Friday Food: Oven-roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart
Friday Food: Adam Liaw's Easy Cheeseburger

Swollen Swollen Swollen, Though The Streams Are Swollen, Keep Them Doggies Rollin': Rawhide.

It is no wonder I have been feeling tired: I am officially sick. I actually feel a tad ( a tiny tad ) better when I know I am sick, and not imagining it. Not that I have ever imagined being sick.

There was a cancellation at the doctor on Monday, and I have swollen glands in my neck, a temperature and an infected throat. Oh, and now I have a raging cold and a gravelly voice.

Hedy and the water and the toy 1

Hedy and the water and the toy 2

Hedy Lamarr has run amok, all night and all day. I changed the water bowl, to no avail. Hedy still dips her toys in the water, swooshes them about and then runs about the house, shaking them.

Gilly trotting

Lorelai Gilmore is a perfect Labrador, lying on the bed and looking inquisitively at me when I cough my hacking cough.

Rafa Gilly Hedy Sandy

I did arise from my sick bed yesterday to go for a walk, but I was so pleased today is Wednesday and we don't walk on Wednesdays.

Sandy Rolypoly Hedy Gilly

Three dogs walking

Look, various photos of various combinations of dogs. I have been up for half an hour, it is time for bed again.

Super Moon.

Supermoon peeking through clouds



Sorry to hear that you are feeling sick, but it;s nice to know that the doctor agrees? I always feel like a bit of a fraud if I don't have Official Confirmation...
the moon was indeed super bright, though sadly mostly hidden by clouds for us. I hope Lorelei can coax Hedy into following her fabulous example! My Zara is a bit woofy this evening, probably all excited by the moon!


Get well soon! Sending you kitten get wells.


Get well soon!

jennifer Rose

:( hope you feel better soon

I have seen some people train their dogs to drink out of those hamster like water bottles (obvs dog sized lol) so they don't get water everywhere but no idea how hard it would be


Hope you have a speedy recovery and Hedy is not too trying while you're poorly ! The tomato and goat cheese tart looks delicious :) xx


I hope you're feeling better soon! Just reading your post made me want a hot cup of tea with honey.


Rest, rest, rest! I am unwell too but luckily I don't actually feel sick. I have pneumonia which I always thought meant you were really really sick. I was just in some pain with breathing and now I am on antibiotics that has gone away. I was so glad they sent me home from emergency without admitting me. I hope you are on the mend sooner than later and no turns for the worse!

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