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Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Gilly's Nine......

Gilly's birthday

Happy Birthday Lorelai Gilmore, eighteen months ago we weren't sure you'd make it to eight, so nine years old is pretty wonderful!!! She'd had a dip in the paddle pool after her special birthday breakfast. (And nicely obscured Hedy Lamarr with her tail) Their breakfast today was chicken breast, carrot, celery and a little rice.

Gilly's birthday breakfast 2018

Here is baby Gilly, she was so cute!!

Baby gilly

Do not think that Hedy Lamarr was missing out. She likes to stand on your lap, dripping with paddle pool water, showing you that she really wants to play with her Billyball.

How close is hedy

In celebration of Gilly's birthday we are giving away a shopping bag, Labrador-ified. It is bag #134 and the second bag of 2018. Please leave a comment, and then in a week we will draw out a name from a hat. And we promise to send everyone a card with Gilly and Hedy's photo!!

Gilly birthday bag 2018 #134

It is a polypop bag in my favourite lime green colour with a strip of the Labrador fabric I "created" last year on The Spoonflower.

I am feeling a little more like myself again. Antibiotics are a wonderful discovery and without them I would be dead. Thank you, scientists, for all your life saving discoveries. I know doctors counsel against the overuse of antibiotics, but because I have a compromised and suppressed immune system, any small health issue can become serious very quickly. I am allowed ALL the drugs!!!

Here's a quick review of last year's craft and cooking. I didn't knit very much at all, basically because I was poorly, had a chewed finger that needed plastic surgery and had my eye operation. I made hats and cowls and small things. And only one pair of socks.


I sewed a lot of shopping bags: thirty. I love sewing these. Someone asked if I would make them for their cool and trendy little shop, but I am not only unreliable health-wise, but I could not bear to have to make bags under pressure. I only make them when I need them, and I enjoy it immensely. I like to try and match the bag fabric to the person and it is fun looking and choosing.

Bags 2017

I sewed a variety of other bags too.

Other bags

I sewed some garments, which I was very pleased with. Two dresses for me and one for MrsDrWho's sister in Supernatural fabric.


I made a table runner, wall hanging and the final of three cat beds:

Cat bed wall hangings

And finally the "other" category, a baby quilt, a cross stitch and some tiny bunting.


I was not very consistent with Friday Food last year, for obvious reasons. Here's what I did make:

Baking 2017

So all in all, in spite of being chronically poorly and having extra medical happenings this year, I was very productive. I like to keep as busy as possible and to be useful. Since I can't be a teacher any more, I have to find ways to make myself productive and useful.

Today I am baking some biscuits for Gilly, going to The Eye Hospital because I have an errant stitch sticking out of my scar, I think if there is a hole big enough for a stitch to poke out then germs can find their way in, and possibly baking a cheese and spinach slab quiche.

And we shall be resting after yesterday's heat. It wasn't 47*C / 117*F, but it was too hot for us.

Run labradors run


Judy Edmonds

Happy birthday to beautiful Gilly!!!!! And you have had a very productive year!!


It's amazing how much you have achieved this year cindy! Particularly your sewing.

I to am always so thankful for medical advances and that i live in Australia where i have access to good medical treatments.

I can't believe that Gilly is 9yo! And that I've been reading your blog since Harki and Peri were still with us. .....along with my Daisy!


Congrats lovely Gilly on your special day, your turn next Hedy :) What an amazingly productive 2017 you've had despite the many obstacles encountered - well done. I hope 2018 is better for your health and there are lots more fun times in store for your beautiful girls <3


Happy Happy Birthday Gilly!! I was thinking about you and the pups. Glad you're all doing ok. You were very productive last year! Have a wonderful day!


Happy birthday to your faithful friend. Glad you’re all keeping cool.

Linda Spawr

Happy Birthday Gilly!! Thank you for inspiring all of us with your creativity and kindness. Happy 2018, may you enjoy it to the fullest measure.

barb brownlee

a happy happy birthday to sweet gilly- i remember when she first appeared on the 'blog scene'-
you certainly did have a productive year- i have to admit that my 2017 was a year of good intentions but far too little productivity ... i didn't even purchase much craft material/yarn/etc-
sorry you are having such heat ... we are whining about an abnormally cold december/january- given the vagaries of our weather though, we will soon whine about being too warm again-

again, birthday wishes to gilly and a tummy rub to hedy too-
barb in texas

Jennifer Rose

Happy Birthday Lorelai Gilmore!!! :D love that pic of them both running, happy dogs :D

glad you are feeling better, I get antibiotics when i need them too when there is even a chance I have a lung infection. one of the side effects of the MS drugs I am on is lower immunity so i get everything and give people looks of death and a few swear words when they cough near me :p


Happy 9th Birthday, Gilly! I'm glad you made it! :o)
Cindy, you were very productive this past year, even with all your medical issues, I feel like a slacker now. ;o)
I feel the same way about my crafting, can't to it for money, it would suck the fun out of it for me.
The last photo is hilarious!
Here, the deep freeze is finally over! We still have snow, and will get some more on Friday and Saturday, but it already feels like Spring to me.
Maggie is off to the Vet's today, she was not right the last few days, but seems better this morning (always that way after I made an appointment). Denny's waiting for his appointment at the clinic for another knee surgery. He's hobbling around on three legs, poor guy.


Woowh, so many bags that you made. What aproductive year you have had in all areas. The dogs look so happy.


2017 was a busy year for you! Happy birthday to Gilly - glad she made it to 9.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy big oh nine to yoo gilly!!! menny happy reeterns!!! yoo shoor wer a kyoot puppy but thats only to be ekspekted after all yoo ar verry kyoot now too!!! ok bye

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