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Don't Chew Want Me Baby. Don't Chew Want Me Ooh?*

It has been five weeks and three days since Hedy Lamarr accidentally chewed my finger, and I am doing very well: in fact the dead part of the fingernail fell of this morning when I was checking my injury. The skin covering my finger has died and is ready to slough off, like a snake skin. I realised this is why I had weird pins and needles feelings. When I touch the tip of my finger I touch the dead skin, then there's a layer of air and then the brand new pink skin. You can see some of the brand new pink skin below the fingernail. It is very strange. The dissolving stitches have dissolved and the remaining growing part of the fingernail should soon be growing. I hope. Because I have a suppressed immune system, it is a longer healing time than normal, but keeping the wound dry and clean has really helped.

Finger at five weeks

I have still not knitted or sewed. I have two almost finished knitted hats from Before The Chewing. The first is just a plain and simple beanie I am making up as I go along, in Felici Worsted in Time Traveller (Doctor Who stripes, but they can't say that) for Uncle Dutch's birthday. The second is the Fisher Cable Hat for MrReno's birthday. Both are covered in dog hair because Lorelai Gilmore has started moulting. She helpfully had a big cuddly pat right next to the hats and I am just not up to removing all the dog hair yet. I plan to make MrsDrWho a Pussy Hat, and MrsReno is making one too, both from some Caron cakes.


The Labradors went for their Dental check in August. Last year we found out that Gilly had her very own auto-immune disease and so it is marvelous that a year later she is almost better than good. Hedy scored a 10/10 and Gilly a 9/10 and she must have another check in six months. Her auto-immune illness is managed by one tablet every second day and she can't be immunised. This is a worry, but she is well and happy. She leaps over trees in a single bound!!!

Gilly leaping

And such a look of concentration.

Gilly leaping concentrating

Hedy Lamarr has a different look. She has a muddy look!!! The weather is warming up and so when we get back to the gate at the dam she insists on running through and cooling down in the puddle.

Hedy in her puddle

Hedy is also helping around the house, and by that I mean by making a mess all around the house. She has never been interested in toilet rolls, but last week this one just took her fancy. And she just doesn't care. At all.

Hedy and the toilet roll

MrsDrWho, MrsReno and I went to The Quilt Expo. Outside there was a patchwork Mini!!!

Patchwork mini

Inside there were some wonderful quilts. I bought 16 mixed green batik fat quarters for $20. Such a bargain. One of the prize winning quilts was hand pieced (3000) hours and hand quilted (2000 hours).

Quilt fair 3000

And here is the owner of Esme's Patchwork's Splendid Sampler. I started this when Hedy came to live with us and because she came to live with us I stopped!!

Splendid sampler

I have plans to make a quilt-as-you go baby quilt soon for my friend's first grandson. It will be a race between my finger healing and the baby arriving.

In Australia we are participating in a, what I consider to be ridiculously expensive and unnecessary, postal survey about same-sex marriage. We elect politicians to write and enact laws. And it is going to cost $122 million. I am voting yes. I believe that marriage is a civil contract. I am not religious, and feel very cross that some religious people want to tell non-religious people what to do. I think it is right and proper that churches decide which couples they will marry, that right is a binding law. But the world will not end, the sky will not fall if there is fairness and equality. Yes, there is activism on both sides, but without the brave and forward thinking Suffragettes, women would not now have the vote. I know that other people will not agree with me, and that is fine. Australia is a country where I can disagree with you, and you with me, and I can live with that. I will be very sad if the law is not passed in the affirmative. It's Time feels as appropriate now as it did back in 1972, albeit for a different cause. Here's a link to the video. I hope that if anyone disagrees they will do so in a polite and respectful manner. We don't have rudeness or swearing or cruelty on this blog.

It's Time

It’s time for freedom,
It’s time for moving, It’s time to begin,
Yes It’s time

It’s time Australia,
It’s time for moving, It’s time for proving,
Yes It’s time

It’s time for all folk,
It’s time for moving, It’s time to give,
Yes It’s time

It’s time for children,
It’s time to show them, Time to look ahead,
Yes It’s time

Time for freedom,
Time for moving, Time to be clear,
Yes It’s time

Time Australia,
Time for moving, It’s time for proving,
Yes It’s time

Time for better,
Come together, It’s time to move,
Yes It’s time

Time to stand up,
Time to shout it, Time, Time, Time,
Yes It’s time

Time to move on,
Time to stand up, time to say ‘yes’,
Yes It’s time



The ABC showed the first of thirteen Countdown specials, one for each year it was broadcast, last Sunday. I grew up watching Countdown and on Sunday I turned the sound on the TV up to 60 and did sad, old people dancing in the lounge room. Gilly and Hedy thought I was having a conniption. I knew all the words and all the tunes and all the people, and I am very much looking forward to the next twelve shows.

*Human League



Hope your finger gets better sooner. It is really rough not being able to knit or sew. Gilly and Hedy make me laugh.


It is always a delight to see another post from Labrador Land. Oh your poor finger. I know that once I got my finger in the way of a 'friend' closing a car boot, but it must be part of human coping strategy that I cannot remember the pain. But it didn't need stitches, like your Chewing did. So I hope it is all mended very quickly and you are back to your needles. Those hats won't knit themselves, although I am of the opinion that once they have been set on their way, and the magic subsides, they should do just that so we can start Another Thing.
I am with you in the Yes brigade. The other half says he doesn't care, but I will try to convince him that he should. I would certainly have preferred having millions of dollars spent on nurses or teachers.
hugs and cuddles to the pups - you never know, there might well have been a spider hiding in that toilet roll and you have been saved from that.

barb brownlee

oh goodness no ... i do NOT disagree with you- in fact, 3 great big fat hurrahs!!! over here, we finally got a 'thumbs up' for same sex marriage a short time ago, but with all the backward steps we seem to be taking (political... who,me?) i fear that might be only temporary- off my soapbox for the moment though-

don't the girls look great? such happy faces!! they always make me feel better when i see them-

love and happy healing-
barb in texas

jennifer Rose

OW OW OW OW :/ that just looks painful :(

glad he girls are doing good and i hope your nail grows back, always a worry if it will or not

people should be able to marry who ever they want. as long as they are consenting adults, it doesn't matter one bit which bits a person likes. there are way more important things in the world to be disagreeing about, things like this are a no brainer, yes i know things can take awhile to change, but something like this should have changed a long time ago.

oh and those quilts are gorgeous, so much work and dedication

Sue Warren

I can just imagine how sore your finger is. It looks nasty. Nice to see your doggies are enjoying themselves and are healthy. I hope you can start knitting again soon.

Kristen Chambers

I managed to look at your finger photo without feeling faint (how's that for alliteration?) and am glad it's healing so well. The girls look so happy and healthy! The quilts are amazing but oh so labor intensive. I'm surprised that Australia hasn't passed same-sex marriage yet. I always think of Australia as being more progressive than the US. Love is Love- hoping it passes!


Glad your finger is healing well. Hedy is a naughty girl to make that mess - bet it was fun to tidy up.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am happy that yore finger is dooing better soon it wil be gud as noo!!! and hay hedy that is sum gud destrukshun their nice job!!! i am sending tail wags that the mithikal land of australia choozes toleranse in this vote!!! ok bye

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