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Friday Food: Donna Hay Spelt Flour Pancake Mix

2F0BAB12-7497-4382-BDB8-3E796D26E07EThis week I am test driving Donna Hay’s relatively new pancake mix. I normally make my own pikelets/pancakes/hot cakes, but just for the thrill of it I thought I would give these a whirl. MrsDrWho thinks because they have spelt flour and vanilla bean in the mix they might be almost like a home made version.

The pancake mix comes in quite a posh looking bottle, much classier then the usual supermarket  versions, though it is stocked by Coles supermarket here. You simple undo the lid, add milk, butter and an egg and give it a jolly good shake: with the lid on!! And you are ready to go. 


The verdict? They are pretty good. I think the spelt flour and vanilla bean raises it to the next level and if I didn’t have the time to make my own, I would definitely use this. At around $6 I think this is good value.

The instructions say it makes 8 pancakes @60ml or 1/4 cup each. I made two 40ml pikelet size for my trial run. 

I whipped up a quick strawberry sauce by dicing some strawberries and adding sugar to taste, then microwaving them on High for two minutes. Best to use a deep container, and yes I did, so it didn’t overflow. Of course you can serve these with whatever accompaniments you desire. They are not overly sweet so you could also go savoury: bacon, banana and maple syrup would be my choice.



Donna Hay Spelt Flour Pancake Mix        Makes 8

  • 1 container of pancake mix
  • 25g butter, melted
  • 250ml milk
  • 1 egg


For the strawberry sauce:

  • 2-3 strawberries per person
  • caster sugar to taste

To serve:

  • vanilla bean yoghurt



Preheat a non-stick pan to medium high. My pan is not so non-stick anymore, so I added a knob of butter when it came time to cook the pancakes.


Whisk together the milk, egg and melted butter and pour into the bottle of pancake mix. Don’t lose the lid, because now you are going to replace the lid and shake the bottle until you make a smooth batter. Take care when you open the lid as mine went “pop”.


Pour 60ml, or 1/4 cup, portions into the pan and cook for 1-2 minutes. You can sneak a look at the underside to see if it is golden, or check on top that bubbles have formed. Turn the pancakes and cook for another 1-2 minutes and they are done. I find they take less time on the second side.

Make a quick strawberry sauce by finely dicing the strawberries and adding about 1 tspn caster sugar per person. Place in a high sided container and microwave for about 2 minutes on High. It will be jam hot, so be careful! Cool slightly before serving with some yoghurt, cream or ice-cream and maybe a strawberry as garnish.



Of course someone had to taste the pancakes, so I stepped up, and they were delicious: light, tasty and without the tang I usually associate with pre-made mixes. I am glad I only made two, because if I had made more, I would have eaten them all!!



Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav spelt flowr too sumtimes i hav spelt it flowr sumtimes i hav spelt it flower and sumtimes i hav eeven spelt it flour wot i gess is the way it shud be spelt if -- wot??? oh dada sez we ar not tawking abowt spelling we we ar tawking abowt sum kind of grain!!! he is so silly sumtimes!!! ok bye


Lovely! I like the idea of making a sauce by microwaving the strawberries - I will have to try that out.

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