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January, Don't Be Hot, Don't Be Too Hot To Me. You Make Me Sad........

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, unfortunately January has been as hot as hell and is about to get hotter and we have been hiding from the heat as best we can. This year I am keeping track of the days when I am unwell and the days when it is too hot, which makes me unwell:

January sick and tired

This is the year so far: I was sick with my throat infection, had a brief respite and then had an enforced long recovery in bed. Now we are having a run of hot days. And more to come. I do feel physically unwell when it is hot, and in Tasmania The Police have said we need to add 5-8*C to the temperature to calculate an equivalent Mainland heat. Coming up is a week of 35-40*C. When I look at this I see why I haven't really done anything this month.

I am reduced to eating instant noodles, with some hot smoked salmon and peas. And I have drunk so much liquid that I slosh when I move.


We have set up a cool retreat on the verandah with piles of old doonas and cushions, but round about now the mosquitoes come out and we have to come inside. We are very grateful that we have had some cool breezes overnight, but it was already hot when we woke up this morning.

When we went for our walk on Tuesday last week the dam area was closed. We saw a giant crane and other big machines on Monday.

Damn cranes

When we went back on Friday we could see they had added a shiny and jagged metal edge above the new valve area. It is above where the water gushes out. We don't know what it is for. Yet.

Dam valves addition

We had to go along to another walking area where we met Rafa and his Dad. Lorelai Gilmore was in her element, she raced ahead with Rafa and smelled all the smells. Hedy was not very confident at all.

Gilly is confident Hedy is not

Hedy Lamarr looked to Gilly to lead the way.

Gilly Hedy Rafa

When we came home Hedy could not seem to get comfortable. She wriggled and was restless and licking her legs. We went to The Vet, all of us as usual, and saw the Lovely Dr Alison. Hedy had tiny red spots and was allergic to something in the new walking area. They love going to The Vet and Dr Alison gives them treats!!! Their tails wag too fast for the camera.

Gilly and Sick Hedy at the vet

$150 later we came home with a new magic spray instead of nasty tablets. Of course Hedy hates the spray. The first time I sprayed her - one little spray under each arm and two on her belly- she hid under the honeysuckle for an hour and looked accusingly at me the whole time. Now I squirt her when she starts eating breakfast. The spots and the irritation disappeared almost immediately and we didn't go walking there again.

Afternoon tea

MrsDrWho and I went for afternoon tea last Monday. I had a lemon tart and she had a cronut. I was torn between the tart and a rhubarb and apple cake. MrsDrWho bought me an apple and rhubarb cake to take home, and it was delicious.

And that is all that has happened thus far, but I wanted to take advantage of a brief moment of cool to announce the winner of Lorelai Gilmore's birthday bag:

Gilly birthday bag 2018 #134

and it is Judy Edmonds. Congratulations!!! I assigned ordinal numbers in order of comments and then used The Internet to chose the winner randomly:

Random number picker

I will send an email Judy!! Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr would love to send a card to the other kind people and dogs who left happy birthday wishes as well, so we will send an email about that too!!

We hope it is appropriately nice weather where ever you are. Please send cold wishes......


Jennifer Rose

at least the rash on Hedy wasn't anything serious, but ouch $150

heat and me are not friends either. really messes up the MS but I like heat lol if I could have a hot tub I would.

def keep drinking as much as you can :)

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay that shoor duz sownd like sum seeryus heet their i hope it goes away soon!!! we hav got those nasty santa anas blowing heer this weekend but it is still nuthing like that hot!!! i wood send yoo sno if i had sum!!! i am glad the sprays mayd hedy feel better it sownds like sumbuddy spred itching powder all over those woods yoo wer in!!! ok bye

Kristen Chambers

We had a stretch of super cold January weather here, but I don't envy your hot hot weather at all. In summer if we have more than 2 days of high heat and humidity I feel sick too. Sending cooling thoughts your way.

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