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Happy Birthday Two You, Happy Birthday Two You, Happy Birthday Dear Hedy Lamarr, Happy Birthday Two You!!

We are so very late for Hedy Lamarr's birthday blog celebration. Here she is doing what she loves best of all: waiting for me to kick the ball so she can catch it, on our walk.

Happy birthday two  you hedy

Her birthday was a little over four weeks ago when we were still in the grip of The Terrible Humid Heat. Rest assured, she had a tasty breakfast and dinner and lots of playing with her friends on her walk. Now she is a big Two Year Old we are not sure whether Hedy will be a terrible Two, or perhaps a little more grown up??

Happy Birthday Hedy Lamarr

We can't believe Hedy is two. Where did the time go? It seems barely any time at all since she met AuntieDutch or came home in the car to meet Lorelai Gilmore with MrsDrWho. Hedy is very affectionate, but has no boundaries at all. She is full on all the time, but I think this is still the joy of youth. There are times when she is quieter and more gentle. Gilly is a patient sister, but sometimes I have to growl at Hedy when she plays a rough game.

Hedy waits for play time

Hedy has a small Billyball at home and at any time you choose, she is probably outside, waiting to play. She brings the ball inside, leaves it there and runs up the stairs outside. She waits and waits and is every hopeful. Sometimes I think we should ignore her, but she is such a lovely girl, and we don't want to miss out on any play time!!

Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr love to search out interesting smells at the dam on their walk. Hedy watches Gilly carefully and likes to do what she does.

Gilly and hedy smelling smells

And Gilly loves to eat the smelly things she finds. Look at that dirty tongue and that happy face!!

Gilly eats boogelly things

It is always a comfort to know that The Labradors have each other when we are not at home. Gilly is always waiting at the gate, sometimes Hedy is inside asleep in her little box. But they both sit and wait for the gate to be opened. Hedy likes to give some big woofs to alert everyone that we are home!!

Waiting at the gate

Not to be outdone, Hedy Lamarr has a bag to give away for her birthday Two. It's another polypop tote bag, #137, made with Gilly and Hedy's Spoonflower material we printed. Please leave a comment and when the week is up, we'll draw a winner and post of a birthday gift to someone.

#137 Hedy's Birthday bag

I am still getting around to sending off a card from Lorelai Gilmore's birthday give-away. Where does the time go? February is almost over too!!



Bonnie says Happy, happy birthday Hedy!!

barb brownlee

a belated happy happy birthday to hedy- i always think of her as your 'clown princess' ... such a happy, lively girl-
oh, the 'terrible twos' ... i cannot wish that on anyone- for some reason, all of my children managed to extend those from about ages 1-4 or 5- it was fun ... but exhausting-
i'm glad to see you are having more pleasant weather- i know you like autumn, so i hope you have a prolonged one- here in this area we are experiencing the late winter rains ... endless downpours and puddles- not my favorite season for sure, but it should set us up for spring and summer flowers and happy farmers-
it sounds like you feel better - enjoy your sunshine and walks with the pretty girls- a special birthday pat for hedy and of course one for sweet gilly as well-
the usual regards from this side of the pond-
barb in texas


A big Happy Birthday Hedy and wishing you many more happy times with your big sister and your Mum and your billy ball :) xx

Linda Spawr

Such joy. These two labs bring such joy to all of us who read your blog!! Hedy's adventures
put a smile on my face with each post. So very glad the high temperatures have gone away.
Happy Birthday to you Hedy. Ear scritches to both Gilly and Hedy.


Happy Birthday, Hedy.

Cindy, please don’t count me in for bag. I have had other wins from you i the past, so disbar myself for another.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted big oh two to yoo hedy!!! menny happy reeterns!!! ok bye


Happy birthday, Hedy! I can't believe she's already two years old.


Happy birthday Hedy! As always i love seeing photos of your "girls". Such a lovely bag with their pictures on it!

Jennifer Rose

Happy late birthday Hedy! time flies, you forget how tiny she was

Kristen Chambers

Happy birthday to Hedy! (And I saw a hint in a previous post that is closed for comment...someday you may not be the new kid on the block anymore!)


Happy birthday Hedy! Wow, she grew up quickly.

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