Cold, Always Believe In Your Cold. You’ve Got The Power To Know You’re Indestructible.
Friday Food: Yotam's Chocolate Cake


There was no Friday Food last week because my cold was still too nasty. I baked a cake by Yotam Ottolenghi, and the recipe asked if this was the best ever chocolate cake. I gave the cake to MrsDrWho for her and her dinner guests, so I will tell you the verdict on Friday in my Friday Food post.

Best chocolate cake ever

Today is the first day I haven't had a residual cold headache. I had an almost four hour nap (not quite sure you can call that amount of sleep a nap?) after my new Exercise Physiologist ran me through some assessment tasks. I can balance on each foot for 45 seconds. If you need a balancer, I'm your woman!!!

If you want mud, then surprisingly, Lorelai Gilmore is your Labrador:

Gilly loves to be muddy

She was in the puddle at the dam with Hedy, but came out the muddier of the two.

Hedy and Gilly in the puddle

And here we have Rafa, Gilly and Hedy at the top of the 'hill' on our walk. It is the place we used to stop to farewell Sandy and his dad as they continued up the hill to their car and we went back down to ours. Hedy is doing a very good job of being a puppy dog!! We have turned Rafa to The Labrador Side and he wants a biscuit now too.

Rafa Gilly Hedy

The weather has been Spring-y. We had some more wild, windy, wet weather and when we went to the dam today, there was a tree half across the road. The Ranger must have been there because some of the tree had been trimmed already.

Tree down

Hedy has been, not very secretly, eating something she shouldn't be eating at home. Well, the plain flour in the shopping bag: the flour on her nose was a dead give away, but she is happily unaware!!

What's on Hedy's nose....

 I have started sewing the Jelly roll quilt as you go baby quilt. Phew, that's a long name...JRQAYGBQ, and the acronym looks like gobbledygook. I used a batik jelly roll MrsDrWho gave me for my birthday and some flannel for the backing. I used spray adhesive to 'baste' the backing and batting together as I am still a bit wary of my injured finger becoming more injured: which is has, which finger do you think The Labradors squashed against the fence and made bleed?? You'd be right if you thought my injured one. It had a bandaid and antiseptic and seems to be healing well.

Quilt as you go baby quilt

I think I am ready to start knitting again. I have some normal feeling in my fingertip, still pins and needles, touch-the-freezer-in-the-supermarket at the sides, but I am going to give it a go. I have some lovely wool, Katia Darling, from the wool shop. MrsDrWho picked it out. They had some new sparkly Opal, but I had just knitted her a glittery pair, which I realise I have no photo of: ahhh, maybe they don't exist??

Katia darling

I have joined The Instagram. I have resisted The Twitter and The Facebook, but it suddenly struck me that people whose blogs I used to follow, now have The Instagram. I can keep up with them through a new medium. And so I joined and then before I knew it I was on The Instagram. I am not sure how to properly drive The Instagram, but I had a quick lesson from the lovely WoolShopDesigner, and she said I am doing OK! I am not at all sure about Instagram Etiquette. When I searched it was all about following and then un-following or some such strategy. I don't want to gain followers, that's not my goal. I just want to keep up. Trying something new makes my brain work hard and keeps it on its toes.

And have I shared my birthday shoes? My sister sent me money to buy a specific pair, or two, of green shoes she had found, but they didn't come in my size. Bah humbug. So I ordered some shoes from The Homyped people. I have to wear sensible shoes because I have a sore knee and it seems silly to endure pain for a high heel. Well I think so. I bought two pairs of shoes, one is a mineral metallic which goes with everything and the other a darker olive than the photo, which I am very pleased with. My sister is very kind!!

Z birthday shoes



Our Council has instigated a Food and Garden Organics kerbside collection: FOGO. Our bin arrived in the wrong place, but our kind neighbour pulled it all the way around the corner and up the back of our house. We have three bins now: the ordinary Monte Carlo biscuit filling colour regular bin, the yellow lid for recycling and this new bin has a green lid, so we are chuffed. There is also a little FOGO caddy to keep in the kitchen and carry up to the big bin. We don't have a lot of FOGO waste, but I have already put some lettuce core scraps and banana peel into the caddy. It is not a big change, but it might help make a difference.



barb brownlee

there is nothing more annoying than a cold ... you feel too sick to be well and too well to be sick! just ugh! glad you are finally feeling better- having the happy/naughty girls around is always a good antidote to the blahs though ... who can resist those pretty faces (even covered in mud and flour)-
ahh... quilting- once upon a time, i made (and eventually finished) a quilt- the result had to be classified as a 'crazy quilt,' not for its pattern and materials, but for the sole reason that it almost drove me crazy making it! now i admire others, read about people making them, and admire both the beautiful fabrics and patterns available, but i will resist temptation- seeing your progress will be interesting-
our seasons are gradually trying to change, but the heat and humidity are still very much with us- this has been the year of the hurricane, so great areas are yet trying to assess the damage that accompanies those ... and other areas have had such horrible and huge summer fires- sometimes mother nature does try to slap some sense into us!
what a yummy-looking cake- i know your friends consider themselves quite lucky when you have baked-
do take care ... and give the girls a tummy rub from
barb in texas

jennifer Rose

we would have 3 big bins, but the one for garden waste we gave back to the council since both yards now have no garden lol so we have the normal bin, a recycling bin and a small food waste bin. the recycling bin could be bigger tho

and ow ow ow, your poor finger again. ok, not as bad as last time but still ouch

and yay instagram :D


You have been busy. I am glad to hear you can sew and knit again. I have the Ottolenghi chocolate cake on my long list to bake.

Kristen Chambers

Since I started doing yoga at home my balance has improved a lot. I’ll have to time myself to see if I can reach 45 seconds! Rafa looks cute licking his chops. Doesn’t it figure that your injured finger is the one that always gets whacked? It’s the same with the tendonitis in my right thumb/wrist- it just about feels back to normal when I somehow twist it or bang it and the pain is back.
I’m on FB (too much). I joined twitter but NEVER use it and think I’ll try and figure out how to cancel it. My sister has tried to get me to join Instagram, but I don’t feel the need. I do see when friends somehow post their Instagram pics to FB.
Pretty sandals!
And what a great thing that your town recycles food waste. We are lucky to have a large yard and a compost bin out back, but so many people aren’t able to do that. Recycling at the curb would help in so many ways.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay gilly yoo luk verry stylish with yore henna mud tattoo on yore fayse hav yoo ben to a ren ... renai ... wel ennyway they like those tattoos at playses ware they preetend it is a long time ago in the mithikal land of yoorup!!! hay hedy i hav never eeten flowr doo yoo rekomend it??? i think it is kool that yoo hav a trash bin just for fud wayst and tucker wood hav luvd that he woodnt hav had to sift thru all the other junk to git to the gud stuf!!! ha ha ok bye

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