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Friday Food: TimTam Tart

Wasp The Eye Doesn't See, The Heart Doesn't Grieve Over.

Hello Denizens of The Internet. It has been Some Time, though I tried to keep up with Friday Food. The end of February, and all of March, has been hot (30*C and hotter in some places), and we suffer from heat stress, The Labradors and I.

Wasp walk

And now I am sick. I have a sore throat that has worsened and I have fifty antibiotics to take. They are less powerful and more targeted, but it has been five days and I am not feeling terribly much better. I may have to go back to the doctor. I was going to have lunch with MrsDrWho and Mrs HouseOf today and I went for a little lie down and overslept by an hour. Even the phones ringing out didn't wake me up.


What we do have is a wasp nest. I went outside yesterday in the late morning and there were a bazillion wasps circling outside the back door. There was a nest between the rocks in the retaining wall. My next door neighbour saw me looking worried and came over and put some wasp killing powder in the niche. As the gardener was here whipper-snippering we all had to stay inside, so no Labradors were in danger. They did have a middle of the day walk instead of a morning one:

Hedy was confused,

Hedy and her shadow

Gilly took it all in her stride.

Gilly on a mission

Lorelai Gilmore has taken to running interference when Rafa and Hedy Lamarr play in, what she considers to be, a rough way.

Hedy Rafa Gilly

Lorelai Gilmore is just checking up to make sure everyone is OK.  Hedy is showing everyone her belly!!!

Rafa Hedy Gilly

Christmas has long gone, but I have been catching up on a few late gifts. First a Christmas banner print fabric sewn as a bag for AuntieDutch and a Star Wars bag for me!! I know: for me. Bags 108 and 109.

Bags 108 and 109

And for The Dutches a Reindeer apron. I bought the panel off the roll, but the pocket was too small before I even started sewing, so I added a border to the top, and a lining, all in one. Now it looks like the apron is smiling, and not in a good way.

Reindeer apron

I also made a Christmas Grumpy Cat cross stitch for MrsDrWho. Actually I made two. A certain puppy may have knocked a cup of tea over the first one in the middle of last year. I glued a teeny tiny bobble border around the little frame. If you click on the clicky Grumpy Cat link, the pattern is free, just scroll down the page.

Christmas grumpy cat

And now it is time for a cup of tea and a rest. It has been hot again today, 28*C, and the same tomorrow. The BOM have forecast a cooler week ahead and some rain, at last.

Thank you for all the lovely comments, I plan to reply as soon as the weather is cooler and I feel better. I do appreciate that despite the unplanned interruptions to blogcasts, kind people (and dogs) leave us comments!!



I'm glad you were up to a blog update, and hope you continue to feel better quickly. Gilly makes a good referee! Cute projects- I love that grumpy cat!

jennifer Rose

great cross stitch :D and really hope the antibiotics start working, but def go back if you don't think they are doing anything.

good thing the wasp nest was spotted before it got really out of control and people/dogs got stung


Dear 2Paw, do hope you are feeling better soon! 'tis a nasty bug around at the moment. A friend is on her second lot of antibiotics and hoping that will be her lot. The heat and humidity would not be helping either. Hoping the weather has cooled and you can get a good night's rest.
Your sewing is wonderful as always. I do love the reindeer apron and cannot see anything wrong with 'his' smile.
Lovely photos of Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr having fun with Rafa.


The heat has been horrid. We got a tantalising taste of Autumn for 2 weeks and now it's hot,sticky and just dreadful.

I'm sorry to hear you have been poorly.

I hope the wasp nest got sorted out. I'm not fond of them at all.

I love the bags and the apron.

Nice to see you back

Love Bloss xxxxxxxxx


Sorry you are sick cindy. I hope you feel better soon!

I always seem to be running months behind on presents these days. My family have taken to calling my gift giving "in Lois time" LOL

Dennis the Vizsla

hello gilly and hedy its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like fun playing with yore frend!!! it is gud to have a sister arownd to mayk shoor evrything is on the up and up that yoozed to be trixies job heer but now nobuddy duz it!!! i hope yore mama feels better soon!!! ok bye

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