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Eye Am...Eye Said

Waiting in the eye hospital

Now that The Finger is doing nicely, it is time to have an operation on my eye. I can't have two very sore things at once. A cyst has been growing on my eye for some time now, and yesterday the doctor removed it. MrsDrWho kindly dropped me off and waited for about ninety minutes. It all seemed to go very well and my cyst was appraised as "giant". It was about as big as a peanut M'n'M. I didn't have sedation, just a whole lot of local anaesthetic. I could feel things happening by pressure, but not pain.

Eye operation

My eye doesn't hurt at all, but it is nice to keep the eye patch on because the swelling irritates when I blink. Hedy does not like me: I am some kind of evil pirate from the right, and myself from the left. If she is lying on the left and rolls over and is suddenly on the right she has to scramble to run away. Gilly takes it all in her stride and wants to lie next to me all the time.

I need to go back on Monday to have my eye checked.

Gilly at the vet with hedy

Lorelai Gilmore went to the vet last week for her blood tests. Hedy came too, as she howls like a banshee if left home alone. And vice versa. Gilly's tests were excellent and she doesn't have to go back for six months. She has to continue taking her Imuran tablets every second day for the rest of her life, but they don't seem to have any real side effects. Dr David, who diagnosed her last August, is very pleased and we are very grateful.

Gilly and Hedy at the dam

The weather has been not too hot and we have had lovely brisk walks at the dam. The paddle pool has been in constant use at home, and no-one has fallen in a hole at the dam again!!

Produce box 3

My produce box arrived and it has some different things in it this week. And mint! I love mint. I made tzatziki last week and I will probably make some again, but with mint. I grated the rest of the apples into some pork sausage rolls and made a leek and kale pasta bake with anchovies. This week I am making a Thai red curry and plan to use the Spring cabbage, pumpkin and silverbeet.

Esme's Patchwork has some of the Moda Cupcake Mixes for Charm Squares in stock and I bought one. It is a pad of fine paper, printed with sewing and cutting lines. I am using my Batik from the Quilt Expo and some denim-like quilting fabric.

Cupcake mix 1

You pin the two fabrics right sides together, paler fabric on top. Sew along the dotted lines with a short stitch length and then trim and cut along the solid lines.

Sew cupcake

Press to set, then press open and tear off the backing papers. Sew together in the formation you choose and voila:

My cupcake

I love it, it is pretty much perfect and the points are pointy too.

Now I am tired and need to rest again.



Poor Hedy, not knowing which side is you. I have a cataract, it does not seem to affecet my sight. I do have a sebaceous cyst at the back of my knee. I used to squeeze it, but then forgot. I can feel it now but it is not sore and is no bother.

I had fresh green beans delivered today. I will eat them as a snack as they are crunchy. The carrots lately have been wonderful, crunchy, sweeet and juicy. One a day has been afternoon tea for me and I have enjoyed them. I also now have more ordinary vinegar instead of raspberry or red wine vinegar. Malt and white, so I will be set foir a good time. A tiny bit of raspberry vinegar in iced water is refreshing on a very hot day. Use less and add more if needed, it does not take much. As a child I used to drink the leftover homemade mint sauce from the jug after baked dinner on Sunday. I have never been one for sweetness.


Hope your eye is healing well. It has been busy at your place. Good news about Gilly too.

Linda Spawr

Glad to know the "giant" has been removed successfully. Lots of excitement happening in your corner of the world lately. Heal quickly and feel better. Love to read of your cooking adventures.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry glad to heer that yoo got that peenut owt of yore eye it duz not seem like that is the playse a peenut shud be!!! hedy maybe yoo need to just kerry arownd a mirror so yoo kan put it to reeflekt just the side of yore mamas hed that duz not luk like a pirate problem solvd!!! gilly i am glad that yoo got gud nooz frum the vet if they ar going to steel yore bluds then the leest they can do is giv yoo gud nooz abowt it am i rite??? ok bye

Kristen Chambers

Owowow, I don't like the idea of anything coming near my eye!!! Wishing you speedy healing so that Hedy recognizes you again! Good news about Gilly.

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