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We Love You: Year, Year, Year!

The poor blog has been sadly neglected, and not for The Instagram or anything else: life has just been busy or hard.

Hedy has a big allergy attack and needed the multi million dollar non-steroidal drugs. Lorelai Gilmore had a sore front leg which Dr Marion thinks is just old age, where upon she bumped herself in a rowdy game on our walk or at home and woke up the next morning and went “Ouch”. No drugs were required, but she needed to be coddled.

I have had a few blips, ups and downs, but December was full of happenings and my mum came to visit and she wore me out!! It was so lovely to see her, we shopped and chatted and did puzzles and ate out!

The last few weeks I have had an infected thumb and so that has put a dampener on things. As well as being incapacitated in the right hand department, and I am right handed, I was also feeling quite yucky. I have two lots of the Giant and Very Powerful antibiotics and I am on my next repeat tomorrow. The infection finally came to a head, shall we say, yesterday and so the throbbing has stopped. At last. I feel weakly relieved.

I love to blog, and so I would like to be a more consistent blogger next year. I am blogging from The iPad today because The iPad has The Internet but the computer does not. And dealing with an ISP is beyond me right now. My landline and iPad work and so that is all I need to be going on with.

I spent a greater proportion of the afternoon in bed, in the cool and the dark, adding all of the Library books I have read this year to my Typelist. There are not quite a hundred books, but I don’t take photos of the books friends lend me, or favourite books I read again.

So from our house to yours, Happy New Year. I am hoping to be back to normal by the end of the week perhaps, so please accept my apologies if I have neglected you. May 2019 bring you happiness and health.





Sending good wishes your way

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