Friday Food: Maple, Apple and Pecan Cake
Friday Food: Chocolate Malteser Fudge

The Fogs Of War

We have been very busy because it is The School Holidays and perhaps that is why I had a migraine last night. I have to be truly bedridden before we miss a walk and Gilly and Hedy had a lovely walk with Rafa this morning. The mornings are quite foggy, and the fog is so thick you need to use your windscreen wipers.D3458A22-9739-4299-A47E-675424DC3875

Hedy Lamarr and Rafa conduct a series of games. There is a lot of facing off, running and then engaging.


Gilly and Hedy love the cooler weather. Gilly is especially happy and wags her tail and even “plays” with Rafa for micro-bursts. Gilly is so good, but she waits until she sees the prize before she asks with her paw. Hedy is already asking non-stop because she believes I have a treat!!

MrsDrWho took me on a short road trip to visit Auntie and Uncle Dutch and Lo, The Young Dutches and Kinder Zoe came for lunch. There are no photos of them, because, privacy, but here are Poppy, Auntie and Uncle’s dog, and new puppy for Zoe: Daisy-Belle. Daisy-Belle slept in MrsDrWho’s arms. She is such a cute puppy. 


I sewed two more tiny Hold It bins by Made by Dana. The yellow for Kinder Zoe and the Bunny outer fabric for The Dutches. 



I also made some Honeycomb Malteser Fudge. Auntie Dutch loves honeycomb but I thought it would just dissolve into the fudge, but the chocolate covered Maltesers might just be OK. And they were. It is such an easy recipe: melt together one tin of sweetened condensed milk and 440g of whatever chocolate you like (I chose half milk and half dark) and stir until smooth. I let it cool a little and then made layers of fudge, Maltesers, fudge and then pressed the remaining lollies into the top. I chilled it in the freezer and we were good to go. This fudge needs to be kept in the fridge, and in theory if you use a 20cm (8 inch) tin, you can cut 64 pieces.


I fixed my Star Wars dress, after Hedy’s paw ripped the neck. I unpicked the lining at the waistband and then laid the dress so that the lining matched the lining and the Star Wars the Star Wars, and then sewed a fish eye dart really. The seam is there if you know to look for it, but because the fabric is so busy, I think it works.


I finally knitted Mr HouseOf’s birthday hat. I was seduced by a Caron Cupcake, but the pattern on the label was for a child’s hat, so I worried if there would be enough meterage for an adult hat. I used some lovely black Merino Magic for a double width band, and in the end there was plenty left. I shall use it to make a striped hat. Hedy may have stolen the pom-pom from the bedside table. I am not sure if Mr HouseOf wants it, or not?


When I talk to The Nextdoor Neighbors at the fence, Hedy Lamarr likes to dig the hole she is working on. It is fine, that is the dedicated hole digging area. However, if you are in range, she will shower you with dirt. Poor Lorelai Gilmore was standing there very innocently, when she came within range:


Hedy could not care, and poor Gilly needs to have her head wipes and be cuddled. She is very patient with Hedy.


I feel so much better now the weather is cooler, even though I had a migraine. I am lucky that mine only last two days and I am allowed to tailor my hospital-at-home drugs to suit the pain level. I am even happier that I have worked out how to blog using The TypePad mobile platform. I emailed myself a video from my phone to the iPad, then I saved the video and used the YouTube app to upload it and then copied the URL. I feel very technologically competent.

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day and I plan to bake some kind of ANZAC caramel slice. I never feel very included with all the emphasis on mateship and men. I do remember those who have served in any capacity, at home or abroad, in the Forces or not. I am very cross right now that Brendan Nelson wants to spend Half A Billion Dollars on an underground hall for the War Memorial. If that much money is there to be spent, we should be spending it on people, the people who have been negatively affected by their service. If you’re willing to put your life on the line, I think we should be willing to give you all the money you need to help you transition back to civilian life. Another display won’t help anyone. They could just squoosh everything together a bit more.

I need to get my act together and sew a dress before the month ends. I have six days.......

PS When I preview this post it looks weird, so please excuse any weirdness. I don’t know how to fix it.



I am not impressed with Brendan Nelson, either. Enough said.

That is a great job you have done on your dress. Isn’t it satisfying to be able to restore it to use? I darn my handknit socks and love restoring them to use.

Migraines are disgusting. I do not have them often but one slipped past my management plan a few weeks ago. A day wasted, not two. I find that sometimes as one approaches, I wake around 3:00 am. If I am able to think, I will realise why I woke and will get up and take something. That at least reduces severity and sometimes wards it off. However, there are times I am so sleepy, I miss the warning signs and it arrives in full force.

Jennifer Rose

def would be better if that money was used on people who need it

love the colourful hat but sorry you had a migraine :/ they are horrible

lol one very happy looking dog and one slightly dirty one lol

Honeycomb should be OK as long as the fudge wasnt too hot or you could precoat it in chocolate maybe so it then has a protective layer?


Such a good job on the dress repair Cindy!
Gilly's face looks so cute!!
I guess because my daughter is in the Air Force and my SIL is in the Army i don't really feel removed from the Anzac traditions. My daughter just came back from a 7 month deployment to the UAE so i can appreciate the sacrifices of women in service. She left behind my 3 year old grandson with her hubby and the same sacrifices are made by my SIL when he goes out in field or is deployed. Most of the pastoral support my daughter recieved while away was from the American veterans type of association. Unfortunately we don't have the same type of programs for family support as they have. :(
I hope you stay well Cindy :)


Hedy is a naughty girl sometimes! I admire her energy. I hope you are feeling much better. The fudge looks devine.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay cooler wether is gud for playing for shoor i no i never wanted to play too mutch wen it wood git hot and dada always likes to yooze hot wether as an eksyoos not to do yard wurk ha ha!!! hay gilly yoo ar in the splash zone better step bak!!! ok bye

Kristen Chambers

Had to chuckle at dirt-speckled Gilly! Nice save on the Star Wars dress. Heddy must have been in time out for that! Those two little dog friends are adorable.

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