Friday Food: Raspberry Swirl Pavlova Wreath
Friday Food: Frosted Gingerbread Slab

A Week Is A Long Time In Christmas-tics

I have made it through the week. The mind is intact though the body is weak and totally worn out. The days have been packed with activity, one, two or sometimes even three things, for seven days: in spite of all my planning, it just happened.

Also, there is a smudge on my camera lens, I breathed on it just now and gently cleaned it with some soft fabric. This is probably the wrong thing to do, but the smudge went away. I can feel the lens is scratched. I may need a new camera.....

I have had so many Christmas occasions and appointments and my mum came to visit for three days for her birthday: we did so many things and had a wonderful time. I baked lots of things for my mum and sewed her nothing. I did take up her new trousers. We ate curry and toasted sandwiches and a delicious meal at a posh restaurant where I even had a tiny dessert. It was a passionfruit meringue sundae, served in a tiny glass with shortbread crumbs then passionfruit curd, passionfruit ice-cream and a caramelised meringue shard. It was so delicious but I felt far too full!! Mum had the frozen lemon parfait with caramelised mandarin and a scoop of lemon curd icre-cream.

The Labradors have felt neglected. They went for a walk with mum and Hedy is in love with her. She wiggled and waggled and carried on a treat. They both ran very fast as they were so excited. It is good to see Lorelai Gilmore running and being well.

Gilly and Hedy running fast

Gilly is far more sensible. You can tell she is more sensible because she is poking out her tongue!!! We had a lot of rain after the heatwave broke and Gilly and Hedy took every advantage and were totally wet all the time.

Hello we are very wet

Though they may have felt neglected, they were not and there were games and paddle pool adventures at ten o'clock at night.

I have been sewing for my friends. I sewed some Project Bags by By Annie for our Sewing group. I made the third biggest size, there are four, and they measured 35cm square. The back is quilted and the front has vinyl and a zip. I made them to easily hold layer cakes and our Moda Cake Mix papers.

By annie project bags

I made two needle rolls for our Knitting Friend who is going to live overseas. One is for Double Point needles and the other for interchangeable tips, and I left a space for some cables.

Dpn needle roll

Interchangeble needle roll

I sewed Christmas shopping bags for my friends. I didn't go to our 2017 Christmas because my mum was here, so I sent them all off to good homes!!

Christmas 2017 bags1

Christmas bags 2

And finally I sewed some zippy chip/popcorn bags as well. These are always popular and they are well used. The children wear them out so I am happy to make them a new one every year.

Zippy chip bags

Consequently there was no Friday Food, but I made a gingerbread traybake for Leukaemia Christmas BBQ. It was so easy, and though I didn't taste it, I had so many requests for the recipe I sent it off to our nurses for them to email to the group. I can highly recommend it and I will post the recipe this Friday. I did have tiny gingerbread decorations but I could not for the life of me find them so I used festive M'n'Ms. I forgot to take a picture of the bags I sewed for our fabulous nurses, they look after us all so well.

Gingerbread traybake

MrsDrWho has bought an aviary,


and furnished it with love in anticipation of finches. The finches are being re-homed and they arrived this week. I am looking forward to seeing them.

Birdies are here

And finally, I managed to take a reasonable photo of The Labradors for our Christmas card. Someone had their eye closed, or was looking away, or would not sit close enough to the other dog!!! This is not the photo, but it is pretty good. I was holding a seaweed rice cracker to entice Hedy Lamarr to look my way. Lorelai Gilmore is a super model, she needs no encouragement.

I am holding a biscuit  Gilly and Hedy want it

If you have read this far, well done and would you like a Christmas card from The Labradors?? There is an Email Me button at the bottom of the side bar, or you can leave a comment and we will email and ask for your address. We sent cards last year and it was lots of fun. We can't promise they will be there before Christmas, but that's par for the course in our lives.

This week I am going to try and sew a dress to wear to the Star Wars The Last Jedi at a quarter past midnight on Thursday morning. Wish me luck. I have my back up Star Wars dress, so we shall see. After our walk tomorrow we plan to sleep ALL DAY.

And finally, The Parliament said Yes, and same sex marriage is now law. People can be married from January 9th I think. I do think it rather rich that some politicians smugly congratulated themselves on the passing of the Bill. I say that we did their job for them and they could have saved the $122,000,000 and done their jobs. We did it for them and they should not steal the credit. Happy New Marriage Year!!!


Linda Spawr

So glad to hear all the festivities are being celebrated! Especially your Mum's birthday. Gilly and Hedy are beautiful, if not thrilled about being greeting card models!!! I do hope you get your new frock sewn in time for the premier of The Last Jedi. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us. Be well.

Jennifer Rose

hopefully you get some sleep, you seem to be really really busy lately.
and yay for the wet dog smell :p
i love gingerbread but I am the only one here who does lol

barb brownlee

well, you have been busy- i well remember when the month of december was packed with activities ... and i miss those days- being retired as well as joining the ranks of widowhood has definitely curtailed a lot of the holiday festivities, so it is lovely to have vicarious 'christmas chaos' (do i sound suitably pathetic? don't be taken in by it ... i have ample opportunities to be sociable if i choose)-
you have kept your sewing machine quite busy- mine sits in a state of neglect ... i do enjoy seeing the novelty fabrics you find-
we had snow- yes, after wailing and moaning about the delay in autumn there was a sudden shift in the weather and we enjoyed a blanket of 'the white stuff' last weekend- the temps are now creeping back up again, so by actual christmas we will probably be looking longingly at the pool again- it was wonderful while it lasted, and a good reminder that seasonal weather can still appear-
a card would be wonderful ... and if you will send me your address i will reciprocate with something seasonal from the states- i'll email you my addy-
as always, take care ... and belly rubs to 'the pretty girls'-
barb in texas


Love all of the sewing, and the gingerbread tray bake looks delish.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry happy to heer that yore heet wayv finaly broke and yoo got sum rayn!!! we cud yooze rayn heer too but nope none for us yet!!! i hav herd that labradors luv rayn so no wunder gilly and hedy luk so pleezd abowt it!!! i am sorry they felt neglekted eeven tho they wernt tho to be onnest i feel the saym way a lot of the time too!!! ha ha ok bye

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