet. Or lie outside in the sun.

Hedy sunny

Poor Lorelai Gilmore has been struck down with something akin to my weird and not-wonderful illness, but at least hers may be easier to treat. We aim to be positive, since I have managed to live for fifteen years when the doctors held out little hope. The vets seem to hold out quite a lot of hope for Gilly, and we are happy to grasp any straw right now.

Well, that escalated quickly. Life is going along smoothly and then it all goes to hell in a handbasket. There has been no new knitting: The Betty Spencer Hat was finished before the hell in a handbasket started, and WeeJock&Bessie's Mum likes it very much.

The betty spencer hat 2016

So on we go. And after all, tomorrow is another day and we are being grateful that there is another day to be going on with.

Let there be much more cheery news to come and maybe even some sweet Friday Food this week.



So glad you are all on the mend. I knew there had to be a back story to no postings. Please take very good care of you and the girls. Isn't modern medicine wonderful when it works???Hugs all around.


Oh my goodness Cindy I'm so sorry to hear of all the troubles, both human and canine! I'm glad you and Gilly are better now and continue to improve. Hedy is such a good girl to amuse herself while the two of you have been sick. Take care!


Oh dear, what a terrible time for you all :( Lets hope things improve rapidly in the coming days and you can find some peace and normality again ! Hedy seems to have been a very good girl for you when you needed her to be...give Gilly a big "get well" smooch from us. Thankfully spring is on the way so some sunny cheery days are sure to help with all the cold bugs. Love from the Valley xxx

Jennifer Rose

:( jeeze you have not had it easy lately :( and poor Gilly, really hope the steroids work but also that she doesn't have to keep taking them for long

well at least Hedy is ok, one thing to not have to worry about. hope you feel better soon and stay better, but blagh to the horse pills :/


The echidna is gorgeous.

I'm so sorry that Gilly had been so poorly. Glad she is doing better.

Your sinus infection sounds dreadful. Hope the horse pills work.

Take care


OMGoodness! What a time you have had. Sending all good wishes to you both for a good recovery very soon.

Your video of the echidna is very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Bella's mum

Been wondering how your poor girl is so glad to read she is on the mend. I have been having fun reading magazines!!!


So sorry to hear about Gilly. I hope that they figure it out and she is better soon. It is scary when your furry loved ones are ill as they can't tell you what's wrong.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer lorelei has not ben feeling wel but glad she duz not hav those other nasty things they thawt she mite hav!!! i am sending lots of tail wags for her to feel better soon!!! ok bye

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