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Sew Grateful

It seems quite a few people had a very disturbed sleep last night. Hedy Lamarr kept us all awake, and even Lorelai Gilmore went into the paddle pool at 3am. Was it a full moon?? I am so very tired, but I was out of bed like a shot this afternoon when the LovelyChemist rang to say there were puppies to be cuddled. 


There are five tiny puppies and I held the little girl called Brownie, she’s on the bottom right with a brown head. They were so calm and quiet and I could have held her all day.

My sewing machine has stopped working and is being looked at, but I hold out little hope. MrsDrWho lent me her spare machine, she is so very kind, but I was almost brought to tears when the Puppies’ owner, MissHansen, gave me her surplus sewing machine. So many kind people in our lives : we are very grateful.


Gilly and Hedy were very concerned and interested, maybe it smelled of puppies?


Ms KN&W gave me some potted mint, and I have managed to keep it alive. I am the kiss of death to plants. I used some mint in my couscous last night, it is so much more minty that mint from the supermarket.


Arnie came to visit again this afternoon, and the front garden was mowed and trimmed while he played with Gilly and Hedy.



How lovely to be given a machine. Those three look cute together.

Linda Spawr

Kindness wins. How wonderful your friends are supportive of your sewing endeavors. And spring appears in full bloom. Alas we are waiting for the leaves to fall and the trick or treaters tomorrow evening. Be assured there is a large basket of chocolate candy to be handed to them. Small bags of potato chips(crisps) are on stand-by for those whose can't have chocolate. Happy end of the month to all of you.

Jennifer Rose

jeeze guys, give me some peace :p go play somewhere else! :p

awww puppies :D so tiny

and glad you have some good friends to help out

The Hipster Kitties

Charlee: "Puppies! They sure are cute!"
Chaplin: "I want a puppy."
Charlee: "I want you to have a puppy too. Then you can wrestle with it and leave me alone."
Chaplin: "See? When I get my way, everybody wins."


I normally don’t do well with herbs either, but have one hardy rosemary plant that has survived for nearly four years. How lovely that someone gave you a sewing machine- I know you love your sewing. The puppies are so sweet.

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