I Am Monarch Of All I Savoy

A Labrador is a bottomless pit. No matter how much I feed Hedy, she is still starving, and because she is naughty and a puppy, she finds things to eat. Gilly does not, she is such a good girl. It was very quiet and when I went to investigate, there was Hedy with her head in the bag of vegetables, and there was the cabbage all hollowed out. It was a Wombok cabbage, but I could not resist the Savoy/Survey serendipity.

Hedy's cabbage

My mum and aunt came to visit at the weekend and we ate out and chatted and shopped and had a marvellous time. I am so lucky she comes to visit as I can't travel on a bus or aeroplane because of germs in such a closed environment, nor can I drive that far in a day. My mum brought me a set of cups, saucers and plates that belonged to Tiger Nan. They are so pretty, and I have unpacked them and put them, carefully, in the dresser.

Cup saucer and plate sets

I sewed them some shopping bags, what a surprise!! #87 and #88

Bags 87 and 88

We continue along on our Summer Block of the Month 2016 quilting every fortnight. I am behind, but other people have made all four Sawtooth blocks, and here are the last.

Last of this block

Poor Lorelai Gilmore, Hedy Lamarr is such a trial to her. Yet Gilly continues to be a patient and kind sister. When we are walking without other dog friends, Hedy chases Gilly

Chasing game very fast

and bites her. Gilly opens her mouth and shows all her teeth, but never bites back.

Poor Gilly, Hedy bites her

Look how Hedy really grabs Gilly's fur and skin and bites and pulls hard.

Poor Gilly, naughty Hedy

That expression on Gilly's face, she is resigned and not asking for help. I try to remain Switzerland, but if I do drag Hedy away, Gilly comes over and asks with her paw to have the puppy returned.

And then the game is over and it is off to smell things together.

Game over Gilly and Hedy

We slept all day today, and no-one (Hedy Lamarr) did anything even vaguely wicked: which is fairly amazing.  Soon Hedy Lamarr is going to the vet to be desexed. We have to buy a new cloud collar. It is much nicer than the cone collar, and Peri wore it happily and Lorelai Gilmore wore is for fun!!!


I hope Hedy likes it too.

Tooth Or Derring

The tooth in question is Hedy Lamarr's. Hedy lost a baby tooth early this week and you can see her Big Girl tooth coming through.  It's the tiny point of tooth just poking out of her gum. No wonder puppies chew, the tooth fell out somewhere and she had a big hole in her gum. It must really hurt.

Oh the indignity of having a tooth photo taken.

Hedy's big girl tooth

The derring-do occurred when Hedy broke into the kitchen, opening the baby gate by herself, and ate the carcase of a BBQ chicken from the bin- no drumsticks or wings, just the cartilage middle section.  I knew something was afoot because Gilly came and told me with her Special Ears on. As we are on to dog number 6 I didn't panic. I rang the vet and Dr Megan remembered Hedy. She said to keep an eye on her for either emission or non-emissions from either end, and no dinner or breakfast. We have tied the baby gate for the time being. Of course I knew what she had eaten and always ring the vet. I thought I should add that. Hedy usually likes to do whatever Lorelai Gilmore does:

Gilly do Hedy see Hedy do

On our walk we usually just see this: Gilly off on her walk, and Hedy trying to keep up and keep on task, looking to Gilly. 

Gilly takes Hedy for a walk

I have knitted a hat for the baby next door, Modern Sweet in some Loyal 10ply in a hot pink. Very cute and I love the flower. It just took an evening to make.

Modern Sweet 2016

I'm also knitting a new hotwater bottle cover for my new back-up hotwater bottle. It is a pattern of my own design, and the last one was in 5ply so this 8ply is a tad too big but I don't care. I am using all odd ends of wool and using Fibonacci stripes, because they make everything pleasing to the eye.


Nothing much has been happening this week because I have a cold, a cold which I suspect I caught at Leukaemia Support group when I was in a room for two hours with the hot air-conditioning on. We don't walk on Wednesday, and I took them walking this morning, but both days I have slept till way in the afternoon. I did wonder if it was time for Hedy to have just two meals a day, but no, they continue till she's six months old. So the sleeping is why Hedy wasn't being sufficiently supervised.

Labradors love treats

At the weekend I read about an Eco-Cooler, an air-conditioner that works without power. It uses the principle that air you breathe out with an open mouth and a "ha" is hot, but air you blow out through pursed lips is cool. It needs a lot of plastic bottles and I'd like to try it out in Summer. So, I bought some fizzy cordial, as we call it, and conducted a taste test so no-one else has to. Believe me, no-one else wants to.

Special edition fizzy cordial

There are three Fan Made flavours: Fairy Floss, Fruit Tingler and Pineapple Coconut and then Traditional Pink Lemonade.

Fizzy cordial

I don't drink fizzy cordial, maybe some lemonade in Summer, but rarely, so the first overall impression of the flavours was how sweet they were: incredibly sweet.

The blue Fairy Floss tastes vaguely of almost burnt sugar and sweetness. It doesn't really remind me of Fairy Floss very much.

The Fruit Tingler is perhaps the best of the four. It tastes distinctly of Fruit Tingle lollies. And sugar.

The Pineapple Coconut has an artificial and strong coconut smell, but a lesser flavour. The pineapple flavour is not prominent.

Can a drink taste pink?? Yes, it can because that is what the Pink Lemonade tastes like: pink. Or what I imagine pink tastes like. Pink and sweet.

Well, that was certainly an experience. And not an altogether pleasant one. I think of myself as having a sweet tooth, but these were all overly sweet, being 31/34/31/31% sugar respectively. Definitely a sometimes food and one that I will not add to my menu any time soon.

Our Sewing group continues on, and some blocks have been sewn.

Bom continues

I had all sorts of plans for this week, but none of them will come to fruition and I am just not worrying about it. Tomorrow I have an appointment to have my hair cut I shall and bake a chocolate cake for the vet. Dr Megan talked to me over the phone and the nurses were very kind to ask her to ring me back. The Labradors snuggle together on the couch every evening. And I have a hotwater bottle and some yoghurt full of the right kind of healthy bacteria for tea. We watched Doctor Thorne this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for Episode 2. I like Trollope. I remember watching The Pallisers and then Barchester Chronicles on TV and we read Trollope at Matric. Very witty and he writes excellent women!!!

Labrador sisters

When I Say I Love You, You Say You Better, You Better, You Better, You: Vet.

By the time it was Monday, I decided that we had gone way past the point of Friday Food, and so we gave it a miss. I have an annoying small cold, and we've had a few days in bed. The weather has been blissfully cool in the evenings and nicely warm during the day. I am apparently doing an amazing and death-defying trick when I wear my Star Wars dress without a cardigan!!! I can't work out how to make the self-timer on my new camera work, so I shall have to rely on a real person to take a photo of my Equinox Cardigan for me. I am knitting a scarf. I'm using some Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock wool. It is a tad splitty, but is knitting up nicely as a scarf. I admit I threw caution to the wind and bought a simple pattern that I should have been able to work out for myself, but I have Puppy Brian Brain (sigh), so I gave myself leave to do it.

The Rialto 2016

I cried off Sewing this last week of school, but I did buy six new Fat Quarters from Esme's for my Star BOM. Mrs Madcage bought me the four fabrics on the left from Central Australia and I just wanted some more. I need about fifteen Fat Quarters in all. The star blocks are all discrete so it doesn't matter that the greens are not all exactly matching. I like them, and that is all that matters.

Quilt fabric

Gilly and Hedy went to The Vet for Hedy to be vaccinated. Hedy Lamarr was extremely well behaved, and so pleased to see all the people everywhere. She had worn her collar, but we had not tried the lead, so there may have been some extra carrying. Hedy weighs 6.6kg and is just right. She has doubled her weight in the three weeks she has lived with us.

Gilly and Hedy's vaccination

The Vet's garden is an excellent place for a wee and full of smells. Gilly was tired of waiting and ready to go home. She has her annoyed ears on.

Gilly annoyed, hedy tardy

Gilly's friend Rafa, and his mum and dad, gave Hedy a lovely toy to welcome her to our house. Hedy loves the toy which has eight rope ends and a squeak.

Hedy LOVES her new toy

Lorelai Gilmore is ever patient and kind and teaches Hedy how to play.

Thank you Rafa!!

And now I am sneezy and snuffly again. The cold isn't bad, but as I can't have any cold and/or flu tablets, it is most annoying. I waft about smelling of Vicks: which is not a delicate perfume!!!

I have felt well enough to read and I have a backlog of books to add to my sidebar. I've also lain sideways on the couch and started watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I barely remember any of it, and didn't ever see the last season, so it is a bit of a bonus all round.

I think I am making progress on answering my comments?? I was quite a way behind and I think I have to click through to the next page back.

All The Labradors are asleep, so I think it is time for a cup of Ginger and Lemon tea while I catch up on the ABC News.

Some People Want To Fill The World With Gilly Love Songs, And What's Wrong With That?

There could not be a better big sister for Hedy, than Gilly. Lorelai Gilmore is interested and kind and endlessly patient with the very annoying puppy who has come to live with us. She is so very happy to have someone to play with, and since Hedy can't jump up on the bed yet, she has an oasis of peace to which she can escape when the puppy is too much.

Last week we went to The Vet, just for a visit, so Hedy's first experience wouldn't be her vaccinations.

Gilly and Hedy's trip to the vet

She was very reassured by Gilly, who loves going to The Vet. Hedy went out the back with the nurses and did an accidental wee of excitement. Gilly waited with me and had lots of pats and treats from the other nurses. Hedy has a nice new bandanna and didn't mind wearing it at all. It is very strange hearing what an excellent job Hedy Lamarr is doing when she puts on weight. She has gained almost 2kg in almost two weeks, which is exactly the right amount for a puppy.

Hedy at the vet by herself

Hedy only cried a little in the car, and I think it was because she couldn't see out the windows.

Gilly and Hedy visit the vet

Gilly likes to play with Hedy, they love Tug of War.

Tug of war

They also like taking naps together.

Sleepy Labradors

Hedy bites Gilly, she pounces on her, she growls and she inspects Gilly's belly, just in case Gilly might be her mother and there could be a drink of milk. She chases Gilly and steals whatever she has and runs away with it. Through all of this, Gilly is never rough,or cross, and never growls. I think she should be a little more assertive, but they should work it out for themselves. I don't think Lorelai Gilmore realised how much she missed Peri, until Hedy Lamarr came along.

Here are Harki and Peri, and Baby Gilly, seven years and three days ago. I think Gilly and Hedy look very much alike!! I keep calling Gilly Harki because she is so pale in colour and Hedy is caramelly like Peri.

Harki, Peri Baby Gilly

When Hedy sleeps, Gilly goes about her Big Dog business and usually sleeps. I take the opportunity to sleep as well, or to sew. I have made bags #74 and 75 for AuntieDutch and MrsDrWho respectively. I also sewed a sturdy Easter fabric basket for MrsDrWho. I found a less than Fat Quarter sized piece of glitter Easter material and used a free Craftsy pattern. It turned out rather well, and will store folded fat Quarters very nicely.

Bags #74 and 75

Easter sturdy fabric basket

I sewed the best matching buttons I could find onto my Equinox cardi today and washed it and it is still drying, but it is done. I am very happy it fits so perfectly, well it did before it was washed!! The sleeves are kind of 7/8 and I like that. I used exactly three skeins of wool. I have about a metre left over so not exactly exactly, but so close I think it can count. I can't seem to photograph the colour, it is darker than this.

Equinox cardi 2016

And now it is an hour and a half since their dinner and The Labradors have spent all of it running in and out playing Labrador games. They are very happy. Soon Hedy will need a sleep. Oh she's here now. Hedy knows her name and will come when she is called. She does almost all her wees and poohs outside (5 wees and 3 poohs inside thus far which is very good) and because we are home she is carried out and popped into the nice grassy area and praised highly when something good happens. Gilly is praised as well, and she gets everything first. First at last!!

We have started out new quilts at Sewing. It is the Summer BOM from 2015 at Craftsy. Here are our first blocks.


Oh, Hedy is complaining because something is not going her way: the door is too open, the water is too full or some other tiny thing is awry in her little world. Thank goodness we have the Lovely Lorelai Gilmore to be a good influence.

Here is The Labradors' Easter picture. Happy Easter!!!

Easter 2016

99 Hot Water Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

I solved part of my blogging problem: I usually don't allow myself to blog until I have read and commented on the posts of blogs on The Bloglovin'. Reader, I decided I would just comment on the most recent post and be damned. Well, the World didn't end, and what a stupid rule that was I made for myself!!

The Dutches were away on holiday and while they were away I finished their Very Late Christmas present: Santa's Laundry Live 2. I seem to have misplaced the mittens. Oh well, Santa will just have cold hands until I find them!!!

Santa's Laundry 2

I've also had to start knitting an emergency hot water bottle cover.  The one I have was knitted three years ago in mystery wool. It has not been very long lasting wool, and what started out as a little hole I darned last week turned into a mesh of holes held together with a few strands of wool. So the Lost Your Bottle? hot water bottle was begun last night. I am using a ball of Jo Sharp (and I keep saying Donna Hay) and some old Bendigo Classic 8 ply in Sequoia.

Need a new hot water bottle cover

Peri and Gilly have been out of sorts because of the three levels of scaffolding on the house next door. The painters were fine until they went up ladders, whereupon Lorelai Gilmore was sure they were burglars and woofed until reassured. Peri does take it more in her stride , but is happy she can have a biscuit treat at the fence again. Gilly is always unsettled without Peri and when we go up the hill to the hang-glider and Peri doesn't come, Gilly is so joyful when she sees her coming.

Gilly can't wait for Peri

Peri does come when she is called, usually, but often she is busy sniffing a vital smell.

Peri comes so well

I bought some new cushions for The Labradors. Can you tell that Gilly loves hers so much?? She is sound asleep, sleeping hard, and slightly snoring.

Gilly loves her new cushion

A while ago TinkingBell gave me a little Jamie Oliver greenhouse. A few weeks ago The GardyGardeners were treated to egg and watercress sandwiches for morning tea. Watercress I had grown. Yay!!! And very tasty the sandwiches were too. At first I wrote " and very tasty they were too", then realised it sounded as if I has eaten The GardyGardeners. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a crop through to fruition: Thanks!!

Watercress I grew

My friends and I have been, on and off, continuing our never-ending Block of the Month (fortnight) quilts and even though I have lost one of mine, here's a peek.


My cold seems to be slowly on its way out. My daily naps are down to about two hours. I have yet to get my act together again, and yesterday when I thought I was doing nothing, I was in fact going to the Exercise Physiologist, to pathology and then to the hospital pharmacy to order drugs. That took about three hours. So I really did need a nap.

MrsDrWho's mum has been away and she brought me back some Shakespeare tea and a marvellous mug from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Tea gift

The weather has been both warm and 19*C and chilly with fog and ice on the car and grass. It is dark very early, but I am still savouring the cool weather and still wearing my Summer dresses with a light cardigan. I think I am well enoughfor Friday Food again. Though don't hold your collective breaths!!

Maintain The Range!!!

I have made a slide show. Click the right arrow to start, but I have no idea how to stop!!!

Gilly and Peri, mainly Gilly, are digging a hole. It is a long term project and they are jointly managing it. It started off as a bit of a dip and they put a lot of effort and energy into making it large enough for a Labrador to hide in. The dirt goes out the back and then, often, through the fence. Luckily my NextDoor Neighbours are collecting the nice dirt and using it in their garden. There is a new batch of pine bark to try and alleviate the dirt + water = mud problem that has arisen lately. Peri likes to lie on it. The pine bark must have nice insulating properties.

I have worked out why my dresses have worn out in a rather unusual place: under the bust on the left rib cage, which is a place that experiences very little action let me tell you. My Pear dress has been repaired, and then I noticed my favourite green dress with a circle skirt is developing wear in the same place. Then the other day as I sat in the car and pulled over the seat belt it dawned on me: seat belt wear. Enter the Seatbelt Cover 1.0.

Seat belt cover 1.0

It is made from RowanSpun Tweed, 10ply and various buttons. I used the Seat Belt Snuggles pattern from the old MagKnits. I spurned the bobbles as buttons idea and made sixteen button holes, and sewed on a variety of buttons. Sadly, it is not quite right. It is too wide and the buttons too small for the holes. But the general idea is good and I will ponder upon it.

Our Sewing/Quilting group has started again. We have sewn one block already, but I can't find mine. This week we sewed The Holiday Ribbon block. It was quite easy, and the others were surprised at how well it went together. I am sure they just have better sewing skills now.

Ribbon block

And it wouldn't be a post without a tote bag. I sewed this one for my sister. She has a SharPeri and I have to find some appropriate material, but I made do with a variety of dogs.

Dogs' bag

Malcolm Fraser died this week. I am all about Maintaining The Rage. I think The Dismissal was a misuse of the Governor-General's power and undemocratic. I wasn't sad when Fraser cried when he lost the election in 1983. But now I am ambivalent. He came to stand for things that I believe in too. Can a leopard change its spots?? I don't know, but I think Fraser was more of a statesman after he left office. Or maybe I have mellowed over time. Still, I do Maintain The Rage.

I like to think that's three: Malcolm Fraser, Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy. No more dying for a while please PTB.

Peri and Gilly had THREE walks today: one by themselves, a shorter one with Sandy who was walking down to the gate at the dam as we left, and then an even shorter walk with Rafa who came as Sandy left. We were all very tired and had a very long sleep till the afternoon. I am trying to stay awake so I can sleep tonight, but The Labradors never need to budget their sleep time. They could sleep for Britain!!! Gilly is lying on the couch, gently snoring. Well maybe not so gently!!!

Peri and Gilly cute as buttons




A (Piece) Of Finger In Every Pie

Well, you would think I would be better, now I have finished two courses of antibiotics for my sinus infection. That would be a No. I sliced quite a wodge off the edge of my left index finger on Wednesday. I was making savoury roll up scones for morning tea. It really hurt, it throbbed and I bled like a stuck pig. Barry The GardyGardener used his First Aid skills and bound me up with band-aids and puffy antiseptic powder. My word it hurt.

Wodge off my finger

I already had an appointment at the doctor for Friday and when I asked the nurse to have look at it for me, she called the doctor and apparently, it is quite bad. My doctor asked why I hadn't come sooner. She said I must be stoic!! I think I am, though I could not bear to look at it. I have to have it dressed again tomorrow and Friday and then we shall see. It is very hard to knit, or type or tie shoelaces or have a shower. I am very cross with myself. The one good thing is that it is my left hand and not my right.

Peri is Very Well. Her liver numbers are back to normal and she has the all clear from Dr David. She loves going to the vet and had another exciting visit with Gilly to have more blood taken. I peeped through the glass door, and there she was, placidly following Dr David about in the surgery area as he chatted to the other vets and nurses. She has been very helpful, especially with my knitting!!!

Peri and my knitting

Oh and here is my knitting. I was up to the underarm of the left front when the piece of finger cutting off disaster struck. I really love this cardigan.

Back and left front

Earlier this month I sewed together the blocks for last year's quilt. I am very pleased with it, and after the school holidays my friends are going to help me pin the wadding and backing to the top.

Last year's quilt top

We had holiday lunch at MrsReno's house yesterday. So nice to catch up with friends when no-one has to go to work the next day. I made the Apple Pie Cheesecake from the new Taste Magazine. It tasted just like an apple pie and MrsDrWho styled the photo for me!!! I think the saucy apple is the most delicious thing I have tasted for a while.

Apple pie cheesecake

The weather has been very Spring-y. There was a total Fire Ban in the South, the earliest on record. There were forty-seven bushfires. Tomorrow the forecast is for snow. Daylight Saving starts this coming weekend. The Labradors have been waking up very early, so I will be glad of the darker mornings. We leave earlier for our walk and Gilly has to be extra alert because there are more wallabies and potoroos about.

Gilly is very alert

And now my hands are tired from weird nine finger typing. I am a terrible typist at the best of times and holding my sore finger at a strange angle as I type has made it ache. First World Problems!!!

There's No 'I' In Team (Australia)

Really?? That's the bring-us-all-together cry of the PM?? Operation Everything, where anything becomes a military campaign. If it is the old "if you're not with me, you're against me" then I am against you. Who knew?? I can be VERY contrary. Maybe it is the centenary of WWI that has brought all this military posturing out into the civilian arena. I don't think it sits well.

And so, onto what the PM would call Operation Quilt. Luckily it's not an on water operation so I can discuss it with you. There has been an awful lot of block making going on. When MrsReno laid out the blocks we had made this year I realised I should have sixteen: I always make two of each block.

Mrsreno Mr2

Oh dear. I didn't have sixteen at all. Yesterday I sewed quite a few blocks and made next week's blocks as well. I am missing four blocks, they are in a random bag somewhere. There are only three more blocks to sew, I'll make doubles and that's twenty-four and enough for a quilt. And I will have used up both my fat quarter sets as well.

Quilting  BOM catch up

My friends have finished some more blocks too. My favourite recently has been The Exploding Pineapple, of course: that's the pink once in the middle of the second row below. I haven't ironed or trimmed mine yet.

Other people's blocks

I kinneared Colleen Hewett, very unsuccessfully, at the supermarket the other say. I would be no good as a spy. As I was trying to take the unobtrusive photo, she said to the person on the other end of the phone: "A lady is just taking a photo of me". That's no lady, that was me!! Colleen was here to make a special appearance at a local College's production of Godspell. I do remember Colleen from my teenage years, and I reckon I could sing along to all her songs!! She's pretty fabulous and I told her so.

Colleen hewett

The BlackSpot of Doomlight(tm) had Vogue patterns on sale for $5 or $4-50 with their card. I bought two patterns, very restrained I know. I love the simple dress with the v-neck and flared skirt. View B takes less than 3 metres and I like the Princess Line construction, I find it easier to make a FBA. I have had my eye on the Vintage Vogue coat in the second pattern for a while. I don't actually need a warm coat, but it would be nice of an evening when I am coming home to have just an extra layer in the Winter. I think this will fit the bill perfectly.


And on the same topic, a new sewing machine will be arriving at our house soon. My Brother is just not solid enough and won't sew over more than two layers of material now. The GardyGardeners told me there was a sale on in town at the sewing machine shop and so I went in. I have some birthday money, and my tax return and a little put aside and so I can afford a nice sturdy and exciting machine; Janome DC 6030!!!

Come and live with me and be my machine

I am most excited about the Scissor Button. After you have ended off with the Knot Tying Button, the Scissor Button cuts off the threads close to your sewing and leaves long ends. Yay!! There is also a small 'table' which can be attached to the sewing machine. It sews very nicely and doesn't have a bazillion decorative stitches, which I never use anyway. Of course there wasn't a machine in the shop, so I am waiting for a phone call any minute now.

Twirly skirt

I used my current machine to sew a very, very belated Christmas skirt for MrsHouseOf. It is a very swirly peasant style skirt. I used this pattern as my guide, but I did make the layers longer as MrsHouseOf is nicely tall. It is a Two Hour skirt and that is not far off the mark.

We went to the vet 2014

And now to more important things: Peri and Gilly went to The Vet to see Dr Marion last week. They were both vaccinated and examined and pronounced thin and very healthy. Peri has a little arthritis in the leg that was operated on for cancer last year, but she's on the way to 13 and so it is to be expected. The cancer hasn't come back, so we are very grateful and pleased. Gilly was tied to the table and in her excitement she dragged it across the room!! Gilly is very well, and just has one waxy ear. Peri is allowed to be off the lead and wander about the consulting room. She likes to stand right next to The Vets and lean on them as they examine Gilly, and she looks in the rubbish bin.

The weather has been very warm, I had to turn the air-conditioner on in the car. It was 17*C the other day. The BOM said Winter has been up to two degrees warmer than average. Peri and Gilly enjoy the frosty mornings and sunny days.

Sunny day dogs

Peri Naughty and Miss Lorelai Gilmore are very well behaved. There was a little argument between the boy dogs on our walk, and The Girls were quite confused. There is never any growling or fighting at our house, The Labradors always get on very well together. Sandy decided that he would grab hold of Rafa's lead and drag him along. Rafa was not happy and there was some growling and rolling of eyes. They are friends now, but Rafa stays well away from Sandy when he has his lead on. Peri and Gilly couldn't give two hoots when he does it to them. Peri gives him her Paddington Hard Stare and he soon stops.

We don't talk about walk club

This month's Better Homes and Gardens magazine from Woolworths, or Roelf Vos as I still call it, comes with a 'free' bar tin. It is a long rectangular bar tin. I have an old one like it and when I tried to buy a new one last year it was going to cost about $30, so I went back and bought another magazine. $7-20 is so cheap. There is a very good recipe booklet and I shall be cooking lots of cakes and slices in bar tins. MrsDrWho has just suggested I should buy a third, just in case...

Bar tin

MrsDrWho, MrsHouseOf, a Young HouseOf and I went to see Doctor Who Deep Breath at the cinema. It was pretty great, there was a special extra beginning and a making of at the end. I heard a hipster looking man outside pooh-poohing people paying $25 to go and see it, but I think it is four cups of trendy coffee and anyway, I just like Doctor Who. There is something special about watching it when you are with a like minded audience. I am looking forward to more Who next week. Peter Capaldi will be an excellent Doctor, and a Scottish one at that!!!

Miley Virus

Well, that was an unexpected blogging sabbatical. First I caught a horrid virus of the sleeping, headache and not eating kind, from which I am still recovering. Then Peri caught the virus in town especially for dogs. She was poorly, unhappy and then shook all night when she slept. Needless to say, neither Gilly or I slept either. Thankfully it was only a twenty-four hour thing and she was bright as a button by the next evening, but it certainly took a toll on me.

Happy peri feels well

It is a jolly good thing that I can actually take to my bed for days on end. I was worried I was poorly with my illness again, but although I am pale, I have decided it is virus paleness, and anyway I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore love meeting their friends and last week Gilly thought she might even go for a ride in Rafa's car*. Peri was rather concerned, but Gilly decided there was no place like home after all.

Rafa's car adventure

There are certain things that happen no matter how poorly I am: walks for The Labradors and feeding them. Gilly eats from her special green slow-me-down plate every day, but Peri has a grown up sensible bowl. I have had to start adding a tad more food to Gilly's plate because Peri has decided it is worth hurrying to eat her own food, as Gilly's forbidden food tastes sweeter. The Labradors never growl at each other where food is concerned, well where anything is concerned. They are happy to share and no-one minds. They are such lovely girls.

Dinner dogs

It was MrsDrWho's birthday last week and lots of friends went out to dinner. I had the most delicious local scallops and a perfectly wonderful glass of sparkling Moscato. Yum. I knitted MrsDrWho her very own Ood and Eeven Cowl, a red eyed angry Ood.

Ood and eeven 2014

I sewed a collection of shopping bags for her too. I am pleased to have found such cute kitten material and the TARDIS panel is a swatch from Spoonflower.

Bags for fun

And we have a mouse. I can hear it under the house. It must be a lovely environment in Winter, but my neighbours and I think the NBNCo are disturbing them with all the digging up of the footpath and roads of late. Our house has hidden sliding doors between the dining and lounge room, and if you push the doors back too far into the cavity there is a gap that opens straight to the underneath of the house. Sigh.

The weather is turning chilly, there was a lazy wind this morning that made our walk quite icy, but I wore a dress and cardi and bare legs when I went out this afternoon. It was sunny and warm-ish. I did wear a pashmina kind of scarf that Judy-May gave me as a sop to Winter. We've had the shortest day and we're on the way out of Winter now. I am very sad as it means Summer is closer, and we all detest the heat. Peri and Lorelai Gilmore are so happy and run about smiling when they walk in the freezing weather.

Oh, last night we went to MrsReno's house and sewed new quilt blocks, Windmill blocks. They are delightful, and easy, which was a bonus as teachers are writing reports or staying back every evening for Parent Teacher meetings.

Windmill bom

We're thinking things will be back to normal soon, and Friday Food will magically appear tomorrow. I have to actually bake something first, but I have high hopes......

*Technically it is Rafa's Dad's car I suppose, but I do believe all the dogs think the cars belong to them.

It's A Long Long Way From Mayall To December.

Well, there was an outing/commitment splurge last week, and I ended up having a day in bed on Friday. It did the trick too. It is ironic that when the weather cools and I feel the happiest and healthiest, I end up doing too many things and have to rest up. Still, Peri and Lorelai Gilmore are trained to nap and they slept on the end of the bed all day. They are good and faithful animal companions.

The weather has been so wonderful: it was so warm and sunny on Thursday afternoon that Peri had to lie in the shade as she was too hot. Gilly sat next to me, in the Sun, and I read a book. Very civilised. The mornings are cold, frosty and foggy. We don't mind. I rug up and The Labradors revel in the icy grass when it cracks under the paws. How they can bear the chill I don't know, especially when they have to be under their quilts, warm and snuggly, every night.

Peri loves to roll, and she's pretty choosy about where she rolls. I agree with her choices, she's as clean as a whistle.

Peri is such a roller

Gilly? Not so much. She watched Peri roll, and then chose the yuckiest place and rolled in something horrid.

Gilly is a roller in something horrid

Peri was feeling eminently superior. She was also being dominant, just to put Gilly in her place, when she heard me being cross.

Peri clean, Gilly not

Peri is the bravest and most adventurous of the Dogs That Walk at The Dam. The workmen had left and so she ran up the steps to the Look Out and found a lot of water to play in. Gilly was down the bottom of the steps, missing her.

Look out peri

Last week we made what I like to call The Film Strip block for our 2014 quilts. I cut mine to the pattern's requirement, but it was fiddly and as MrsDrWho and MrsReno were in the midst of report writing, I modified it a little. I think my iPad photos are just a LOT wonky!! It was a nice easy block to sew.

Our next bom block

Knitting has continued, though not apace. I am making another of these, but using red so it is an angry Ood. I was blithely knitting away when I realised I had joined in the round after the dark grey rib, and I hadn't made the split in the cream. Bah humbug. So I just continued on, finished the red and cream border and then picked up the row of stitches before the grey and cut the bottom off. I just knitted downwards and cast off after the grey rib. Worked like a charm, thank goodness.

Another ood thing

I made some delicious lemon curd. Onyi gave me some lemons and I used this recipe. I only made half the amount, but I paid careful attention to when the curd coated the back of the spoon, and it wasn't terribly thick when that happened. It set beautifully in the fridge, and was creamy and so tasty. I made a three-egg sponge and served it with the lemon curd and cream. I really appreciate the gift of the lemons, they are $1 each and I so love using them in all my cooking, savoury and sweet.

We have nothing planned for tomorrow or Friday, so I think more rest is required. I should organise my iPad so I can leave comments on all blog posts. I am so spoiled to be able to lie on the couch, or in bed, and not have to sit at the computer desk.

I was sad to learn of Rik Mayall's death. I was living in a small mining town with lots of people from other countires and someone's friend sent them videos of The Young Ones recorded from TV in the UK. We saw it before it was screened here. It was not The Goons, or Bless This House or Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em. It was something completely different. I am not sure if this is an apocryphal anecdote or not, but I read that Rik and Ade Edmonson wanted to call their show 'Bottom', 'My Bottom", so that every morning after the show was on TV people would ask each other "Did you see My Bottom on TV last night?".