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What’s The Use Of Worrying? What’s The Use Of Anything?

I have been worrying, worrying so much that I experienced some awful anxiety. I have terrible physical manifestations where I have a kind of ongoing panic attack. I am grateful for the part of me that looks after me and I rang Lifeline and talked to a kind woman who told me I would in no way be bothering my doctor if I went to see her. She was away, but I saw another kind doctor and I have some more drugs and I have had three visits to my psychologist in quick succession. 

That is why I have not been around, internetally lately.

There was no one thing, rather the cumulative effect of many things: my tooth died I had an abscess and then a root canal, my iPad just stopped working and had to be replaced, my specialist retired, there was a flood in the bathroom, I hit my tyre on the curb avoiding a  car driving madly in the rain and a few other bits and bobs. 

I just carried on regardless in the face of so many things and in the end my body and my mind decided it was all too much. I didn’t read, I didn’t sew or knit or bake. I did walk The Labradors and see my friends.

I feel much better now. I am a work in progress, it is very hard being ill and having to work on your mental health as well. I have lots of support and love from my family, friends and medical professionals. Thank goodness.

Lorelai Gilmore and a Hedy Lamarr are always there. They have a new friend called Billie who is a Guide Dog in training and she is staying with Sandy’s Mum and dad. Lorelai LOVES Billie and runs and plays.

Hedy had had an allergy and we all went to see Dr Marion who gave her some very low dose tablets that did the trick. She has only had three in the week since. Gilly is very well and happy. She loves the cold weather and still plays in the paddle pool. They both love the icy cold and frosty mornings.


I bought some marvellous earrings for MrsDrWho’s birthday from CheekyLittleMonkeysJ on The Etsy. I bought TimTam and BBQ Shapes packets. I sewed a BBQ shapes zippy bag and made TimTam Bites fudge. You can see the earrings stuck in a piece of carrot! I can’t work out how to make a clicky link to the shop, so I will attempt to paste the URL.


I also knitted her a PussyHat Project hat in miscellaneous blues of indeterminate make-up.


Amongst my circle of friends there has been a death and a birth and a new puppy. Life just goes along on her merry way, regardless. I hate feeling anxious or depressed, but I am grateful so many people have my back, and glad to feel like my old self again.



Sometimes it's hard to keep it together. I'm so glad to hear that you have loving family and friends, and a good medical support! All the best to you and the girls!

Jennifer Rose

glad you are feeling better :) mental health can be so hard to manage but I am glad you got help when you needed it. I do wish mental health was taken as lot more seriously in some places though and that people would realize having a mental health problem (I hate that word used with mental health, because its not a problem, that makes the person who needs help sometime think they are a burden, maybe mental health condition is better?), anyway...that it is not the persons fault they need help with their brain and I wish more people would stop thinking that needing help is something to be ashamed of, so people need to be more understanding and stop making fun or laughing at people who do need help. this is a rambly comment lol

Kristen Chambers

Cindy I'm happy that you sought the right help to lead you out of the tunnel. Sometimes I wonder how any of us manage to make it out of bed in the morning. You state the truth, life goes on no matter what, with all the good and the bad. Thank goodness for family, friends, medical professionals- and the Girls of course! Seeing their energy makes me smile.

Those teensy earrings and matching bag are adorable!


I'm so sorry to hear you have been having such awful times. thinking of you from far away xx


Always grateful for the pets, who force us to get up and out, no matter how we feel ourselves. Hugs

barb brownlee

i've missed your internet presence ... so glad you have all kinds of wonderful support in place for the low times and that you are working your way through them- i'm far far away 'across the pond' but i count you as an 'unmet friend' and think of you often-

cold frosty mornings sound delightful- we are having our typical texas summer ... too hot to describe with suffocating humidity ... ugh!

do take care-
barb in texas

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i am sorry to heer things hav ben a littel krazy like that!!! i am glad they ar gitting bak to normal and that the labradors ar enjoying yore nice winter wether!!! ok bye


Sorry to hear things have been tough for you lately. Good to see you back in this space. I like the BBQ shapes bag - very funky.


Hi Cindy - sorry to hear about your recent struggles. I have found anxiety for me presents in the form of insomnia, and I have found that free podcasts on my iphone to be an enormous help. Maybe you are already using these? There are paid products out there but for me, these work very well. Let me know if you would like any more details ...

Linda Spawr

So very happy to see your posts!! Those dear dogs have such energy! Please take care of all of you.

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